Russian Doctor’s Spanking therapy


German PilipenkoThis article first appeared in Russian in The Siberian Times.

New method for addiction at a clinic in Russia

In the depths of Siberia, scientists claim to have discovered a revolutionary method of recovery from alcohol, dope and other addictions. Even workaholics or sex addict could be helped by the new method.

Most are shocked when they hear that the treatment applied by doctors and German Pilipenko Marina Chukhrova, includes a “wooden” rod. Just like the old masters this duo of experts, are swinging a stick across the bare bottoms of their patients.

“This is for purely medical purposes and is not some sadomasochistic game,” Ms Marina Chukhrova said in an interview.

The method appears to be based on scientific principles. The two scientists claim that the lack of endorphins, also known as the “hormone of happiness” is the main reason why their patients, most of them addicted to drugs, suffer. The two psychologists argue pain causes an increase in endorphin production.

“The controlled exposure to pain, addresses the lack of enthusiasm and interest in life, often hiding behind alcohol or dope. But that’s not all, the increase of endorphins through the pain can change the lives of people who have suicidal tendencies, depression or other psychosomatic disorders,” says Dr German Pilipenko.

This was demonstrated to journalists when young patient Natasha took 60 strokes across her bare bottom, which she does every time she meets with Dr German Pilipenko for treatment. (Pictured above)

“Every beating howl and clench of the bed is acute pain. My body is electrified by the shock and it is a really unpleasant experience. But after each session, I can see beneficial results. The pain helps me to understand the risks they expose myself,” the 22-year old Natasha told reporters.

From an early age she was addicted to drugs and hopes that this treatment will succeed where others have failed.

The revolutionary method of Pilipenko and Chukhrova, has sparked mixed reactions. Whilst some psychologists have accused them of charlatanism, there is answering testimony of the patients themselves, who declare publicly, that their pain saved their life.

The fact remains that thousands of patients from all over Russia, but also from abroad, eager to taste the painful and controversial this treatment modalities.

25 Responses to “Russian Doctor’s Spanking therapy”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Was it Dostoevsky who said about the Russian people that “they need to be whipped”?

  2. 2 George

    Do we really need siberian doctors?
    For smoking, and much else, sound DD is well known to be excellent therapy…

  3. A good caning given to a naughty woman on her bare bottom, is excellent theraphy. I highly recommend it. The dosage I would give her is a dozen strokes. If she is not cured by then. Another dozen should be applied.

  4. 4 paul1510

    we have known this for years, who needs doctors, Russian or otherwise! 🙂

  5. I heard about this some time ago and actually used it in a story. But it is fascinating. Somehow it doesn’t surprise me that it’s the Russians who “discovered” this.

  6. 6 Rick Bullard

    We always knew that spanking did some good, but if tis cure works on on addicts we will all appear to be visionaries.

  7. 7 cindy2

    I wonder if the psychologists are as willing to administer their therapy to an addict by the name of Anatoly as an addict by the name of Tatiana?

  8. 8 Mike

    Ah, the possibilities. I think this is a story that will keep on ‘giving’ for a while:

    “I’ve got to update my resume. I left off ‘trained psychologist’…”

    “Quit ‘Stalin’ and bend over- it’s time for therapy.”

    Retailers stand to save millions consolidating hairbrushes and Ping-Pong paddles into their pharmacy departments.

    A new euphemism will show up in personals-“Russian Accupuncture.”

    “Young lady, when I’m through with you you’ll think your bottom is in Chernyobol…”

    This gives new insight into that red mark on Gorbachev’s forehead…

    “You can ‘Crimea river’, young man, you’re not getting out of this…”

    On this week’s episode of ‘Moscow ER’…
    “Doctor, we’re losing her! What can we do?”
    “Hairbrush and ball-gag! Stat!”

  9. 9 Emilio

    Not looking for instant miracles, but is welcome ongoing therapy as long as needed.

  10. I read about this a few years ago. I think this might be a hoax.
    I also read of a study done in Switzerland or somewhere in Northern Europe where several college girls got paddled just before a test and their test scores went up dramatically. Again something about endorphins and increased memory etc. Wouldn’t that make finals week a lot more fun?

  11. 11 DJ

    It may be a hoax but there were several different articles from different publications in different languages – also there were men involved and not just girls.

    I just didn’t bother with the hairy arsed stuff. 🙂

    You will also be happy to learn that in a follow up article Natasha siad she had a job and was doing well. 🙂

    • 12 Mike

      I can’t speak for everyone, obviously, but thanks for skipping the ‘hairy-arsed stuff.’ Only one hairy arse I ever want to see in those circumstances, and it’s mine when I piss the wife off…

      I’m enjoying your site and I am glad I found you. I wish it had been sooner. Thanks…

  12. 13 Svetlana

    I’m not surprised. Part of my own family came from Russia, and if there’s a whipping gene, that’s definitely where I got it from. Whatever the merits of the story, the comments are great! “Moscow ER” … priceless.

    P.S.: Since Cindy mentioned the name “Tatiana”, any chance of getting that girl out of the Spankmanship dungeon soon?

    • 14 DJ

      Tatiana ordeal continues soon – but with an upcoming twist you may appreciate. 😉

    • 15 Mike

      It does seem that an awfully large proportion of harder-core CP stuff is Russian in origin. And now that I think about it, it seems incest-related porn as well. Do you have any cultural insight on why that might be?

      PS-Thanks for the giggle over ‘ER’-Mike…

    • 16 Svetlana

      No personal insights I’m afraid. From what I was told, my only Russian-born grandparent was very much one of us, but she died shortly after I was born. Sadly, I have no direct contacts to distant relatives in Russia and don’t even speak the language.

      Generally speaking, Russians seem to have a better sense than most of the nobility of suffering. Karl Gauss already quoted Dostoevsky, and even the wiki article on the Russian soul gives a glimpse. That’s not about discipline and submission, of course. It might be fertile ground for appreciating it, but that doesn’t really help much with Mike’s question about hardcore CP and porn. (Actually, I don’t think I saw a Russian one, but I usually prefer written CP fiction over videos anyway.)

      Thanks, DJ, for not forgetting Tatiana in the basement. Now I’m curious about that twist.

    • 17 Praganjac

      Hah…I volonteer to perform the therapy instead of this doctor 🙂

  13. 18 cindy2

    Following up on Mike’s June 4, 2013 comment:

    Unreformed Party member: “Young lady, those are quite lovely Marx on your bottom.”

    Marx: “From each according to his ability to swing the strap, to each according to her need to atone.”

    • 19 DJ

      Is that what they mean by party discipline?

      Must be the origins of a three line whip. 😉

    • 20 Mike

      Bend over and grab your Engels!

  14. 21 cindy2

    DJ, that must indeed be the origin. The UK has the three line whip and I suspect at one time items were underlined three times to get the MP’s attention to vote the party line. In the US, each party has its own whip to enforce party discipline. I don’t know if a real whip is used if the human whip fails.

  15. 22 Mike

    “In Soviet Russia, ass beat YOU…”

  16. 23 Peter

    I am from India. I am a former chain smoker. About 5 years, i came across a therapist who was a qualified physician and was also a holistic counselor. She claimed that she will cure me of my smoking addiction within a month provided I submit to her healing methods without questioning or objection. The first session she gave me a big lecture about the ill effects of smoking. The second session too it was the same lecture and in the end i was told that if I don’t quit smoking now then i will be dealt in a very strict manner in the third session. The third session was something which i never expected. I was tied to a door frame and given 40 lashes with a thick leather belt
    Altogether i must have received at least 120 lashes and after 4 or 5 session i completely quit smoking.

  17. Yes, Russia has always felt that corporal punishment for naughty women is good for them. Especially an implement called a knout. And used it many times on the naked rear ends of their women folk

  18. There is no doubt this therapy works where normal drug addiction therapy fails. Facing true consequences for repeated drug abuse not only releases the endorphins needed for happiness, but also helps the addict realize he or she determine the outcome by their own actions. Usually by the fourth or fifth session the addict will begin responding to the painful consequence. It is a shame this therapy is not more wisely employed because the results are undisputed. The addict will wean themself off the drug usage in exchange for a shorter session.

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