Domestic realities


about to be spankedHaving had several real life domestic accounts about young adults and college girls it occurred to me that there must be many, many more relationship accounts out there. So in a rare idle moment I ran some searches and checked out the usual suspects and found some.

What follows is the best of a selection chanced upon on Voy, EP and Fem1st.

Danielle wrote:

About what HKM said about spanking within marriage and being outted in a DD relationship or not. I think it is your own business.

I met my partner at a health spa on the South Coast. I had been sent there by my then current boyfriend as a treat and I think in an attempt to keep me. But I hadn’t been serious about him and the main attraction had been the spoiling and the escape from chattering boys (he was much older than me). I had always been drawn to older men but in those days didn’t know why.

John was also quite a bit older than me, although in much better shape than the guy I realised I was dumping.

We hit it off at once and I was absolutely captivated by his honesty. He told me right off he liked his women in their place and had no time for women’s equality, even if it was fair.

I told him that I didn’t believe in going Dutch, so what did I care.

“A bit of a spoilt bitch are you?” he teased or half-teased. “I would love to give you a good sound spanking on your bare bottom.”

Men had said that to me before. Apparently I have the arse for it. I laughed and maybe I said, “What else is new?”

He became serious and said it was no laughing matter and that I could definitely stand being taken in hand.

“If I spanked you it would hurt and you would do what you were told,” he said.

It scared me, but not enough to put me off. So when he called me a week later we went on a date.

Out of mischief I complained about the wine and sent it back and when I got my own way I played up like that all night. My recent ex had been amused by the game and had always paid the bill.

John didn’t say a word but when we got back to his place he told me he could call a cab and go or stay and see what happened. He was quite cross so I guessed what was coming, but I opted to stay.

He put me over his knee and bared my bottom quickly. Then as I expected he gave me a very smart spanking. It hurt more than I expected, but I thought it was fair enough. Then he sent me to the bathroom to fetch his bath brush.

“You can’t, it will bruise,” I told him.

He shrugged and told me it wasn’t a game and he could still call me a cab.

I apologised about my behaviour and asked to stay. Needless to say it didn’t get me out of a spanking.

The main event hurt worse than anything and I bawled like a kid all the way through. I was right, it did bruise and for days and days. And after he made go and stand in the corner in the nude.

The sex was great, but he played too rough for me, or so I thought but a dozen spankings later and half again as many dates I moved in.

I loved the way he stood up to me, but the spankings and other punishments were real. If I wasn’t a good girl, I got spanked and properly. He also loved giving me corner time, which was really embarrassing. It got so I really tried to behave.

Once or twice he sent me to the corner when friends were there. Nothing was said but they must have guessed I would be spanked once they were gone.

Finally a friend told me it was wrong and I should leave him. So after asking another friend, who agreed, I went home to my step-mother and told her everything.

Instead of support, Mum was absolutely furious. She said I was like a leaf in the wind and gave up on things too much. She told me that if I didn’t want a spanking from him, then I should not put up with it, but that if I didn’t mind then it was my own business and not my girlfriends who were probably jealous.

That night John phoned and sort of said the same thing. He told me he loved me and although it would be an issue, we could talk about it and maybe work something out. He was also genuinely concerned if I had felt at all coerced.

I had a good hard think about it and felt absolutely sick. I really had been a spoilt brat when he met me and I could not imagine life without him. It was odd, but when I was told off by Mum I felt my bottom clench like I would be spanked and it felt right.

I wrote a long note of apology and told John that any punishment he decided on was absolutely deserved. I didn’t say so but in my head I thought of a party where everyone came to see me spanked like a naughty girl.

Then when I got home I left the note on the table and dressed in only a top and put myself in the corner. I even drew back the curtains and made it really obvious.

I was there a long time before John got home and read the note.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

I told him I was and when he said we should be more discreet, but I said we should be less discreet and that I was proud of being put in my place when I needed it. I also said I was really, really sorry.

The spanking I got was the worst ever and I could hardly sit down afterwards. I also had to go to the corner for a good cry. That was all I got for running away even though I asked for more.

But any discretion was over after that. It was so embarrassing doing bare bottom corner time in front of male and female friends and even my Mum and sister. But I absolutely never regretted it, well except maybe occasionally at the time.

So I say if it is right for you then work it out for yourself.

Tammy wrote:

I got my first ever proper adult spanking on a picnic. It started as a play fight. It was fairly intense and afterwards we made out with some heavy petting. In those days you didn’t have sex unless you were serious, but a spanking was something else. I was so embarrassed but kind of excited. I had hand sized marks on my bottom for days.

Nothing happened after that. Not even when we got engaged. But I did used to fantasise about it.

Then one day we had an argument as couples do. It was bad and I knew it was my fault.

Then the day after and we still had not made up I went for a walk. There was a paddle in a hardware store window with some joke words on it: ‘Family Attitude Adjuster’ and cartoon picture of a house wife bending over.

I waited until the male assistant went out back and then asked the woman behind the counter if the paddle worked or was it just a light ornamental piece that would break.

She took me seriously and asked me what I had in mind. I don’t know why, but I told her everything and she did not blink and we tested it out on our hands and some cushions.

Taking the paddle home I told Brian I was sorry and gave it him. His mother was there, so it was a bit embarrassing, but after a quiet word she went into the front room and I went into the wash house out back.

I decided to bare my own bottom and he told me to bend over an old washer.

It was a hard spanking as he really put it to me, but it cleared the air and we agreed to use it from then on.

The words and drawing got a bit worn over the years but in 1978 I gave it to my daughter, who as far as I know had it used on her own bare bottom right up until her own daughter wed.

I don’t know if it is still used but my granddaughter still has it hanging in the den of her house. Maybe it would not happen these days, but I love to think of it polishing bare bottoms in our family for generations to come.

Cassie D wrote:

I had had affairs with women before I got married so it was not that strange that I started again after my divorce. But mainly I threw myself into my realty work. I hadn’t up until then considered myself a lesbian and just assumed I would find another guy and do the happy family thing.

Then I met Wendy. She was older than me and totally in your face. We hit it off at once after she came looking at some property I had for viewing.

We had a couple of dates and then she didn’t call for a while. She was the first woman I had missed after.

Anyway a couple of weeks later she calls me about a property she wanted to see and suggested we combine it with dinner. I was a bit huffy with her on the phone but business was business. But I did turn up late for the viewing to make a point.

She was pissed at me and bawled me out.

I didn’t keep my cool and let her have it about not calling.

“I have been out of the country, I had a sudden deal, I called you,” she said angrily.

There had been one message, but it had been a bad line and I had deleted it without really listening.

“What you need little girl is a good sound spanking on your bare bottom,” she said or something like.

I don’t know how but a moment later I was face down over her knee with my suit pants and panties at my ankles getting my butt blistered. It must have been good and red before she asked, “You want to see me again or not?”

“Can we?” I said meekly, I was crying and totally jello over her lap.

She said fine but that I had to learn my manners first. Then she reached into her purse and pulled out a hand brush. She gave me another very sound spanking and did not let up until I was a mess.

Later at dinner at her place I had to kneel on a stool, but it was the best night ever.

She didn’t buy that place but we bought another. At the viewing she spanked me again over and over for no reason other than to let me know who was boss. Between spankings I had to cool down in just about every corner in the house.

I was still there, mercifully just out of sight, when my colleague came to see how we liked it.

My bruised behind still graces some of those corners.

16 Responses to “Domestic realities”

  1. 1 bahamagirl1996

    Wow , they were awesome stories. I loved the last one .

  2. 3 paul1510

    interesting, but still I wonder. 🙂

    • 4 DJ

      What do you do wonder Paul?

      I was thinking that they might not be true (I cannot say) but these domestic stories (of which there are a lot) are more plausible than some of the other types of anecdotes I have published.

      They are certainly within my personal experience. 😉

  3. 5 profken

    Great stories. Love hearing about adult women spanked, especially when they do bare bottom corner time in front of friends or family.

  4. 7 cindy2

    I was fortunate enough to observe an encounter between two college-age girls this past Sunday in a public park in the late afternoon. The two girls, one appearing to be a bit older than the other, had finished their meal and were placing the trash is a nearby receptacle. I was sitting at a picnic table by myself not far from where they were located.

    I am not privy to all of the details of the precipitating events, but both returned to the their table facing one another. The older girl began to admonish the younger one for a failure to do what was expected of her in terms of preparing for the picnic. The younger girl apologized but was told that “You know you will be chastised on your bare bottom, don’t you?” The younger girl nodded that she understood and the older girl said that since there was a restroom nearby, she saw no reason why the chastisement should not take place there and then. She was referring to an outdoor restroom commonly found in public parks in the United States. This particular restroom had a wooden (cedar) rather than a concete block exterior.

    The younger of the two said that someone may venture into the restroom and observe her punishment, whereupon the older of the two, turning in my direction, said that is altogether possible and is no reason why the chastisement should not take place.

    The two walked slowly to the restroom. Two minutes later, I followed and saw the younger girl leaning forward, her forearms resting on the counter between two sinks, her friend lowering her shorts and then her panties, revealing her slightly open shapely bare bottom.

    I have to admit that my heart was pounding in my chest. When the older girl became aware of my presence, she turned and smiled. She whispered something to her friend and then commenced a thrashing of her bottom, first with her hand and then with a switch.

    When the chastisement was complete, the older girl approached me and informed me they will return the following Sunday.

    • 8 DJ

      That is a fascinating story – and will you go back? 🙂

      I wonder if it were a set-up? It certainly sounds like some sort of scene-play.

      I have had a couple of similar experiences but neither as good as yours.

      One I wrote about here:

      The other was while I was in Berlin when I saw two girls of college arguing in a park and that ended in an impromptu spanking.

      • 9 cindy2

        DJ, I have to believe what I observed was a scene, one in which one (or both?) of the girls desired an audience. The older girl looked in my direction when she said that the fact that someone may walk in on them is no reason why the chastisement should not take place. And the fact that she told me later that they will return the following week seemed to me to be an invitation, an invitation I will certainly take them up on unless there is some pressing reason why I cannot.

        I am going to click on the link you provided and read it. I would also, if you ever have an opportunity, be interested in hearing about the two girls of college age arguing in the park, the result of which was a spanking.

  5. 10 DJ

    Thanks Cindy – let us know what happens.

    The park spanking incident wasn’t much more than I have said. I was walking around in (I think) Berlin (it was one of those ‘it’s Tuesday so it must be Rome’ deals). The park was separated into to small little bits of semi-secluded lawns with bushes all around where people sunbathed (sometimes nude) and I chanced upon two girls sitting on a blanket arguing. One pulled the other down half across her lap and swatted her behind about a dozen times quickly. The spanked girl looked sheepish – but it was a bit more than playful. They didn’t see me and I left them some privacy straight away. It was that quick.

    Sorry not a particular interesting anecdote. 😦

    DJ 😉

    • 11 cindy2

      I’m glad you shared an anecdote which–speaking for myself–I do find interesting, DJ. By virtue of the sheepish look on the spanked girl’s face and the fact that the lawn was semi-secluded so that the chances of being observed are diminished, my guess is that what you saw may have been a type of DD in which both partners were female. This observation, along with the others, suggest that bare bottom spankings, whether for erotic purposes or for discipline, are for more prevalent than one might guess initially.

  6. 13 Bob

    Shortly after I married my father in law asked me to come over after work, he had talked to me about domeestic discipline but frankly at that time, I thought he was nuts, Anyway when I arrived at his house I noticed my mother in law seemed pretty nervous when she let me in. My father in law explained to me that he thought I should see what disciplining a wife looked like, he told me that my mother in law has just got her second speeding ticket , and she was going to get a good strapping. I wss a little shocked but didn’t say anything. He stripped her completely and gave her a pretty severe strapping and then he put her in the corner while we had coffee. I couldn’t help notice that my mother in law’s pubic hairs were completely shaved. He must have noticed me , noticing this, so he explained to me that he required her to be completely shaved as a sign of submission and obedience. A very interesting experience, this shaving thing became a rule for my own wife too, once we started DD a few months after this event.

    • 14 Mike

      Bob, I am going to choose to believe that you married very, very young. Because I think that if I choose to believe that, there’s a fighting chance that I won’t form any mental images of my own mother-in-law…Crikies!

      Seriously, I enjoy all of these stories and I think for the most part they all have a clear ring of truth. And I find that true-life experiences are pretty damn hot when it comes to ‘this thing of ours.*’ I was fascinated with spanking from a very early age, certainly earlier than I was really aware of what sexuality was, and I have always soaked up these types of memories and accounts like a sponge.

      *props to The Sopranos and Donnie Brasco.

      • 15 Bob

        I was 22 my wife was 21 when we got married. We had dated for about five years. I am 63 years old now, my wife passed away eight years ago. Both my parents and my wifes parents have passed away. The incident I relate is true, my father in law believed in corporal punishment for the ladies in the house no matter what the age. He warned me that he knew his daughter well enough to know that she would need the application of a strap on her behind or she would act out and put me through the ringer. That’s what happened for the first year of our marraige. I grew up in a home where spanking an adult women was unthinkable, so it took me a long time to finally deal with my wife’s behavior the way my father in law thought I should. In fact the very first time I spanked her was after I called my father in law is desperation , I thought he would “talk” some sense in her. He came over the night I called him and my wife waltzed in about 30 minutes after he arrived. The look on her face when she saw her dad with a strap was precious. He told her , you know what’s going to happen now, she said meekly , yes sir, i was shocked at the transition. He pulled down her pants and panties and had her step out of them, she didn’t offer any resistance. I thought he was going to spank her but he handed me the strap, it was the first time I had ever spanked her but she got a pretty severe bottom warming. After her spanking, he put her in the corner while we “had the talk’. Interstingly her whole attitude changed toward me that night for the better, not something I would had expected. Before I put her to bed I shaved her pubic area completely the way I had seen on my mother in law, Se craved intimarcy that night, that was surprising too.

  7. 16 Fae

    Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an incredibly long
    comment bbut after I clicked submit my comment didn’t
    show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyways, just wanted to say excellent blog!

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