Better you bet


college corner time in public college corner time in publicThe pictures above were sent in by Sam.

He is not entirely sure what is going on but he thinks that they are from a Latin American college and that the girl has lost a bet.

He says he was told (his sources are not divulged) that the girl is a sorority girl who had a paddling coming from her Big Sis and made some kind of bet that if she won she would get out of it and if she lost she would do her bare-bottomed corner time in public. But he is not as sure about that part of the story.

As there appears to be no direct coercive element to the scene it is plausible.

In addition: Looking at the larger version of the second picture there is noticeable redness on her bottom as can just be seen above.

28 Responses to “Better you bet”

  1. 1 Mike.

    Eh. Probably just another tree-hugger. I’ll bet her bark is worse than her bite…

    Sorry everyone. I know it’s bad. My doctor thinks that if I double up on my thorazine after my lobotomy I have a shot at controlling the puns. Wish me a lot of luck!

  2. 2 paul1510

    nice pictures. 😉

  3. Here is hoping that the naughty college co-ed was given a good paddling on her naked rear end. If It was me, I would recommend that she be caned. The stripes of such corporal punishment implement would be more effective.

  4. 4 DJ

    I was hoping someone would post saying these are from… but I guess not if they are Latin American – it is intriguing isn’t it.

  5. 5 cindy2

    Either I have astigmatism, or the college girl in the picture received such a thorough thrashing that it rearranged the architecture of her bottom so that her cleft is closer to her right hip than to her left.

    Or as Blake might have penned if he saw this picture, “What immortal hand or eye could not delight in this lovely lack of symmetry.”

    • 6 DJ

      I think it is just the way she is curved at an angle to the camera. If you are implying it is faked then I am up for any theories but there are two different angles (ie two pictures) and I have fulls sized originals that suggest they are camera snaps.

      Not impossible though. 🙂

    • 7 Mike

      Yeah, Blake was ALL about the spanking. He totally spelled it out in “Jerusalem”:
      And were those seats
      In schoolboy times
      E’er made to feel a greater heat?

      And did that hole-drill’d
      Board, by god,
      E’er get one decent night’s sleep?

      -AND- In “I want! I want” the illustration shows a dreamer reaching out for the lovely rounded ‘moon’ with an impossibly long phallic proxy.

      -OR- in ‘The Tyger’, it’s the tiger itself which is a symbol for a well -spanked bottom: “Tyger, Tyger, burning bright, on this hot and horny night…”

      • 8 cindy2

        Oh Mike, you are a Tyger and you make me melt with your poetry.

  6. 9 cindy2

    oh, i wasn’t suggesting it was faked at all. Each of us has different physical features, and I just noticed what appeared to be a lack of symmetry. With college kids, anything is possible in what they’ll do. (Even at my age, which is not that much older, I still get urges to do outlandish things.)

  7. 10 Tiptopper

    While it certainly looks like a college but I’m a little dubious about it being in Latin America. The buildings and the flora, particularly the pine trees, look to be from the northern part of the US. Also the students don’t look as if they are Latin American.

    • 11 Mike

      Check out the cat in the black sweatshirt, right side, second pic. a) Whoever gave him that haircut has a wonderful sense of humor. Look at that part in his hair! There’s a better chance of a chimpanzee with a hatchet in one hand and a jug of moonshine in the other hand safely landing a 747 than there is of an American kid parting his hair like that. And b) he seems to be wearing a wristwatch. Nobody in the United States younger than 70 years of age has worn a wristwatch since God was a corporal.

      As you pointed out quite correctly the vegetation doesn’t look like any Latin American country. I’m thinking its Quebec.

  8. 12 DJ

    It looks like an early temperate season – but a search on the image gave also gave a Latin/Spanish origin – could it be far northern Californian?

    Like someone said – I ma surprised no one else has this or more about it.

    • 13 Princess Anatasia

      The architecture in the background seems more North American to me, but I’m no authority. (I tried to send this once before, but wordpress does not like me and it apparently only showed up briefly. That’s my most optimistic guess, at least.)

  9. 14 Scarlet

    The campus looks American, but the people don’t. It’s hard to explain why. The guys are in what looks like very contemporary clothing (long baggy shorts, for instance) but the girls aren’t. All those wide legged jeans and pants are just “off” somehow. The way the girls wear their hair, the complete lack of either Greek symbols on sweatshirts or identifiable English words? Not sure what it is, but this doesn’t feel like an American campus to me.

    • 15 DJ

      I cannot comment on how the people look so much – although it is a very dated look many of them have. compared with Europe, which is at odds with TipTopper’s point below.

      I wonder if it is Chile or somewhere in the south where it is temperate?

  10. 16 Pat

    The girl’s lack of symmetry is due to her standing on sloped ground – her left foot is higher than her right, which throws her bottom off.

  11. Good to see She was a good sport about losing her bet and carried out the dare!

  12. 18 cindy2

    The perception of a misalignment of her cleft was in my mind, and I stand corrected.

  13. 19 Tiptopper

    It’s obviously contemporary as the guy in the blue shirt in the second photo is recording the event on his cellphone/camera. In fact the two picures may have been taken with a cell.

    • 20 DJ

      I think you are right – so if the clothes are dated or at least not familiar in current continental style but the picture is it does tend to support a Latin America theory.

  14. 21 Tiptopper

    Another thing I just noticed besides the cellphone that would indicae that it is modern and not from the past is the girl’s thong type panties which are not much more than strings.

  15. 22 DJ

    I am surprised no one has come across this before or knows more as someone said it would have been all over the internet – maybe Sam’s source is original?

  16. 23 M ike

    Well, wherever it is, there DOES seem to be a lot of focus on ‘south of the border.’

  17. 25 M ike

    The state of New York. There’s a town near Buffalo called Cheektowaga. Or in Queens, Ass-toria…………

  18. 26 jeff

    My mind is positively reeling over these pics. I have long fantasized about sorority girls having to do things like this, and these pics suggest there may be a bit of truth to my fantasies. That makes me happy. 🙂

  19. 27 Rikki

    I just discovered this great blog the other day and I’ve been working through it in reverse chronological order.

    I’m intrigued by the mystery of the origin of these photos. I did some research with both Google image search and the site www . tineye . com. Long story short, the images date at least to 2005 (and went viral in the spring of 2008). There are at least two other images in the series and it is not a hazing. The girl is simply drunk and is urinating. This is very clear in one of the two additional images; and after seeing that one, when I look back at the second image DJ posted above, I realize that you can barely discern that she is urinating in that one too and she may have even wet the back of her pants. The other new image shows her pulling up her pants as she walks away and onlookers turn their attention away from her. There are no “big sisters” anywhere near her. The images can be seen at You have to register for the forum to see the images full size, but it is free and takes only seconds.

    As to the question of where it occurred, the sites where the image is found are overwhelming Spanish language. As someone else noted, most of Latin America is in a tropical or subtropical zone; but the place in the picture appears to be in a temperate zone. That would pretty much limit the possibilities to Chile, Argentina, and possibly Uruguay. Spain itself is a possibility, although I wasn’t aware of any European universities with large park-like campuses like this one. I don’t think it is an American or Canadian campus because there is no racial diversity. No African-Americans, no Asians, and there aren’t even any blond-haired people. However, I could find nothing that would tend to confirm that it is a college campus anyway, although the narrow age range of the people in the picture would strongly suggest that.

    The images have different file names on the various sites where it is found. The term “Araceli” appears in some of those filenames (and in the title of the post I linked to above). “Araceli” is a Spanish girl’s name. It also has several meanings. One slang meaning is “crazy girl who is very outgoing” or “crazily uninhibited.” On one site, the phrase “Araceli comida en la calle” is in the filename of the second image above. The phrase as a whole isn’t grammatically sensible, but “comida en la calle” translates to “street food,” but can also mean “street party” or “community picnic.”

    • 28 DJ

      That is very industrious of you – one of the references you gave supported the drunk Araceli idea.

      I suspect that if you dig into many of the random pictures here you will find a more innocent (ie more prosaic) explanation for various antics.

      Incidentally many European (especially UK) campuses are like this – but as you say the racial mix is wrong for a British or Northern European college – Argentina / Chile is a good bet here.

      Many thanks 🙂

      I hope you are enjoying the blog.

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