Weekly Round-Up


batman-spanking-catwoman  lita spanked cinderella spankedI know I am late with this but I have been trogging around streets and running for trains to business meetings; and this on top of a busy weekend.

Before we kick off, did you notice that Cutiepie seems to have gone? This is somewhat worrying since it is the first instance I know of where WordPress have taken down a spanking bog without warning. [update – still not sure what happened – but it is now back with a restart and restored to links on the right]

Bonnie has another list of new blogs to soften this blow and Rollin has a free story to download.

Season and Michael who are celebrating Batman’s Birthday, there are plenty of Batman spanking pictures there.

Beauty and the Birch have a cute clip from the perils of getting caught by the Dean

Stan has a French cartoon feature on the spanking version of Cinderella. Ironically it is probably nearer to the original than the Disney version.

If you want more news then Cherry Red has an even bigger round-up.

4 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. 1 Vlad

    You may have hit a glitch with Cutiepie’s site since I just loaded it from a US mobile network.

  2. It would be very discerning if they did remove it. I explicitly choose wordpress for my blog because of their more open policy with regards to content.

  3. 3 Quai Franklin

    Thank you for these updates and finds. I’ve missed coming to your blog lately and it’s a great welcome back 🙂

  4. 4 DJ

    Thanks Vlad but as OTKip said it would interesting to know if that was caused by an external issue.

    Quai – thanks it is useful and good to know that this is more than a filler. 🙂

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