Unexpected embarrassing hot bottoms not resented


hot bottomEarlier this week a direct mail link was added on the front page to facilitate communication for anyone with a problem with this blog. That way it keeps some things out of comments and issues can be more quickly resolved.

This prompted a quick flurry of friendly emails, so a big thanks to those who did say hi.

Mini said she had been lurking for a while and loved spanking stories. She said, “I showed this blog to my boyfriend and got an unexpected spanking. My first! It hurt way more than I expected but I guess I broke the dam and I will be getting more. So thanks (I think).”

I clipped a couple for possible future use and found some others I had saved.

This one by Louise that I found some time ago. She wrote:

I had no clue about spanking and if I had I think I would have thought it bad or brutal or something. But when I was at college doing my master’s (so no longer a kid – well to a point) I moved into a shared house. To cut a long story short there was Steve, an older bossy guy among my housemates and he was always bossing me about, which I found secretly thrilling but I pushed back against it.

One day we had a row and I threw a vase at him. I can’t believe that I did that even now. Luckily it missed but went flying through an open window and smashed on the pavement outside.

“You brat,” he said angrily.

He chased me around the house until he caught me and then took down my shorts and knickers and spanked my bare bottom good and hard until I cried. I was so sorry and ashamed and could not stop apologising to him. It was also lucky that none of the others were in.

“Are you really sorry,” he said.

I promised I was. So he said I would have to do as I was told to be forgiven. He didn’t wait for an answer, but made me stand in the corner with shorts and knickers still pulled down. I had a really hot bottom and it really amazed and also (secretly) excited me.

Later I had to apologise to Catherine, whose vase it was and after some prompting I admitted that I had been spanked.

Of course Catherine thought that this was hilarious.

Steve said he would spank me when I needed it, but I thought he was teasing. He wasn’t.

I got spanked by him often, sometimes when others were around and was teased mercilessly by them. I must have been spanked a dozen times and sent to the corner before we went on a date and became an item.

2 Responses to “Unexpected embarrassing hot bottoms not resented”

  1. I love this little story..just love it. 🙂

  2. 2 DJ

    Thanks Gemini

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