Sorry cowgirl


about to be spanked cowgirlThis pouting naughty cowgirl was sent in by TipTopper. It is from a 1978 calender and you have to agree that the sub-text to this photo-shoot is highly suggestive.

5 Responses to “Sorry cowgirl”

  1. 1 markiee

    She’s got spurs that gingle jangle gingle as she go’s riding merrily along…

  2. This naughty beautiful cowgirl, spanked western style, with a whip across her voluptuous naked rear end.

  3. 3 nikolaikaa

    Chaparajos \Cha`pa*ra”jos\, n. pl. [Mex. Sp.]
    Overalls of sheepskin or leather, usually open at the back,
    worn, esp. by cowboys, to protect the legs from thorny
    bushes, as in the chaparral;


    • 4 Mike

      -AND-also often worn, sans culottes, by leather boys hunting Grizzled Bears in the wild and untamed expanses of most mid-sized or larger American cities …but this is neither the time nor the place….

  4. 5 Mike

    …and I was just thinking last night about the wild wild west, in the context of a company which controls an enormous chunk of the eyeglass and designer sunglasses markets nationally, and who are resorting to the withholding of important information about customer’s prescriptions in order to maintain said hammerlock …I was just reflecting that Jesse James always had enough class to use a mask and a gun when he robbed folks, he at least added some entertainment value to the experience…

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