Spanking and the art of Zen or a word from the Wise


Zen and spankingThe history of Rachel the Wise’s in her own words. Reality, fantasy or just philosophy…?

I have reached the grand old age of 38 and I now realise that I need spanking. I want spanking and it is a power for good in the universe. I don’t say I like spanking, but without it my life would be less. Spanking is my Zen.

Now I know it is sexual thing, but it goes beyond that and once I realised that I was not constrained by the views of others, I felt liberated.

I did not discover spanking in a real sense until I was about 20. I think in those days I was a bit of a brat and gave just about everybody who knew me hell.

I was in my last year at university when I went with a boyfriend to meet his family. I don’t think they liked me too much and they certainly must have heard the arguments. I admit now, and for the record, that I was the unreasonable one.

With hindsight I think I just wanted my boyfriend to stand up to me, maybe even deep in my psyche I wanted to be spanked. Is that possible? Could I have wanted that before I had even thought or heard about such things?

We all went out. Me, my boyfriend, his older brother and some of the kids they used to hang with. I say kids, because although I was the youngest, I know now that’s what we were.

We went out on motorbikes to a roadside hang out, mostly for tea and coffee, but some of them drifted off to the woods to smoke something illegal. I had just had a blazing row (again) with the boyfriend and he had gone with them leaving me with his brother.

“You are such an evil little shit, you know that,” he told me.

I let him have it too; or tried to.

“Do you know what?” he said, “What you really need is a bloody good spanking.”

A bell went off in my head (well maybe). Something happened anyway. We just looked at each other and I blushed because some of the people at the snack stand must have heard him.

Then he took me by the arm and led me (only half resisting) into the woods and sat down on a fallen tree trunk. The spanking came in short hard blasts to the seat of my cut-off jeans and I was determined not to yell. I didn’t make it.

Then I just called out over and over that I was sorry. And I was.

He might have said, “Not as sorry as you think.” Or something like that.

My shorts came down then and he spanked my bare bottom until I was a surrendered heap. I didn’t cry until afterwards.

It didn’t happen again and I soon parted company with the boyfriend, but the die, as they say, was cast.

A few months later I bigged it up with a biker in a pub; I had a thing for bikers then (and since) following my encounter.

“Go away little girl,” he said, “I blister bottoms of little brats like you.”

I dared him.

That night I was naked face down on a bed with a pillow under my hips while biker man quite literally blistered my bottom with a heavy leather belt until I begged. That night I learned all about fellatio and buggery. (Not necessarily in that order).

I was hooked on him for a while and he taught me so much. I once spilled coffee on his bike and he made me lick it off in front of his mates. Then he spanked me so that they could watch. Abusive? Maybe. But although I hated it, I also totally dug it in those days and who am I kidding, part of me would totally dig it now if I am honest.

Somehow I kept one foot in reality and I got a job in London and drifted away from him. That’s where I learned that sex and spanking is complicated and not necessarily about the sex.

I had a landlady who lived in the flat downstairs. I don’t know how she sussed me. But one night after a drink she went all maternal and I ended up getting a bare bottom spanking over her knee with a hairbrush. It hurt and I bawled like a kid well before she was done.

That was the first time I was put in the corner. I had never felt so humble.

For three years she was a kind of mentor for me. I was like a daughter in a strict household. If I came in late, saw a boy she didn’t like or crossed her in any way I was grounded, spanked and put in the corner. She even introduced me to the cane which I genuinely feared.

Sometimes she even kept me naked below the waist when I was grounded so that some of her friends (and mine) saw me. Bare-bottom corner time while a gay man and two middle-aged women played bridge with my landlady is an experience. And it happened more than once.

At 27 I met Mark.

He was party to some of my humiliation of those days, but had the wisdom to see that I needed it.

The first time he spanked me I knew I was in love and within a year I moved in with him and found other corners to stand in.

For the last 10 years we have explored every form of bottom-centric punishment there is and it is always most satisfying when he finds a method I hate and genuinely fear. It makes me better behaved if at times unable to sit down.

Our close friends know and one or two of them even split on me sometimes (for my own good). And although we are mostly private I have been in the corner with friends present and I still die from embarrassment as I should.

I composed this while in the corner for two hours. I am still grounded and later I will be spanked.

How do I feel? Nervous, (there are butterflies), but know that I am happy. Get over it. Although, hopefully I never will.

13 Responses to “Spanking and the art of Zen or a word from the Wise”

  1. 1 paul1510

    I suspect that this story could be true.
    Certainly with respect to the Biking fraternity.

  2. 2 cindy2

    There is a ring of truth to some of the story but it matters not to me whether the story is reality, fantasy, or philosophy. What matters is that the story is well written and is evocative–and moreover, the image so perfectly complements the story.

    Her knowledge that she needs to be humiliated despite the fact that the embarrassment nearly kills her when she is humiliated in the presence of her friends demonstrates wisdom for someone so young despite the fact that her interest in spanking did not surface in a meaninful sense until she was twenty. The reference to her introduction to fellatio and buggery in the same night–but not necessarily in that order–raises an interesting thought if it is not too extreme.

    I loved this story.

    • 3 Mike

      Yeah, I liked it quite a bit myself.

      As far as youthful awareness, I knew I was a spanko before I really knew what sex and sexuality were all about.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      • 4 cindy2

        Mike, in reference to the second paragraph of your comment, I experienced an inexplicable interest in being spanked well before knowing anything about the birds and the bees. Of course, everyone is different, and Rachel was a late bloomer in this respect..

  3. 5 Corinne

    I love reading stories about others journey to meet their spanking needs. This was very well written & very intriguing.

    • 6 Mike

      I would love to tell you my experiences and I would love to hear yours…but I’m a little leery of going public right now. If you would like to chat off-site lemme know…

  4. 7 Peter jameson

    Rachel is certainly wise and knows exactly what she needs – good, glad to hear it!

  5. 8 Mike

    Thanks for sharing your story, Rachel.

    I sure wish I had found this website a few years ago. My thanks to our host…

  6. 9 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Quite the testament, Rachel! To me it reads as authentic and deeply moving, if paradoxical — but only in the way that all our interest in spanking seems paradoxical. Damien, might we have a few words from you on the provenance of this document?

  7. 10 cindy2

    I’m curious about something and maybe the guys can help me. Guys, when you look at the picture above of the bottom of the woman with her jeans partially down, what do you think about and what do you focus on in the picture?

    • 11 Karl Friedrich Gauss

      Cindy, in answer to your question, my eye is drawn to the chain, as a discordant element in the picture. I note the chain is drawn taut, and I find myself wondering where the other end of it is attached. You asked.

      • 12 cindy2

        My first inclination, Karl, is that the other end is attached to a ring–a ring in flesh. If the ring is placed where I believe it is placed, pulling on the chain will be more than uncomfortable. I ask myself whether she is pulling on the chain because she wants to or because someone else is requesting her to.

  8. 13 DJ

    Well that certainly struck a chord.

    It has been sitting as a text file in my ‘archive’ for a while now.

    fact, fiction or philosophy? Can’t we settle for philosophical faction 😉

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