Co-ed college spanking


co-ed spankingNot sure where this is from but it is certainly unusual. The picture is probably from an era when co-ed public spanking was beyond the Pale. This sorority girl is getting a bare-bottomed spanking at a wild party as can be clearly seen by the exposed lower hip and the disarray of her clothing. Of course the artist has got away with it because one of the witnesses is discreetly placed.

The decadence of the scene is underpinned by the evidence of discarded cigarettes, booze and bongo playing.

It may be cover picture for a pulp novel or an illustration from a magazine masquerading as a moral message.

There is no information as to the artist or the original source.

11 Responses to “Co-ed college spanking”

  1. 1 Mike

    A novel? An illustration?

    Wow, that’s a relief. I thought someone was fixing to release a documentary about my college years…

  2. 3 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    There’s a scene in Thomas Pynchon’s book “Gravity’s Rainbow” in which a young woman receives a spanking in the presence of witnesses. And the word he uses to describe that scene, would also apply to your picture, Damien. He called it “a Saturnalia”. All in all, a nice blend of depravity, and “discipline”, ’cause, of course, we don’t want to get too one sided.

    • 4 DJ

      Forget the 60s we should have been in the spanking 50s the 😉

  3. That is one unusual picture, Damien. The cigarettes, guy wearing a tie, girls in dresses and bongos put it late 50’s, the beatnik era. I guess those hep cats got up to some really cool stuff, man. You dig?

  4. 7 DJ

    Hep hep hooray – okay I’ll leave the puns to you guys…

  5. 8 js666

    I believe it’s the illo from a story on spanking as a “sex substitute” from a mag called “Man’s Life.” (Not to be confused with “Boy’s Life.”) I think it’s posted on the web somewhere, and it was a shocking expose of how people actually got turned on by this sort of thing.

    • 9 DJ

      Thanks JS.

      so it is intended to be a bad spanking picture to discredit spankos. Who would have thought it?

  6. ❤ Love this

  7. 11 DJ

    Hi All,

    I have been having trouble with this post for some reason. I wanted to edit some comments and review certain matters but it all went south.

    In the process the comments were lost including one of my own. Maybe that is just as well. The lost comments may have started a thread that was too hard to manage. 😦

    Only first time posters here are subject to scrutiny so you are all pretty much self-regulated. Maybe think about language being taken out of context.

    I am all for a discussion and the above historic curio is definitely un-PC some 60 years after it was first published, But there are such things as search engines and given the complex and sometimes controversial nature of TTTWD certain words are not helpful when used on this blog.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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