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Our story began here. Mary Granger picked a piece of fluff from the floor and then as if it were something far more odious, she carried it between finger and thumb to the bin where she discarded it. Perhaps she felt in some way that this find was the precursor to an all-out assault on […]

The Russell Corner is a 70,000-odd word novel that was first published in 2009. All things considered it has sold rather well for a micro-publication and I know many of you bought and I am gratified by that. Generally the book was well-received and many of those those used to my narrative style have said […]



The cake had failed to rise and sat in all its concave glory upon the kitchen worktop. “It’s all his fault,” she said with a pout as she sat in the bay window seat staring at the culinary disaster accusingly as if it was him. As she sat cross-legged on the floral embroidered cushions, she […]

Here a few more images from TipTopper’s collection. Take note of the last one; no idea what it means but it sounds like a goer for a holiday. Maybe the Jedi will embrace it.

Weekly Round-up


Easter seems to be more about chocolate than spankings, although we can all look forward to this year’s crop of pictures from Central European featuring their spanking customs. Here are this week’s offerings. The pictures are from: All Things Spanking, Devlin O’Neil and Spanking Starlets. If ypu want more then there are some great pervertables […]