These Lands Beyond


!  land-beyondLSF have published another novella by yours truly. This time it is the socio-religious exploration of an alternative Earth where college girls have guardians and questioning the faith or the mysterious origins of their society can be seriously dangerous for a young girl’s bottom.

The publishers blurb has it:

Chelsea and Candida are lying in the sunshine trying to study the complex history of their country, Americana. They read about banned books and the World Beyond – a world which inspired their civilisation. Their own land is one that has a strict religious fraternity, based on the teachings of the Holy Church of Day and Night.

In this land, corporal punishment is the norm. Every infraction is punished, no matter how trivial – as Chelsea discovers when she arrives 45 minutes late for dinner. The girls are routinely punished whilst wearing the traditional garb of the penitent’s dress – demure at the front and cut out at the back! Even marriage ceremonies involve spankings in this land.

You can get it here.

2 Responses to “These Lands Beyond”

  1. 1 paul1510

    Downloaded. 😀

  2. 2 saucywriter

    Hello Damian, and thank you for this new story. At first glance – I have just bought it – it looks to be exactly the kind of thing I like so much.

    If I say it reminds me a little of the ‘Settlement Girl’ stories which can be found on another site, please don’t take that as criticism or, in any way, an accusation of plagiarism; I know you don’t do that – I also know you don’t need to!

    It’s just that when you are into – specialist fiction – themes have a way of recurring and it was my wish only to alert you to the simialrities.

    As always, thanks again for your literate and very – er – invigorating site!


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