A Job worth doing


spanked OTK“He’s not joking you know,” Camilla said in a clipped public school tone without looking up from the laptop cradled in her thighs. She sat cross legged on the couch outside Braden’s office furiously typing.

Camilla was around 23 and very pretty in a bookish way; her heavy spectacles and serious manner completely at odds with her very brief cut-off jeans and wash-wear T-shirt.

“Excuse me,” Alice asked, for this was the first time that Camilla had even acknowledged her existence let alone spoken to her.

“The job, you are taking it I presume?” Camilla said in a bored voice, still not looking up from her screen, “Well of course you are. Question is: will you hack it?”

Alice took a breath and let it out slowly. This was all going so fast. At 36 Alice felt like an old lady since arriving at Brampton; the others were all so young. And then there was the fact that she had always struggled with her weight, where the others looked as if they lived on cumbers and water.

Brampton was a small seaside town in West England. Home to Ptolemy Braden and his rather mysterious business outfit. His business set-up consisted of a large house and some cliff-top tele-cottages and everywhere were nubile young girls bustling back and forth.

As the prospective, no actual new office manager she decided, Alice was waiting to see how the others would respond to her arrival. What type of women worked here? What kind was she, she wondered. Braden’s outline of the terms and conditions had been highly unusual to say the least. Camilla’s comment that ‘he wasn’t joking,’ well it was something that Alice would have preferred to pretend ignorance about, but it seemed that this girl had other ideas.

“You’re thinking that it can’t be legal or it is some kind of joke and that in any case it will never happen to you,” Camilla said wearily. “Under other circumstances you would have walked out in high dudgeon, but the offer of… what £40,000 a year plus bonuses, plus another £40,000 if you stay for a year and don’t breach the terms of the non-disclosure etc…? Well you think Braden is crazy and what the hell.”

“It was eh… £50,000 actually,” Alice shifted uneasily.

Camilla actually lifted her head to glance at the older woman.

“Well I am betting that you can actually do the job then,” Camilla said, almost sounding impressed. “That’s something anyway. I get £35,000 on the same terms and I am fed up with cute kids who can’t deliver or 30-somethings who can, but can’t handle… shall we say, Braden’s management style.”

“I have put up with all kinds of ‘management styles’ in my career. But no one has been upfront and as honest as Braden and I have never been paid for it before,” Alice said sharply, fixing the impertinent girl with a hard stare. “What do you do here anyway?”

Camilla knew ‘that look’ and shifted uneasily.

“I am the tech manager… I eh… I was just saying okay, you aren’t going to tell Braden are you? That I was rude I mean?”

“So if I let you off-hand manner pass, why don’t you tell me what you think Braden told me,” Alice said.

“He said that you can leave any time you like on full pay, but if you stay he will spank you if you screw up. He might have even told you that he will probably spank you anyway first chance he gets,” Camilla said with a roll of her eyes.

“Pretty much,” Alice admitted, “But since he has ample bimbos around here for that, I can’t see him bothering me too much. I am not exactly a looker.”

“The self-deprecating type, are you? You are not that bad looking from where I stand and you have submissive written all over you,” Camilla said with a shrug. “Like I say, he isn’t joking and it will happen.”

Alice flushed a little and felt a tingle in her tummy. But she put a brave face on it.

“Well in that case I’ll invest in a cushion for my desk chair,” she said with bravado.

“Good luck,” Camilla smiled, “I hope it works out, I really do.”

Alice nodded and made to leave. Then at the door she paused.

“Eh… Mr Braden said… he said it would hurt. Does it?” she asked tentatively.

“Oh yes and it’s embarrassing too,” Camilla said as she pulled a sympathetic face. “The younger girls take it then their stride, well kind of. I think some of them like it. I do my best to keep out of trouble myself.”

“Oh well… hey ho,” Alice said brightly.


“Mr Braden… I didn’t mean to… I-I eh just…” Kim spluttered.

Braden fixed the 19-year-old with a narrow-eyed gaze and then crooked his finger in her direction.

Ptolemy Braden was pushing 50, give or take a couple of years. He had the laid-back style of an entrepreneur with white denims and a tennis shirt that displayed his sporty tanned exterior to good effect. His sandy-white hair held only a hint of what must once been beach blond, but it was a look that gave him authority despite his casual dress sense.

Kim had been with him less than six months, but was already a favourite with her cute petite look and apologetic battiness.

“You young lady, always you seem to have your head in the clouds,” Braden growled.

“Yes Sir,” Kim lisped as she walked reluctantly over to where her boss and mentor stood.

Braden wasted no time in tipping her across his knee and slipping down her brief shorts and knickers. Kim coloured up fast as she blushed for England. For one thing they were in the open and only partially obscured from the public road just a 100 meters away. And for another both Camilla and the new office manager were on hand to watch.

Alice couldn’t help blushing herself as she watched her first example of Braden’s management style, but there was a strange entertainment to be had all the same. The young woman looked too girl-next-door to be picked entirely for her looks, although her small tight bottom was prominent enough as it was folded across Braden’s knee.

“Alice, if this girl gives you any trouble, refer her to me at once. It is the only way she will ever learn,” Braden said as he delivered a sharp smack to Kim’s bare bottom.

Alice worked her mouth trying for some moisture as she watched the impromptu spanking.

“Did you hear me Alice?” Braden growled.

His hand landed soundly half a dozen times until Kim’s bare bottom was quite red before he lifted his glare to take in his new office manager.

“Eh… oh, yes Sir,” Alice said hastily.

“Not too shocked I hope?” he added in a more kindly tone.

Alice swallowed and shook her head.

The spank was for real, even Alice could see that and just 20 spanks in Kim’s bottom was a tight hard red and the girl was panting hard.

“She has her head in the clouds this one,” Braden said in an exasperated tone, “Hasn’t she Camilla?”

“Yes Mr Braden,” Camilla agreed enthusiastically, “I have almost sent her to you twice this week already for leaving the stationary cupboard open.”

“Is that so?” Braden said sternly, returning his gaze to the squirming girl across his knee. “I think after I am done here, you can go and stand in the corner outside my office young lady. You can have something extra when I have the time to deal with you. And don’t think you are skiving. You’ll work Saturday to make up the lost time.”

“Yes Sir,” Kim wailed.

Her legs were kicking now and her breathing was really quite laboured. Her small tight bottom was the shade of a post box and almost as shiny.

“Now off with you,” Braden barked at the spanked girl.

Alice could see that there were real tears in Kim’s eyes and strangely she didn’t feel the least sorry for her.

“She is just one of the girls you will have to keep on her toes,” Braden said to Alice as he watched the scarlet-bottomed girl scurrying off down the path. “If you don’t, you will get the same.”

Alice blushed and felt her head fizz.

“Yes Sir,” she spluttered.

For a moment she was two women. One who knew intellectually that she had signed on for a spanking at this man’s whim and that it would happen; and a rather staid pre-Brampton self who could not quite believe it.

After that Braden left Camilla to show Alice around and had headed back to his desk.

“Don’t worry about Kim, she thrives on it,” Camilla chuckled.

“And what about you?” Alice asked the young tech manager. “You can’t tell me that you couldn’t earn £70,000 an easier way.”

Camilla shrugged and coloured a little around the ears as she pursed her lips.

“I like it here,” she mumbled, “And any way. I said I tried to keep out of trouble, not that I always succeed. Sometimes a girl needs to… fail.”

“I think I understand,” Alice said reassuringly and strangely she found that she did.


After the tour the two women returned to the main building. They found Kim still standing in the corner with her shorts and knickers at her ankles. The furious glow in her bottom showed no easing off and the embarrassed girl was well-displayed with her nose quite literally at the point where two walls met at a bend in the corridor outside Braden’s office.

“He didn’t really mean that she should stay there?” Alice gasped when she saw her, “I mean… just how long will he keep her there?”

Camilla shrugged.

“An hour, two… until he has time to spank her again,” she said, “Or cane her. Or…”

“Ouch,” Alice gaped, “Will it be in public again?”

“Probably not,” Camilla said dismissively.

Alice felt a pang of regret at this.

On seeing something in Alice’s eyes Camilla said, “You know, I think you are going to work out here.”

“There is just one more question,” Alice said quickly to change the subject, “What is it that we actually do here?”

“I run the computers and fix printers, install software and run IT security… well everything like that really,” Camilla said casually, “You make sure that the infrastructure works and that girls turn up for scheduled work on time. Hand out paper clips and the like.”

Alice knew she was hiding something.

“What does everyone else do?” Alice asked pointedly.

“I only have a scant idea really. Some of the women here are lawyers, others are financial people. There is an awful lot of publishing as well. Each girl has her own project and almost everyone reports directly to Braden,” Camilla said with a shrug. “I wouldn’t pry if I were you. You’ll get hints now and then. Just leave it at that.”

Alice was curious, but not that curious. As far as she could tell, her job would take up about three or four short days a week. As long as it wasn’t blatantly illegal… well she would take the money and anything else that was going and run.

In any case as the days went by she realised that there was no central coherent business going on; Braden had set up the operation to coordinate various business and personal activities and the devolved nature of the project meant that he could cross-check financial, legal and personal affairs. Or at least that was her best guess.

As for his famous management style, by the end of week two Alice had witness half a dozen spankings and had twice been called into see Braden herself to discuss team deficiencies. Although as of yet she had been given no first hand personal experience, which was pretty much what she had expected.

Then one day Braden had button-holed her outside the office during one of his rounds.

“How are you getting on?” he asked.

“Oh fine Mr Braden,” Alice replied.

“No problems?”

“No Sir,” she said with a shrug.

“Then how comes the photocopier in the main building is on the fritz, Becky hasn’t turned up for work two days running and there is a pile of crap sitting outside my office waiting to be put into the store?” Braden’s stern manner came on like a switch.

“I was just on my way to see about the delivery…” Alice’s voice tailed off, “The photocopier you say? It was alright this morning.”

“And Becky?” Braden folded his arms.

“I am not altogether sure I know who…” Alice grabbed the staff list from the wall just inside her office door and began to flipping through them. “Eh…”

“Rebecca James,” Braden supplied.

Alice found the name on the list.

“I… eh…”

“Not good enough Alice. My office in 10 minutes,” Braden snapped.

With that he walked away.

Alice gulped and fought down an assault of butterflies. It was the day she had been waiting for in dread excitement. Still she hated being pulled over her work and grabbed the schedule and checked names. She didn’t even know Becky, not by face or name. She was still looking through lists when she saw the time.

“Oh God,” she groaned.

Alice all but sprinted to the main building and knocked on Braden’s door with moments to spare.

“Come,” he called.

“Mr Braden,” Alice said in a flustered voice, “Shall I see to the photocopier and…”

“After we are through here,” he intoned pointing at a space opposite him.

“Yes Sir,” Alice winced.

Alice moved to a spot on the carpet and stood in an approximation of attention.

“Your work here has been good so far. Most of the girls look up to you and Camilla says you work well with her,” Braden said crisply.

“Oh… thank you Sir,” Alice said carefully.

“But I run a tight ship here and you know how I keep the girls up to the mark,” he said pointedly.

“Yes Sir,” Alice coughed down a thick voice.

“Any reason why you should be exempt?” Braden said leaning forward.

A deep pink stain pooled at each of Alice’s cheeks and she let her mouth hang open in a nervous ‘oh.’ She glanced sideways and she knew at once that it was the same gesture she had made when being told off at school or by her supervisor in college.

“No Sir,” she managed in a sticky voice.

“Your first spanking here. It should be memorable for both of us,” Braden put in lightly.

Alice swallowed.

Braden moved to an armless chair on one side of the office. It had the look of a piece of furniture placed for a particular purpose. Sitting down he beckoned his office manager over to him.

“You are a senior member of staff, but you are not too old for damn good spanking are you?”

“No Sir,” Alice gulped, her face beginning to melt now.

“If you have any objections then now is the time,” he announced.

Alice felt like a bunny pinned in car headlights. Why did he say that? Did she have a choice? Should she protest? She began to wring her hands. She wanted it simple not complicated. She was ready, wasn’t she? She had been prepared. Now he was discussing options? Wasn’t he?

“If not then please lower your…” he pointed at her suit trousers.

Alice began to fumble with the belt and finally the pin-striped tailored suit bottoms draped at mid-thigh.

“Should I…?” she waggled a finger over her white M&S knickers, still wondering if she should object.

While she dithered Braden took her firmly by the arm and pulled gently across his lap.

“Ooh,” Alice squealed.

Then her eyes went even wider as Braden hooked a finger into the elastic of her briefs and drew them over her large broad bottom.

“I am sorry Mr Braden, I didn’t mean to…”

Her words were stolen by a sudden and surprising sting to her bottom.

“Ooh… ah,” she yelped.

The first spank was followed by another and then immediately after by two more. In a few moments she was squirming and bucking over his knee in response to the stinging onslaught.

“You agreed to this, did you not? I made it quite clear, didn’t I?” Braden scolded.

“Yes Sir,” Alice replied in a strained voice.

“You had a chance to see it work and…” he spanked in hard with a volley and seemed content enough.

“Yes Sir,” Alice wailed.

“So you agree you have this coming?”

“Ooh, yes Sir.” Alice’s words were moist and edged in her discomfort.

She never knew a man’s hand could hurt so much, that a spanking could sting so. Worse still it went on and on.

“Now next time you mess up I am going to put you in the corner outside to await a second instalment. You will serve as an example won’t you?”

“Yes Sir,” Alice said miserably and tears pooled at her eyes.

“Today you can stand in the corner there,” Braden ordered her.

It was the first clue that the spanking was over.

Alice sighed and clawed at her sore red bottom.

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir,” she managed through clenched teeth.

She knew from the other spankings she had seen that corner time was bare-bottomed and that he would get to see his handiwork at his leisure. That was fair enough, she thought ruefully, for if a job was worth doing then it was worth doing well.


4 Responses to “A Job worth doing”

  1. 1 paul

    wish all office/work disipline was like this forget appeals ect tribunals ect spank them hard and in public and u have a happy work enviroment i can dream!!

  2. 2 paul1510

    I’m inclined to agree with my namesake above.

  3. 3 Laura

    I want to work there!

  4. 4 DJ

    I wonder what and industrial tribunal would say? 😉

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