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Having had several real life domestic accounts about young adults and college girls it occurred to me that there must be many, many more relationship accounts out there. So in a rare idle moment I ran some searches and checked out the usual suspects and found some. What follows is the best of a selection […]

“I get it,” she said rolling her eyes up, “I’m a screw up, what can I say?” Zoe Frayne sat with her arms folded across a pink mohair pullover crushing her small but prominent breasts. The pink matched the tinge of dye in her black hair, the only visible concession the punk-come-Goth girl had made […]

This article first appeared in Russian in The Siberian Times. New method for addiction at a clinic in Russia In the depths of Siberia, scientists claim to have discovered a revolutionary method of recovery from alcohol, dope and other addictions. Even workaholics or sex addict could be helped by the new method. Most are shocked […]

Weekly Round-Up


Well it is summer (looks expectantly out of the window) the sun is there (somewhere above the clouds) and the birds are singing. So what does the first round-up of the season bring and what can we expect this coming week? There is more trouble with witches in Magic and the Spankmanship story is unfolding. […]

TipTopper sent in the above picture and it put me in mind of a couple of related, but unconnected snippets I had. This was culled from a 1920s education review that I found on Google Reader some time ago. Catherine C wrote: “…An education revolution it has been said, but I can tell you our […]