Spanked College Girls

college girls spanked

Picture courtesy of Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment

These were found on EP and were published as true accounts. One or two of these don’t entirely ring true though, but as usual you can decide. I know some you appreciate this sort of thing and some of the accounts that follow are better than others.

Jenny wrote:

Even when we were in college Mom was a big one for making me and my sisters stand in the corner after she’d spanked our bottoms. She was an over the knee spanker and her usual weapon of choice was her hairbrush. Most spankings were given in our own bedrooms or in hers but sometimes downstairs as well. Regardless of the location we’d be made to stand in the corner for a period of time afterwards. Usually this would be for five minutes but sometimes it was “Until I tell you you can come out.” If it was in my room or hers it was not too horrible but to be made to stand like that in the kitchen or living room and have my sisters or my Dad see me like that was humiliating in the extreme.

She would spank us bare bottom and then say “Get up and go stand in the corner…keep your panties down and think about what you’ve done to get yourself in this position. You are to keep your hands at your sides. You are not to move or to rub your bottom or you’ll find yourself back over my knee for more understood? Now move!”

We would stand there sniffling and sobbing and Mom would either watch us or else check back every minute or so and we wouldn’t dare try to rub our butts for fear she’d make good on her promise to give additional spanks.

When the sentence was over we were told to pull up our pants and that we could go. We would have to apologize to Mom first for whatever we did (or hadn’t done) and were forgiven but warned that we’d get the exact same thing again if we did not heed her words.

Nem wrote:

I’m 21 and I’m still spanked by mom, by my older sister and my boyfriend.

I am in the same college as my boyfriend and he spanks me since the 1st year in college, because I was almost was thrown out. He knew that I’m spanked by mom, once he witnessed one spanking, but he didn’t know the way of it till he told mom that he spanked me, and he also told her why (sometimes he is too honest).

Then mom explained him how my punishments are delivered. First of all spankings are given on the bare at any place even if in public and if we are in private I must bare myself for the spanking and then I have to kneel in the corner my hands behind my back. I can’t rub or even touch my bottom because if I do so the punishment starts again.

Once at 18 after she learned that I was and will be spanked by my boyfriend I asked mom if she doesn’t think that I’m too old for spankings but her answer solved all my questions. She said that she knows that at 18 legally I am an adult, but if I behave myself like a child I am treated like a child. She also added that she would spank me even at 30 or 40 or 50 if I won’t change my comportment, and I won’t become a “responsible adult.” She also said that she don’t mind if I’m spanked by my boyfriend.

Patsy wrote:

Even when I was home from college I knew as soon as my name was changed to Patricia from Patsy, or my whole named used I was in trouble. I was made to stand in the corner not only after having my bare bottom smacked but before as well.

I know we have talked a lot about the discipline itself, but one thing that I would love to hear your feelings on is what we feel after it is all over. I always have found this to be a very personal and introspective time. Quite frankly, if I was in the corner I really wasn’t feeling much of anything outside of the throbbing in my butt and trying to get myself composed again. If I really felt anything, it was pity for myself and in some senses a real relief, both physical and mental, that it was all over.

When I finally was able to get back to my room the first thing I always did was check the “damage” to my backside. I had a full length mirror on the back of my door and I would bend over and look at my bruised backside in the mirror. I always wanted to rub some cream or something on it, but I knew that I would get in big trouble for that. My sister once put sunburn cream on her backside and when my mother smelled it she scrubbed it off with a bath brush and gave her second spanking on her already sore and wet bottom.

Generally, I would lie on my bed on my tummy with my head buried in my pillow, occasionally sobbing. I would go through a period of hating my mother for spanking me. I mean, how could she so totally bruise my backside if she loved me? Doesn’t she know that it hurts (and hurts like heck)! As my bottom throbbed, I would then start to remember her lecture. When I was standing there half naked, all I really heard from her was blah blah blah, and I would be thinking to myself, “God woman, can’t you just spank me and get it over with?”

But when I was back in my room, I would remember everything that she said and think about it. And basically over a period of time, I would come to the realisation that she was right. If I would have just done what she said or whatever, I wouldn’t be in the position of laying on my bed on my tummy with deep red butt sticking up in the air would I? That would most likely start me sobbing again because I was so stupid to get into trouble in the first place and I would go through a period of really feeling sorry for myself.

At some point I would fall asleep. I found my discipline to be mentally and physically draining. When I woke up I would check my backside again, as if some miracle had occurred to make it all go away, but I usually would have a sore backside for about a day or perhaps a little longer and would have some bruising for about a week.

One thing I have to give my mother credit for is that after it was all over she really tried to make sure I got back on track. I was terrible at getting my assignments in on time and that would result in swats at school and the hairbrush when I got home. But after I survived it all, she would make me sit down and make a schedule of what I needed to do and when I needed to do it and she would monitor it for a while. The problem was that when she left me off to my own for a while, I would drift back into delaying things end up with a sore backside again. Anyway, don’t know if any of this makes sense, but wanted to give it a try.

Carol1940 wrote:

I am surprised that still goes on. My college days date back to 1960 when we still had to write home at least once a week and show our reports to our parents. In those days we were even spanked by our housemothers.

I was once spanked by my housemother for leaving the dorm without my gloves. She always spanked over the knee on our bare bottoms with a hairbrush until we hollered for shame. On that occasion I had to stand in the corner so long that I missed my date anyway, and all over a pair of gloves.

Another time I was out past curfew with a boy and got my behind blistered so hard that I couldn’t sit down for days.

When my mother asked me if I had been spanked that semester I didn’t lie, but I only told her about the gloves.

“Yes and I bet you sassed her as well,” was my mother’s verdict.

She spanked me cross-eyed but the worst part was being sent to the corner with my behind hanging in the breeze at 20-years-old. My sister came home from high school and told the world. I was teased for years after.

Then mom saw the report letter that didn’t mention the gloves but did say I had been with boys after curfew.

My mother spanked me long, long and hard after washing my mouth out with soap and little sister saw it all. Worst still when my father found out I got an excruciating lecture about my reputation until I was so ashamed that I practically asked for another good whaling form him.

The ‘woodshed’ was more of a lean-to out back and I am sure half the neighbourhood heard us. Not that I cared at the time, five minutes of dad’s belt and I was one sorry girl I can tell you.

I was also grounded for a month with corner time and chores for most of the first week.

That wasn’t my last spanking, it wasn’t even my last spanking that vacation, but I guess you get the picture. But I do agree the firm hand did me no harm in the end and my dad was right about my reputation.

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  1. I can’t speak for the story but the woman giving the spanking in that picture is Star Chandler and the spankee is Virginia Lewis. I also recognize the fireplace, that’s a Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment photo.

    • 2 DJ

      Thanks for the heads up Tony

    • 3 Sammy Scott

      Well in the UK, we go to university.

      I was spanked just the once, thank goodness. I was 19 and my boyfriend at the time dared me to ruin through a lecture topless. I’d been doing some “glamour modelling” at the time so knew I had a good figure. Unfortunately, I got suspended and mum went mad when I got home. You see, her and dad had been funding my university education (law degree).

      My mother didn’t appreciate my “couldn’t care less attitude” or my backchat. Dragging me by my ear upstairs, she threw me across her knee and proceeded to spank me over my jeans. Not appreciating my choice of swear-words I soon found my jeans pulled down. Swiftly followed by my knickers (panties). To be given the most humiliating bare-bottom spanking. With my boy-friend downstairs in earshot!!

      • 4 DJ

        It hasn’t seemed to put you off spanking given your presence here.

        Are you now a thoroughly spanked lawyer? 😉

  2. 5 Retired Professor

    Assuming all of the women are from the United States, two legislative initiatives separate Carol from Jenny, Nem, and Patsy. One was the crescendoing of federal equal rights legislation in the mid-1960s. Although the women’s rights movement would stall with defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment, it had a profound effect on how parents disciplined their older daughters. Then, in 1974, Congress passed the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act or FERPA.

    Prior to FERPA, many colleges treated students as if they were still in high school. College administrations apprised parents of anything that might adversely affect their son’s or daughter;s academic progress. As Carol points out, parents could freely access grades. In some instances, grades were sent to the parents!

    Both my wife and I attended college prior to FERPA. At the time, the university my wife attended was just beginning to make the transition from the old to new paradigm. Meanwhile, her parents, both of whom graduated from universities in the 1940’s, continued to live by the old standards. Consequently, for the first couple of years in college, my wife had to live by very different rules when she came home for vacation and holidays than she did on campus. Shortly after we began dating, I witnessed an incident between my wife and her mother in which it became obvious that my wife either was or still could be spanked by one or both of her parents.

    The exchange between my wife and her mother subsequently prompted my wife and I to have a very frank and personal discussion about spanking. More accurately, since I hadn’t been spanked in over a decade, we talked about spanking women.

    Unlike Jenny’s boyfriend, I never discussed spanking her daughter with my mother-in-law before proceeding to pick up where my wife’s father left off. Instead, during a post-date discussion, my wife informed her mother that her boyfriend had spanked her. According to my wife, the news didn’t seem to come as any great surprise. Later, my mother-in-law privately told me that she had no objections to her daughter receiving disciplinary paddlings so long as they were deserved, administered discreetly, and didn’t leave bruises.

    While I was never aware of an instance of administrative paddling at the college level when my wife and I were in school, my wife said that when she applied, the campus was still strictly segregated by gender. Coeds had to sign in and out of dorms. They were also forbidden to leave the campus alone. She may have been in the first group of coed freshman not subject to those restrictions. While I am sure there were sanctions for violations, I have no reason to believe that paddling was involved.

    Nevertheless, the unofficial rules were very different for male and female students. Those expectations extended to interpersonal relationships. While my wife and I were still dating, we happened upon a young woman giving her boyfriend a piece of her mind. He listened until it became obvious that the young woman’s idea of a discussion was she talked and he listened. The young woman’s monologue ended abruptly when she found herself bent over and spanked.

    After getting over the initial shock of being publicly spanked, she blurted, “THAT HURT!” as she rubbed her bottom. The young man calmly replied, “It was supposed to.” After that, the two behaved like any other college couple. My wife gave me an approving smile. No one else seemed to take any notice. It was as if nothing untoward had happened. Then, for reasons stated above, the rules of the game changed.

    The first time a coed confessed to me that she was going to get spanked when she got home, I had much the same reaction as Carol. Although initially “surprised that it still goes on,” the more I heard, the more it made sense.

    Back when FERPA was passed, a coed could go to state supported university for about $2,000 a year. Grants covered over three quarters of college costs in those days. Just a few years later, tuition was outpacing inflation. Interest bearing loans began replacing grants. College was no longer the freebie that it had been just a generation earlier. When tuition is added to the cost of room, meals, books, and fees, the cost of a college degree can rival the price of a house! Failing to get a degree does not make the accumulated costs go away. All the while, much as it had been in the 1960s, women needed to have a college degree more than did their male counterparts.

    Going to college has become a business proposition. Parents have to fill out Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA to determine eligibility for financial assistance. Since they don’t offer academic scholarships, top tier schools also require a College Scholarship Service Profile or CSS PROFILE. There is also the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act or SAFRA. Although restrictions have been eased, using drugs still can abruptly end a coed’s academic career!

    Truth be told, parents with daughters in college have few disciplinary options for daughters in college or planning to go to college. My wife and I found out from firsthand experience long before our daughters were in high school that supposed alternatives such as grounding were impractical. As I recall, the last time we used grounding was either in late elementary or intermediate/middle school! Even then, we found it less workable and effective than paddling. Other parents have come to the same conclusion.

    Based on my observations, the anti-spanking propagandists and spanked coeds are not reading from the same sheet of music. Although no coed with whom I discussed the issue ever relished the thought, neither did I find any harboring resentment. Most seem to share Patsy’s sentiment that they just want to get it over with.

    In closing, Carol’s suspecting that “half the neighbourhood heard” her getting her hide tanned by her father brought back memories. Before heat pumps and duo pane windows became de rigueur in suburbia, I heard the girl about three doors down from where my parents yowling in pain. Although I found out what she had done, there was no doubt then or now that she was getting her butt beat!

    • 6 DJ

      Hi RP,

      thank you for a full a frank insight into this subject. Your exposition on your youth tends to validate Carol’s account and lends some credence to the other accounts, although I still have my doubts about one of them, but they are all good stories so maybe it doesn’t matter.

      Also I had to smile about your mother-in-law’s innocence concerning you motives. 😉

      • 7 Retired Professor

        I would not describe my mother-in-law as naive. At a time when relatively few women went to college and stay-at-home moms were the norm, she not only was a university graduate, she also ran the family business and was civic-minded. More than anything, in a era when marriage was expected and spanking was considered to be a family affair, I think my mother-in-law was practical.

        Contrary to tales told on the internet,from a parent’s perspective spanking an older daughter has more in common with mowing the grass than it does with a romp in the hay. While, as one mother phrased it, there is a certain amount of satisfaction to be derived from blistering a badly behaved young lady’s bare behind, most of the time it is simply another chore. Likewise, as another mother pointed out, it is one of the most disagreeable tasks moms face. That may have been one reason why Patsy’s mom couldn’t “just spank…and get it over with.” In fact, Patsy’s reminiscence is quite similar to what another mother said about having to stand naked in front of her own mother for a long winded lecture before getting bruised with a hairbrush.

        Another reason why paddling older daughters can be difficult for moms is that they are sometimes guilty of the same offenses for which their daughters are being disciplined or punished. I found this out when my wife frankly admitted to one of our daughters before a paddling her for something my wife was also guilty of doing, “I’ve got one of these coming too.” While the confession didn’t make things any easier for our daughter, I think she appreciated her mother’s honesty at the time. The revelation probably didn’t come as any great shock because our daughters knew their mother sometimes also got her bare bottom paddled.

        While I have no doubts that there are embellishments in the narratives told by the women, there is a kernel of truth in each.

        Jenny’s account is quite typical. Although sometimes not practical, my wife told me that, even if no one else is around, having to stand in the corner with a red bottom as a big girl makes paddling much more effective.

        Patsy isn’t the first young woman I’ve heard admit to lying on her bed with a bruised bottom and thinking things over after a good hard spanking from her mom.

        Nem isn’t the only girl to get spanked with her mother’s approval by a boyfriend. Several years ago, a couple told me their relationship began after the then teenaged wife talked back to her overindulgent mother. After realizing that the mother wasn’t going to do anything, the husband said asked for permission to spank the daughter. The wife said she was shocked when her mother granted her husband’s request. Despite her objections, the wife said this boy she barely knew at the time pulled her pants down, put her over his knee, and soundly spanked her in front of her mother!

        While I cannot address the the housemother spanking episodes, I knew a retired housemother. I know that they acted as serrogate moms. However, their primary role in that regard seems to have been as counselors rather than disciplinarians. That said, Carol isn’t the only coed to have asked one of her parents for a spanking just so she could get rid of her guilt.

      • 8 gin

        My mother rarely hesitated to spank over things she disapproved of, her doing it when she was my age made no difference.

        • 9 Retired Professor

          Before moms spank, they need to answer one question: It this about me feeling better or is this really what my daughter needs to become a better person? Sometimes, in the heat of battle, moms confuse the motivations. One reason may be, as some moms are quite aware, there can be a good deal of satisfaction after having given an older daughter a thoroughly deserved spanking.

    • 10 gin

      It seems more a difference in attitude. I’m viewing this as an immigrant from a country where spanking older girls and young women is the norm.

      • 11 Retired Professor

        Thank you. That’s really the point of my most recent post. Attitudes toward disciplining older daughters varies widely. At the same time, as anyone familiar with social science research knows, pollees often tell poll takers what the former thinks the latter wants to hear rather than what they actually think or do.

      • 12 gin

        To Retired Professor
        Does the same happen to some boys?

        • 13 Retired Professor

          This is one those things that I know happens. I’ve just never personally known a boy past his early teens to get routinely spanked. In American society, spanking older daughters is mostly a mother-daughter affair.

          The primary reason for not spanking older boys is linked to testosterone. After the onset of puberty, young men tend to react to spanking much as they might a physical attack. I’ve heard experienced mothers say that, while they spanked their daughters even when their girls were in college, they stopped spanking their sons at the time of or shortly after the onset of puberty. Nor is this anything new. It was going on when I was growing up. My parents stopped spanking me at the first sign of pubic hair. Although I knew some my more rambunctious peers to get paddled by coaches in what these days is called intermediate or middle school in the United States, I never heard of it happening by the time we reached high school. Nor did I ever hear it mentioned during my time in the college classroom.

          On the other hand, despite their verbal protests, young women tend to accept spanking as legitimate discipline. They are more likely than young men to incorporate the lesson their mothers intend to teach. As one young woman described it, “The worst part is getting past that stuff at the beginning. After that, what you do comes naturally and you feel better.”

          Although never my original intent, one of the things I wound up doing during counseling sessions was getting coeds struggling with guilt, behavioral challenges, or an inability to concentrate to at least initiate an adult-like dialogue with their mothers about the possibility of spanking. In the process, I discovered that every coed to whom I suggested the idea seemed to appreciate a professor willing to at least be honest with them instead of always being politically correct. The fact that I had extensive experience with daughters also helped.

          Young men, on the other hand, seemed be looking for practical advice from a surrogate father figure. Girls were seldom the subject. Instead, they looked for advice on things like how to approach another professor, handle a speeding ticket, or resolve a particular dilemma. These conversations were far less personal and intimate. In far too many instances, as with coeds, they’d never really had a father with whom they freely discuss anything, and get advice without judgmental overtones.

  3. 14 DJ

    Thanks RP

    I didn’t say your Mother-in-law was naive nor was I making any general comment about her personality only “I had to smile about your mother-in-law’s innocence concerning you [spanking] motives.”

    You said your daughters knew you spanked your wife – certainly unusual – Did you also imply that your wife was spanked by her own mother after she was married?

    • 15 Retired Professor

      Naive is a synomyn for innocent in Americanized English. It was in that context that I used the alternative word.

      As I found out when I asked my wife’s parents for permission to marry their daughter, they had strongly suspected from the beginning of our relationship that we were going to get married. In particular, my mother-in-law seemed to sense that her daughter really had fallen in love. At that point, our relationship was going to sink or swim on its own.

      Along with being informed that her daughter was getting spanked, my mother-in-law also found out we were having sex. Then, as now, it was not uncommon for couples to have prenuptial copulation. The primary difference between then and now was that, because first marriages occurred when couples were in their very early 20s, premarital sex was typically limited to one’s future spouse.

      While it was something she would NEVER admit publicly, and although the disapproved of bruising, my mother-in-law privately believed there were times when wives needed to have their backsides blistered by their husbands. Based on a few things my wife said when we were dating, I suspect my father-in-law, a firm believer in bending the fairer sex over to straighten them out, knew his daughter needed to be spanked. Thus, as long as we were headed to the alter, they weren’t going to interfere. Besides, by the time we started dating, their daughter was only home for the equivalent of maybe a month during the whole year.

      To answer your questions:

      1. Neither of my wife’s parents spanked her after we married. Our marriage was a classic case of transferring control of the bride from her father to her husband.

      2, It was never our intent for our daughters to find out that their mother also got spanked. However, family life being what it is, I spanked my wife with a belt one night during a difficult time in our marriage. The rather severe disciplining resulted in bruising of the upper back of her thighs as well as her bottom. A day or two later, our youngest caught a glimpse of the damage and, in child-like innocence, reportedly asked, “What’d you do, Mommy?” Although thoroughly embarrassed, but not wishing to teach our daughter to lie, my wife said she told the truth. She’s misbehaved and Daddy had given her the spanking of her life!

      Once the cat was out of the bag, we had a family discussion with our daughters. Fortunantly for us, explaining spanking turned out to be much like giving age appropriate sex talks. For one thing, the girls understood spanking. The upside of the whole affair was twofold. First, everyone agreed what they heard or saw in the house stayed in the house. Second, the girls learned they weren’t going to get too old for a spanking anytime soon.

      These days, given the proliferation of information, I wonder whether it is even possible for parents to maintain childhood ignorance. Even in my youth, no matter how hard they tried, parents couldn’t always hide these things.

      • 16 DJ

        The present of offspring is a challenge for all kinds of adult activity is a challenge and leads to questions as they get older.

        Thanks for sharing.

        • 17 Retired Professor

          It doesn’t have to even be offspring of the pint-sized version to present a problem. Several months after my wife and I were married, we dropped by to see her parents. Since they never locked their doors in those days, my wife announced our presence and walked in. Not finding anyone at home, she suggested we go to a spare bedroom, where we spent the night when visiting her parents, for a quickie on top of the sheets. We’d done it before. In fact, because of it’s secluded location, I’d once taken my wife in there about a month after we were married and privately disciplined her with an old-fashioned switching on her bottom and thighs.

          Only when my wife opened the bedroom door this time, we discovered her parents had apparently had the same idea that particular Sunday afternoon. There they were. A middle aged couple without a stitch of clothes going at it in the missionary position like a couple of teenagers in the backseat. After beating a hasty retreat, we waited her parents’ living room.

          Several minutes passed before her father appeared with a big smile on his face. Sometime later, her mother joined him trying to pretend as if nothing had happened. Later, my wife said that it made her feel good knowing that her parents still did it after all their years together.

  4. 18 cindy2

    Some of the accounts require a suspension of disbelief, but for the purpose of intellectual discourse, which of course is the reason many of us are here (including myself), I am more than willing to make that accommodation.

    The account I would most like to believe is true is that by Nem, the 21 year old college student who is spanked by her mother, older sister, and boyfriend.

    The observation of Nem’s spanking by her mother, bare bottom thrust high over mother’s knee, must no doubt have given Nem’s boyfriend an insight into his girlfriend’s home life and the love her mother has for her.

    His willingness to begin to administer disciplinary spankings to Nem’s bare bottom after her continuing matriculation at university was at risk demonstrates his concern for her future.

    His willingness to reveal to Nem’s mother that he administers corporal punishment reveals that that he is willing to risk incurring the woman’s wrath in order to demonstrate that he cares enough about the young lady to take her in hand when her performance falls below a threshold level.

    Nem’s mother’s description to Nem’s boyfriend of the ritual she uses to discipline her daughter is touching:

    … all spankings are given on the bare at any place even if in public and if we are in private [Nem] must bare [herself] for the spanking and then [she has] to kneel in the corner [on her] hands behind [her] back. [She] can’t rub or even touch [her] bottom because if [she does] so the punishment starts again.

    Upon hearing this description, Nem’s boyfriend knows what the script cindy handed him requires him to say in this farce, but he is so turned on by the ritual, he runs off and masturbates.

    • 19 Retired Professor

      Much like Europe, from which many families in the United States originated, the United States is actually quite diverse in attitudes toward spanking. Although somewhat oversimplified, the differences can be illustrated by what is sometimes called the blue state red state divide in politics.

      Whereas blue states tend to be more liberal and intellectual, red states are usually more old-fashioned in their attitudes. Not surprisingly, spanking is more acceptable in red states than it is in blue states. In Montana, for example, there has to be “substantial skin bruising” to be considered abuse. Oklahoma law expressly permits “spanking, switching, or paddling.”

      South Carolina law specifically exempts parents from its abuse statues. Meanwhile, next door in the sometimes blue and sometimes red state North Carolina, bruising may or may not be considered evidence of abuse.

      At the other end of the spectrum, given the ambiguity of the state’s legal code, just yelling at one’s child in Massachusetts could conceivably get a parent locked up since it could cause mental anguish!

      Although by no means an exact science, I found that coeds from red states or conservative families were more likely to be spanked by their parents than those from more liberal blue state-like traditions. Our daughters went to universities in strong blue states.

      Attitudes also change over time. Back when I was growing up, every kid I knew got spanked. A lot of the time it was with something other than a parent’s hand. One of my wife’s more vivid childhood memories was the explicit explanation that accompanied her mother’s purchase of a particular hairbrush!

      When my wife and I were growing up, something like 90 or 95 percent of the American public believed that children sometimes needed a “good hard spanking” to make them behave. Consistent with the beliefs of the day the warden-like female principal of the elementary school that I attended kept an old red enema hose in her desk drawer! Although I personally never knew any kid to get beat with it, the menacing implement was there nevertheless.

      Today, as evidenced by current laws, attitudes toward spanking are highly variable. According to public opinion polling, although still relatively strong, support for a ‘good hard spanking” is declining in the United States. Paddling was forbidden in blue state schools decades ago.

      Given the above, while “some…accounts [of spanking may] require a suspension of disbelief” for those with a different set of experiences, they may seem more reasonable for someone from a similar background.

      • 20 gin

        A Salon story wrote about the economics of spanking. How poorer people have alternatives to spanking. I’m wondering if spanking has become more acceptable with this economic downturn.

        • 21 Retired Professor

          In addition to acceptable, I would suggest that it is also more widely practiced. A big reason is cost. Fir example, counseling is a common upscale alternative to spanking. If the family budget is tight, a difficult older daughter might get to see her toes instead of seeing the shrink.

    • 22 gin

      Cindy, you’re asked not to believe these are true events. But, that doesn’t mean something similar doesn’t happen in real life.
      “This blog is intended for adults only. Spanking and other sexual activities represented here are intended for adults. Nothing here should be interpreted as advocating any non-consensual spanking activity or the spanking of minors.

      All characters appearing in short stories on this blog are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

      This blog aims to explore themes of erotic discipline, female submission and spanking. It features stories, anecdotes and observations by DJB and others. “

      • 23 DJ

        Hi Gin thanks for that reminder of the aims and limitations of this blog.

        Cindy you are right to be cautious of taking this (or anything here at face value) I too have my doubts about some of the accounts and I have no way of validating them. They are published here for entertainment and discussion purposes.

        I wasn’t entirely sure where you were coming from though as your tone seemed to change a little half way through 🙂

        RP – I think western society is struggling with CP in particular and spanking in all forms in general – the spanking of adult daughters and others is as fascinating as it is incongruous.

        The laws and arrangements you discuss are largely irrelevant when talking about consenting adults – but does perhaps suggest varying degrees of acceptance beyond the erotic.

        • 24 Retired Professor

          Although admittedly irrelevant to the spanking of legally emancipated daughters, the two-tiered governmental system of the United States nevertheless facilitates the use of state laws to illustrate the diversity of attitudes toward spanking around the nation.

          It is also worth pointing out that opposition to spanking in Western Civilization exists because spanking remains an effective form of discipline with females long after it becomes counterproductive with males. This biological fact of life threatens to negate attempts to legislate sexual equality. Thus, spanking must be banished if equality is to be established. In the end, that’s why opposition to spanking in the United States tends to statistically cluster around college educated white women and their sphere of influence.

      • 25 gin

        Retired Prof, what was your field of studies?

        • 26 Retired Professor

          Although not my original intent, I wound up with degrees in the arenas of art, natural science, and behavioral/social science. The latter constituted my primary field of study as well as my instructional resume. This diversity allowed me to show students how knowledge fits together.

  5. 27 cindy2

    My first sentence in the reply above:

    Some of the accounts require a suspension of disbelief, but for the purpose of intellectual discourse, which of course is the reason many of us are here, including myself), I am more than willing to make that accommodation.

    was written tongue in cheek, as was much of my reply and was intended as farce. As DJ suggests, my tone does change. My intent was to initially take an approach which would have placed smiles on people’s faces (I apparently failed), followed by the the last sentence which was designed as the denouement, to dispense with the farce and to recognize the true erotic nature of the topic.

    • 28 gin

      It’s not all sexual by any means.

      • 29 Retired Professor

        An undercurrent of Freudian influence makes it difficult for many individuals to grasp the non-erotic aspect of disciplinary spanking. The Sexual Revolution as well as a proliferation of anti-spanking research and internet porn sites also contributes to the perception that spanking is always sexual.

  6. 30 DJ

    I am absolutely certain that not all spanking is sexual – especially when it comes to domestic spanking as discussed above.

    But I do contend that by a large margin the overwhelming interest for those coming to this blog is erotic. 😉

    • 31 Retired Professor

      While I agree with both assessments, I think it is easier to see the non-erotic aspects of spanking if one has been a parent or grew up in a environment with minimal Freudian influences.

  7. It is student move in time here in my little college town. The Wal-Mart in town is filled this time of years with parents buying chairs, clothes, food, snacks, toys, refridgerators, pillows etc. for their little darlings starting or continuing their lives as a collegiate. It’s always fun to wonder which of them are going to be taken back to the motel or dorm for one last and memorable trip over mom’s knees

  8. 38 DJ

    Strange thing here – comments coming out of turn?

    As OHM says the pledge season is upon us – there is an article on this at Well Red over at LSF

  9. These fetish stories are way beyond belief. At least TRY to make them
    more realistic, way more erotic that way.

    Happy spanking to all.

    • 40 DJ

      I don’t try to make them anything Ron – as the post says they were found in various places and published with the a caution. Do take them with a large piece of salt.

      But they are what they are – take them or leave them.

      the stuff I make up is far more outlandish and unbelievable 😉

      Thanks for your comment. 🙂

    • What’s realistic?

  10. I just woke up from a dream where three college girls came onto the street one teary and blushing, hands on bottom, the middle crying, moaning and clearly rubbing her butt, the third stoic but distressed. The middle one bent down in pain and said “At THIS college?!”
    I would just like to point out that I have prophetic dreams.

  11. 44 spanko54

    As someone who goes to EP all the time, I can tell you that is a fantasy site, not one that is true.

    • 45 DJ

      You may be right – but I am not sure how you can tell absolutely for sure in all cases. But many of the accounts do sound fanciful don’t they?

      • 46 spanko54

        I used to talk to people on EP, and spent a good amount of time, on it, so I figured it out, but you are right. You never know who is who on the internet, so I can’t be absolutely sure. It is just that the spankings have much too much of a sexual element in them to be real. My two cents.

      • What is EP?

      • Duh. I can be a real dummy sometimes.

  12. 50 spanko54

    If it’s consensual, then it’s fine.

  13. 51 rick

    some girls need a spanking to get there act together . and act the way they should

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