Weekly Round-up


otk spanking !  1wr aunt carlaspanking birchingotk spankingIt is hard to say whether the spate of closures has abated. More blogs do seem to turn-up missing (and there it was – gone!), but it could just be that these are victims from two weeks ago and a response to the first round of Google closures. Why closed and not just finished? Well generally bloggers don’t take their work down and just fade out. These MIA blogs have been taken down the hard way. The missing blogs are mostly at least semi-monetised or picture blogs from Tumblr that are either hard core or have run afoul of copyright issues.

Nevertheless gentle reader, none of this has dissuaded new blogs from starting up; as is evident from My Bottom Smarts latest list.

Nor is it all doom and gloom elsewhere. Recently there have been several blogs celebrating publishing landmarks, as you may have noticed A Voice in the Corner just hit seven million. Stan over at Au Fils des Jours, which has been going almost twice as long as this blog has reached 13 million visits.

On the subject of new blogs, Kia with her blog Acknowledging Imperfection has hit the ground running and is fast cornering the market in short emotionally intense shorts. Check out her story this week.

Blossom and Thorn have a little piece on Spankenfreude, one of their many pictures on this theme is carried above.

Other pictures are from Devlin, All Things Spanking, Aunt Carla and Plector.

6 Responses to “Weekly Round-up”

  1. 1 Kia

    Thanks for the praise and link. I’m still a little shocked that people are actually reading my things. It’s been very fun 🙂

    • Kia, that is the beginnings of a wonderful blog. Keep up the good work. It’s going into my bookmarks.

    • 4 Mike

      Kia, I also have had the pleasure of stopping by your club house, and enjoyed it quite a bit.

      But I have a confession to make: I seem to have a psychological or mental defect such that I am unable to resist making puns. My doctor says that after I have my lobotomy and triple my thorazine (they have it on a pump now like when you’re in the hospital and you can press a button to dispense a dose of pain medication at certain intervals? Similar concept, not as fun) I should be able to control it.

      Here goes: has anybody ever made a ‘Kia Sorrento’-vs ‘Kia’s sore end-OH!’ joke? No. Good. We will not speak of it again.

      My apologies to everyone.

      • 5 Kia

        I knew the car thing would come up eventually- just didn’t expect it to be quite so soon or in quite that way.

  2. 6 DJ

    I know how you feel Kia

    its the same here even after four years.

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