Weekly Round-Up


no panty day Xmen spanking school bendhall spankingOuch such a lot this week and not all good unfortunately.

Finally got to the bottom of why Crimson and Black bit the dust. A notice to desist arrived two months late. Tumblr are better at taking down blogs than they are asking blog owners to make changes it seems.

Furthermore the complainant was by the same guy who is responsible for other blogs coming down. A former owner of a Tumblr that was deleted for using images he wasn’t entitled to. Pot and kettle anyone, or more appropriately glass houses methinks. Apparently this guy is a professional who does not get the Internet age and has been at war with the Spanking Community for at least a decade now.

Any and all images can be taken down by request in these scenarios. But surely a free plug for a professional site is worth more to them. Not to mention the added good will. But the old school brigade have bought into the industry myth that a copied image is a lost sale. The truth is there is no linear relationship and in an age of amateur enthusiast in all walks of life you have to speculate to accumulate. If anyone thinks that shrinking the market will bring more sales then they are crazy.

Anyway I have taken the unusual position of adding a Tumblr to the blogroll so if you want to know more go to Plector.

Too much goes into setting-up and running these things to do it all again in such a vulnerable and unstable environment. So there are no plans for a revival.

Even the professionals have been under attack. It seems that Pandora’s billing company thinks her movies are too harsh. They also don’t like sword fights. Presumably they would also forgo the revenues generated by A Game of Thrones on the same basis.

To counter this challenge to her art she has let capitalism take a back seat and published the ‘racier’ material on a new site. Check it out at Darker Dreams.

So on to more happier news.

Beauty and the Birch are celebrating one million page views. Congratulations.

Even more impressively Able’s Spanking Writers has just published his 2,500th post. To put that into context you will remember that A Voice just touched down with just a 1,000. Congratulations to him too.

Apparently Saturday was No Panty Day, this is according to 1001 Spanking Fantasies. Maybe it was just one of theirs. Why does no one tell me these things?

Rollin has decided to publish a work in progress as an experiment. In other words he is publishing stories in parts before it is completed as on this blog. I find the pressure makes me work, but the commitment can be terrifying. Good luck Rollin.

Lucy Appleby (Abigail Armani) has another book out, The Castle.

My Bottom Smarts has another list of spanking blogs.

Chross has a great little Sorority Video.

The pictures above are from Cutiepie, All Things Spanking, Chicago Spanking Review, the Spanking Spot and Plector.

There was going to be a round-up of CDD stories, but instead there will be a post later this week.

2 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. Yes, terrifying. You’ll jump in and help if I get in a bind, right DJ? BTW who is the guy attacking the community? I haven’t really been tuned into this since pictures aren’t my thing. But i can’t see getting exercised over pics on a blog. Mostly the pros sell movies. It seems to me that pics function as promos for movies. I’d think the producers would want stills from their movies all over the web. Hey, but what do I know about marketing?

    • 2 DJ

      I can only advise but you’ll manage. 🙂

      Plector and Michael Masterson have the details I don’t want to join in. But the guy has been kicking up a fuss for a while. He used the amateur spanking community to promote his pictures and videos for free (sometimes using other people’s pictures – it is alleged) but when others used his he didn’t merely request they desist or ask for a credit – but made things difficult and some people felt he was biting the hands that fed him.

      My main beef is with Tumblr who have a shoot first ask questions later policy.

      The guy is within his rights (even if he is a hypocrite) and I don’t accuse him of bad law only of bad etiquette and therefore bad business.

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