An interview for Aunt Domina


bend over glamourJohn and Petra exchanged a narrow-eyed glance; neither were quite sure if the girl that stood before them was for real.

The girl’s ‘aunt’ had assured them that she was 25, but by her appearance, that of a 1950s school girl on her half-hols, she barely looked 18. She was short with well-groomed dark blonde hair drawn back in a plait down her back. In most regards she was petite although her short grey skirt did struggle to contain her prominent bottom and her over-plump lips were emphasised by her constant nervous worrying of them by the girls nibbling teeth.

The girl’s dark-haired corseted ‘aunt’ had no discernible blood-ties with the girl and in any case she seemed barely old enough for her role especially if the girl’s age was to be believed. They had asked her to leave while they interviewed her ‘niece’ and pondered on what they might do with her.

Neither of them were usually happy about working with anyone under 21.

John broke his gaze from his wife to study the girl.

“Tammy is it?” he asked.

She nodded and suddenly looked even more terrified.

“Your… eh… aunt seems to think that you would benefit by coming to live with us for a while? What do you think about that?” he continued.

“I would love to ever so much,” Tammy gushed, “Auntie says the… div… diversity is it? She says the diversity would do me good and make me a better girl.”

“I see,” John pursed his lips and glanced at his wife again.

At 34 she was much younger than him and still the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He loved the way her casual ordinariness shone through without the assistance of hairdos or expensive clothes, although she had figure that most super models would die for. Sometimes he wondered what she saw in him.

He looked back at the girl. She still seemed far too young for their guidance, or too immature at any rate.

Reading his thoughts Petra said, “I think we should hear more Sir. I don’t think her aunt would bring her if she didn’t think she was ready. ”

“Oh Sir, please Sir, I am ready. Honestly Sir,” Tammy said eagerly.

“Very well,” John said thoughtfully. “Tell me about your aunt and your time with her.”

“I… I have lived with her for three years now when she sort of adopted me,” Tammy said shyly. “She is the only person whoever really cared about me.”

“What did you do before?” John absently arranged some papers on his desk, although they had nothing to do with Tammy. It would serve to distract her and maybe ease her nerves.

“I…” Tammy swallowed, “I was on community service… I had a bit of trouble when I left college…”

“I know about that, yes,” John reassured her, “But I didn’t know you were in college.”

“Two years… but I… messed it up,” Tammy admitted. “I mess everything up.”

“Don’t you think that maybe you should be with people your own age?” John asked.

“My own age…? Do you mean 25-year-olds? Or other girls like me who want a fresh start… Sir?”

“A fresh start?”

“I am not a child Sir, I know what I want. Auntie has offered me something special but she… she thinks… well that we are in too much of a comfort zone her and I… a rut if you like,” Tammy’s voice suddenly sounded more assured, “If you follow me Sir?”

John sat back. He was now certain that Tammy was all of 25, chronologically anyway. He looked at his wife who nodded. Her judgement was better than his in these matters.

“Tell me, if you come to stay for a while, do you think we will be stricter or less strict than your… aunt?” John leaned over to one side and seemed to pull his words from the air.

“Aunty is very, very strict, but she says you will be different; maybe stricter, maybe not. Why, does it matter Sir?” Tammy frowned.

“How strict is your aunt? I mean, does she smack your bottom?” John said quizzically. He knew that she did but it was important to measure the girl’s own response and attitude to it.

“Oh yes,” Tammy said earnestly, “She spanks me ever such a lot, on my bare bottom too. She says that a punishment must be as painful and embarrassing as possible and should put a girl well and truly in her place.”

Petra licked her lips and shifted where she stood. John remained offhand and relaxed.

“Talk me through a typical punishment,” John said in an academic tone.

Tammy blushed and looked at Petra.

Then she swallowed and said, “Yes Sir.”

John nodded encouragingly.

“Well last week I went out without permission and came back… very late…” Tammy rolled her eyes so that they looked at everything but John and his wife.

“Where did you go?”

“Oh… just to the library… I went online, I am not allowed to do it too often at home you see,” Tammy explained. “I forgot the time and the library had late closing…”

“I understand,” John pursed his lips, “Go on.”

“Aunty was ever so cross. She made me wait for my punishment and sent me to bed without supper. Then the next day I had to report to her fully dressed but without my… my lower things. I have to dress smartly but with my… bottom and…” Tammy gulped, “…on show, well it is embarrassing and I feel very… exposed.”

Petra wiped a hint of moisture form her lips and hugged herself as she didn’t know where to put her hands.

“Then I had to go and stand in the corner,” Tammy continued. “Not the safe corner, out of sight of everyone but aunty and her guests, but the one in the hall by the front door. We share that part of the house with Mrs Denver you see.”

Tammy blanched and then as she stood wringing her hands the blood flooded back to her face in an epic flush.

“It is sooo embarrassing Sir,” Tammy said in a hushed voice.

“How long do you have to stand there?” John asked conversationally.

“It depends Sir, sometimes only an hour or two, well usually that long in one go, but never the less than 40 minutes anyway; eh but sometimes… um… much longer.” Tammy lisped shyly.

“Does anyone ever see you standing there? Apart from Mrs Denver and your aunt I mean?” John wondered how amenable Mrs Denver was.

“Mrs Denver’s daughter… the postman sometimes, a delivery man once or twice and one time Mrs Denver’s son came to see her,” Tammy blushed. “There are of course aunty’s friends, but I am usually standing in the safe corner then.”

“I see,” John mused, “Is this before or after you are spanked.”

“Before Sir, well to start with. It is so I have plenty of time to think about what I have done and what I have coming,” Tammy said ruefully. “Then comes the spanking or whatever?”

“Or whatever?” John picked up on the aside.

“Yes well. Usually I go across auntie’s knee and get a very hard and very long spanking with the hairbrush. There is nothing like it and I always cry. Then I have to go back to the corner to cry and sometimes wait if I have another spanking coming and so on. Aunty likes to spank in instalments sometimes,” Tammy said in a reluctant voice, “But, well sometimes if I am really bad there is the strap, cane and… eh the birch.”

Tammy’s face glowed red and she dipped her eyes to the floor.

“Then there are the other things…” Tammy said shyly.

“Go on,” John said sharply.

“She has soap which I… if I lie, I mean and not just mouth soap… she has this thing… in the bathroom… please Sir…” Tammy began to wring her hands. It was too embarrassing.

“I think I see,” John said kindly. “Tell me do you like these punishments sometimes?”

“No Sir,” Tammy said in a puzzled voice, “I hate them, but they… well it is for my own good. I know that.”

“What about afterwards? Does getting a spanking give you… feelings?” John asked.

Tammy looked like a trapped bird and looked at Petra for help. The room became quiet and the only sound was the ticking of the clock.

“Sometimes,” she admitted at last, “But it is not that. It is the feeling of being all forgiven and clean, you know.”

“I understand,” John said kindly. “If you come here, do you think I should punish you or my wife? We can agree things now, but we can’t change things later.”

“Yes Sir, I mean, whatever you think best, but if you both… I mean that would widen my experience Sir wouldn’t it?”

“And the other things that you mentioned, that would be hard for you wouldn’t it?” John asked.

Tammy nodded.

“How do you feel about that?” Petra asked.

John gave her a sharp look, but again he trusted her instincts and let her interruption pass.

“Please… whatever you think Sir. Aunty is right, for a punishment to work it must be as long, painful and as embarrassing as possible. It’s what I need Sir; eh… Ma’am.”

“Very well, let’s see how we get on. Please sit over there, I am going to have a word with your… aunt,” John agreed.

He nodded at Petra who moved around the desk and went to the door to fetch Tammy’s mentor who was still waiting outside.

The woman entered as a picture of elegance, like a queen on catwalk. Under her immaculate chocolate piled-up hair her chestnut eyes danced and a small smug smiled played about her lips, which bothered John somehow.

Petra followed her through the door as an attendant, completing the picture of dominatrix royalty on tour.

“Ah Ms…” John had forgotten her name; it was one of those pretentious scene names, “Ms Dom…? I’m sorry.”

“Domina, just Domina, unless you prefer auntie you naughty boy,” Domina said in a husky voice that reminded John of a young Fenella Fielding.

He fixed her with his eyes and curtly bid her sit down.

“So how do you like my girl?” she purred.

“She seems enthusiastic enough and polite too. Tell me Miss Domina, why do you want her to train with us?” John asked deliberately using the junior title with her name.

“I should hope she is, or I will spank her bottom for her,” Domina said with a pout, not welcoming his challenging tone. “As for placing her with you, well we all need to step out of comfort zone don’t we?”

“Do we?” John said crisply, “Isn’t she a little old…”

He was going to say, ‘a little old for that personae,’ not that he thought so himself, but Domina cut him off.

“Oh a young lady is never too old for a good spanking,” she said, her husky voice rising an octave.

“A punishment should be ‘as long, painful and embarrassing as possible,’ I believe you said,” John looked at Tammy who blushed and looked at her shoes.

“Indeed, without a doubt,” Domina was blinking rapidly, irritated that this man should be questioning her methods.

“And from where do you derive your authority for such… intervention?” John said carefully.

“Oh, I think if one is of a certain disposition and experience and encounters one who willing seeks out their guidance then one has a duty to address the supplicant’s and indeed one’s own need,” Domina said as it were obvious.

“I see,” John nodded thoughtfully and shot a glance at his wife.

Petra suppressed a titter and shrugged.

“Can I be clear then?” John asked, “You have come here actively seeking my guidance with regard to educating Tammy here?”

“Indeed,” Domina said blinking again in frustration. Was this man dense?

“And you think this will enhance your relationship and Tammy’s future relationship choices?” John had a schoolteacher air now, comfortable in his authoritative verbosity.

“Exactly so,” Domina said pointedly.

By golly, the man has it, she thought, letting a smug smile cross her face.

“Good,” John said decisively.

He reached down and opened a desk draw and brought out a hairbrush. And then standing up he slipped off his jacket and began to roll up his sleeves.

Tammy blanched and licked her lips, but she wasn’t entirely surprised.

“That’s right, start with a spanking. Even if a girl hasn’t done anything much, it is as well to put a supplicant in her place at the outset of an arrangement such as this,” Domina giggled elegantly.

“I am so glad that you agree,” John nodded.

“Stand up Tammy,” Domina ordered.

“No stay where you are,” John countered her, “Miss Domina, it is you who must stand up.”

“Me?” Domina asked, puzzled.

“I think so,” John said sharply, “You are after all a supplicant here are you not?”

Domina blanched, “but I… you don’t understand, I’m not… I mean, I don’t usually…”

“Young lady, you have been impertinent and condescending since you arrived and furthermore you have been most eloquent in your request. So I am going to put you across my knee and give you a good sound spanking on your bare bottom,” John informed her.

“On… on what authority?” Domina gulped.

“Oh… let us say ‘I think if one is of a certain disposition and experience and encounters one who seeks out their guidance then one has a duty to address the supplicant’s need’ wasn’t that what you said?” John patted the flat of the brush menacingly across his palm.

“Yes but… I meant…” Domina, having stood up, backed nervously away.

“This is my domain and you have come here to seek my guidance have you not?” John intoned.

Domina blushed and could scarce catch her breath.

“Hoist by my own petard,” she squeaked in an attempt to make light of it. “It’s been a while for me but… at least send the girl away.”

“I don’t think so. After all you were quite impudent and you thoroughly deserve to be punished,” John countered.

“Yes but… look I’m sorry, but can’t you… please… just you and I… yeah?” her imperious and carefully crafted voice slipped as she reverted to a former time perhaps.

“A spanking has to be as long, painful and as embarrassing as possible, don’t you think?” John touched his tongue to the inside of his cheek.

Domina blushed as she hadn’t for years and breathed through an open mouth.

“Come here Miss,” John growled as he sat in an armless chair and crooked his finger at the usually dominant aunt.

Tammy gaped in disbelief and Petra clapped her hand to her mouth in glee.

The corseted and well-groomed Domina had lost some of her poise and flicked an anxious glance at Tammy. The professional aunt suddenly looked a decade younger. Then she meekly half tottered and half stumbled across the room to be taken across John’s knee.

“Bugger,” she sighed, and then with a reference to her early remark she added ruefully, “Definitely well and truly hoisted.”

Domina’s black pencil skirt conveniently zipped all the way up at the back and parted from her ample curves like curtains. Perhaps so as not to spoil the line of her skirt or perhaps for other more practical purposes, the insolent vixen wore no knickers, her only underwear being sheer black stockings attached by garters.

“Oh we are a naughty girl,” John chided.

“It is a warm day,” Domina blushed.

Tammy giggled and her aunt glared at her.

“Never mind her,” John barked, apply a short sharp spank to Domina’s curves with is hand

“God… this is… this is really quite…” she spluttered.

John had never seen someone colour quite so much. Then grasping the hairbrush he patted her bare bottom with it.

“When was the last time you were spanked?” he asked.

“I… well,” she swallowed, “Not like this for some years.”

“When?” he snapped, spanking her sharply.

“Ah,” she gasped and clenched her jaw.

“When?” He spanked her again.

“I see a friend, once a month or so,” Domina squeaked, “Please don’t, not in front of… oh, ooh…”

John didn’t pause but set about delivering a brisk spanking as he interrogated her.

“But not truly punished?”

“No Sir,” Domina agreed.

“Because a punishment in your eyes needs to be a bit more humbling doesn’t it? Like this.” On the word ‘this’ he gave her an almighty spank.

“Yes Sir,” Domina wailed, “You won’t, you won’t, you won’t… ooh.”

With no sense to be had out of her John settled down to give her an expert spanking he knew she could handle and suspected that she badly needed.”

“Has aunty been ever so bad?” Tammy lisped.

“I am afraid so,” John told her.

“Then I do hope you can help her as she helped me,” a wide-eyed Tammy said without a hint of irony.

Is this girl for real or just one hell of an actress, John mused, but with a shrug he supposed it didn’t really matter.

“I’ll be, I’ll be, I’ll be goooood…” Domina shrieked.

“What is your name anyway? Your real name,” John asked.

“Beryl,” Domina sobbed.

“And how old are you?” John asked.

“Thirty…” Domina sucked in a breath before letting out as a sob, “Four.”

“You know this is for your own good don’t you Beryl,” John had begun to really put it to her now.

“Yes Sir,” Domina wailed with broken sobs and seemed to beg, “But… please… I’m… I’m… call me… Domina.”

“Alright Domina, if you admit you have this coming,” John said in an almost kindly voice that was at odds with the continuing action of his arm.

“Yes Sir,” she sniffed.

“Say it then,” he ordered.

“Domina is a naughty girl,” she sobbed. She knew the drill, she had used it often enough.

“Are you still glad you came to me?” John asked as he brought the spanking to an end.

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir,” she said in a voice literally dripping with penitent youth.

“Now I want you to go and stand in the corner like all naughty girls have to,” John chuckled. “I haven’t finished with you.”

“Oh please…” she protested.

“Go to the corner to wait for the cane,” John said sharply.

Domina gulped, and with one final miserable glance at Tammy, did as she was told.

“Off you go Tammy, Petra will show you your room,” John said cheerfully.

“Yes Sir,” Tammy said gaping at her humbled aunt.

After they had gone John put the hairbrush away in the corner and reached for a cane.

“You and me are going to have a nice long chat,” he soothed.

“Yes Sir.” Domina sounded a little strained.


Domina, her displayed bottom still throbbing, was wild with the thought of being in the corner. It was shameful, embarrassing and thrilling beyond endurance. At any moment she felt she could break out of her compromising position and regale the b… regale John with a piece of her mind, but as she quickly realised the submission kept drawing her back until she was stretched like translucent silk .

It had been a long time since Domina had submitted to a man but submitted she had and there was no denying it. It was the kind of adventure she often secretly entertained in her most private fantasies, but to have them played out so suddenly and so unexpectedly in front of Tammy was a soul-burning event.

If any of her friends found out she would never live it down. She might even be drummed out of dom society. But oddly the shame of this thrilled her almost as much as the spanking had. She had always been torn by the dichotomy of her inner submissive and outer dominant and never having been able to balance the two she had always tended to go overboard in one direction or another.

Now she found she was too committed to Tammy and that world to more than flirt with submission, but perhaps John would show her the way. Her hand reached behind to cop a feel of her tender bottom. An extreme breach of discipline she knew. If he saw or even asked her if she had rubbed… she snatched her back and clasped it again in the small of her back.

And what of the cane, she had always struggled with it; a guilty pleasure when she had used it on others. She gulped and extended her fingers as far as she dared to brush the top of her bottom cleft and anticipating the cruel impact to the region below.

The door opened and someone, presumably John entered the room. Domina snapped her fingers back into a fist.

“Now young lady,” John said sternly, “I rather think you should visit us once a week to be apprised of your niece’s progress.

“Yes Sir,” Domina said meekly.

“It will also give us the opportunity to continue our chat,” John continued.

“Eh… you mean…” Domina swallowed hard.

“You know exactly what I mean,” John scolded her.

“Yes Sir,” Domina said quickly.

“Good,” John said in a firm voice, adding, “Now, turn around and bend over. We still have to address your earlier impertinence.”

Domina turned to see the cane and gaped.

“Look… I don’t… I mean this is…”


Domina’s breathing was audible as she studied the cane.

“You are not going to argue with me are you?” John demanded.

“No Sir, but…”

“Bend over,” he said sharply.

Domina dropped instinctively and seized the back of the chair. The posture offered John a magnificent aspect of her bare bottom.

“That will do nicely,” John said appreciatively. “How many do you usually give?”

“Eh…” Domina swallowed, “It depends, not many…”

“Shall I ask Tammy?” John asked casually.

“Never less than a dozen, usually twice that,” Domina said quickly.


“Mostly that or… more,” Domina croaked.

“What’s the most you have ever given?” John asked in a matter-of-fact tone.

“The most,” she squeaked the word from a very constricted throat, “What ever, or given to Tammy?”

John swished the cane and then leaned over to be level with Domina’s ear.

“If you continue to be evasive I will give you 24 to get us started and then twice whatever you have given Tammy in one go on top,” John whispered in a voice like ice.

Domina shuddered even as she thrilled.

“I once gave a hundred for a bet,” Domina rasped, “But the most I have given Tammy was… 30… eh 36.”

“I see,” John said pointedly. “So I suppose that justice demands that we split the difference, which would be around twice Tammy’s bill. Does that seem fair?”

Domina’s heart pounded so hard she could feel it between her ears. Seventy-something strokes she hastily calculated, omigod, it sounded sickeningly right, she realised.

“I… please…” she swallowed twice, “It’s fair I know but… please…”

“Put yourself in my place, or indeed your usual place. Give me the ideal answer,” his tone was suggestive, but it brooked no defiance.

“Please Sir, permit me to… humbly submit in any way you want…. Please I’ll do anything,” she spoke as tears filled her eyes and clung to her words as they dripped form her mouth, “But if… if it does not please you to be merciful… then… then please Sir, give me…” she couldn’t not do the maths, so she added in a whine, “As many strokes as you said… please Sir.”

Her submission was complete and the wetness under her bottom made that undeniable.

“Excellent, almost perfect,” John congratulated her.

His praise thrilled her and she blushed.

“Actually I make splitting the difference 68 strokes, but I am happy to round it to 70. But since you are so amenable and contrite… I think 24 plus an added six just because will suffice. What do you say?”

“Oh thank you Sir,” Domina gushed with relief,” a fresh tear rolling down her face.

“Excellent, shall we begin?”

Domina was about to say something; anything to delay when the first stroke bit in hard. She yelped.

“Oh I trust the interview is over and you have no further questions?” John asked.

“Yes Sir, I mean no Sir…” Domina groaned.

“And you are happy with our little arrangement?”

“Yes Sir,” Domina found herself saying.

“Oh good,” John said as the cane came bitingly down again, “Good.”


7 Responses to “An interview for Aunt Domina”

  1. 1 paul1510

    I do admire your imagination, I’m somewhat envious. 😉

  2. If you ever see John, can you do me a favor and send him my way?

    Very hot story. 🙂

  3. Delicious story!

  4. 4 Scarlet

    Oh, my. Loved this one.

  5. 5 Ayla

    I vote with the rest, better than usual, if that’s possible.

  6. 6 Mark

    You have outdone yourself with this outstanding story and an especially good Magic one after the other. If found this one especially fantasy-provoking.

  7. 7 DJ

    Departure from style maybe – when did you see the end coming?

    Thanks 🙂

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