Sorority Spanking


sorority spankingHere is a little anecdote that I pulled off the Experience Project; an account by Day Doc who reports on the spanking of a sorority pledge back in the 1970s.

He writes:

This is a true story that happened in the late 70’s. In my first year of college I had a girlfriend that I’d been dating for several months. I was in fraternity and she was in a sorority.

We had a large party the night before with about 200 people there and of course a band and lots of booze. I remembered late during the party a young girl getting up on the stage while the band was playing and she slipped her dress off and was only wearing bikini panties now.

She danced for several songs before someone got her off the stage. I don’t think any of us minded the show as a lot of our parties got pretty wild. The next afternoon I was sitting in girlfriend’s apartment with her and her roommate (Pam).

I heard a knock on the door and saw Pam get up and let two girls in. The three girls were all sorority sisters and the fourth I didn’t recognize at first but she was one of their pledges.

She (the girl) apologised for her behaviour the night before; then I realized she was the one dancing on the stage.

I said, “That’s okay, nobody minded”.

Pam said yes they did mind.

The girl apologised again seemed sincere, but Pam said, “I don’t think you are sorry enough yet,” and then looked at the third girl and my girlfriend. With that she got up and left the room quickly returning her sorority paddle in hand.

This paddle was about 18″ long, 4″ wide and 1” thick. It was nicely finished and varnished. Meanwhile the pledge was sitting in an arm chair and I saw her eyes get wide as she saw the paddle.

Pam walked up to her and told her to stand up. By now I was trying my best to conceal a huge hard-on. Pam told the girl to turn around and put her hands on armrests of the chair. She did this.

She was wearing sweat pants and top at the time. The other girl got up and walked over behind her. My girlfriend and I were still sitting on the loveseat about four feet away and behind the pledge, at an angle. Without saying a word the girl who just walked reached her thumbs into the side waistband of the sweats and quickly pulled them and her panties down to her ankles.

She had a small firm pale behind that was quite nice. The pledge didn’t move and the sight was making my cock strain against my jeans. Pam stood the pledges side and placed the paddle against her bare bottom rubbing it back and forth slowly.

Then see pulled the paddle way back and swung it as hard as she could. It hit the pledges ass so hard I saw them flatten and spring back. The smack was so loud it almost sounded like a gunshot.

The pledge let out a loud ouch and Pam told her to keep quiet and stay in that position, before she followed with a second and third lick taking maybe 30 seconds between licks. Each time the pledges hair flew back and see let out an ‘oh’ or something like that.

After the third lick Pam stood back and the pledge stood up and rubbed her already red bottom. Then Pam handed the paddle to the other girl and told the pledge to bend back over, which she did and the third girl stood beside her, swung the paddle back then let it fly to the girls backside.

This sounded even louder than Pam’s licks so I knew it was hitting her harder. With the girls next lick the pledge stood straight up grabbing her bottom and yelled out.

“Okay,” the third girl said, “Now we start over, bend back down.”

The pledge looked back at the girl and I could see the pain in her face and could tell she was sobbing quietly with tears running down her cheeks.

By now I was seriously afraid I would cum in my pants at any moment and tried not to move for that reason.

The third girl proceeded to give the pledge three very hard licks. Each time the paddle hit her bottom her hair would fly back and she would let out a muffled sound. Then my girlfriend stood up and walked over and took the paddle.

The pledge was standing up again rubbing her extremely red bottom. She looked back at my girlfriend and said, “Please.”

My girlfriend told her to spread her legs as wide as she could (she still had the sweat pants around her ankles) and she did spreading her feet about shoulder wide or wider. She told the pledge step back three big steps and she did. Then my girlfriend told her to grab her ankles and keep her legs straight.

The pledge grabbed her ankles which stuck her butt way out and gave me a clear right at her pussy.

My girlfriend then drew back and swung. When the paddle hit it knocked the girl over and she fell on the floor.

“Get up and back into position,” my girlfriend said.

The girl did giving me a great look at the front of her trimmed little brown bush. With the second lick the girl fell to her hands and knees. My girlfriend said, “Put your head down on the floor and spread your legs.”

After the third lick the girl jumped but was told to get back down. Then the third girl told her to take her pants and panties all the way off. They told her to go stand in the corner which she did. By now her bottom was bruising up and as she stood there it got worse.

The girls continued to talk for a while and the pledge had stopped crying after about 30 minutes but was still standing there. Then the third girl said, “okay put your pants back on we need to go.”

They all left and as the pledge walked past me she looked at me her was about as red as her butt had been, but from embarrassment. Just as they left Pam said she was going to go lie down in her room for a bit and hurried away.

I took my girlfriend to her room and we were naked in heartbeat and screwed our eyes out for about an hour.

Afterward she said “you really liked watching that girl get paddled didn’t you?”

I said I did and that it was a great turn-on.

She just said, “hmm, let me think about this for a while.”

7 Responses to “Sorority Spanking”

  1. 1 Retired Professor

    While I don’t know to what sorority the young woman in the story belonged, I do recognize the panhelenic inscription on the paddle in the photo as belonging to Kappa Alpha Theta. It is the oldest Greek-letter coed fraternity in the United States with chapters in the nation’s most prestigious schools.

    Dates on the paddle suggest the photo was made in the days before kinder-gentler induction procedures became de rigueur. The dates also suggest the inductee was probably among the first post-war Baby Boomers. Furthermore, the pose suggests that her bottom was not a complete stranger to paddling.

  2. 2 DJ

    Thanks RP – you may a lot about this – what is your take on sorority spanking?

    The paddle pic is not connected to the story and is used for illustration purposes. It may even be just a magazine shoot – although it is undoubtedly a real paddle.

    • 3 Retired Professor

      Over the years, a lot of sorority sisters took classes that I taught. They tended to work hard and play hard. As with may fraternal orders, conformity is paramount. According to one of our daughters, biomass was the big thing in sororities a few decades ago. Before it was all over, the girls knew everything about each other.

      It is also important to remember that, on some campuses, there are a significant number of lesbian relationships. Moreover, for many young women these days, girl-girl relationships are more important than more traditional marriage. Although seldom mentioned, there can be a disciplinary component to these transient relationships.

      At the same time, having never been a member, I don’t claim to know any more than anyone else about sorority paddling. Still, having grown up in a era in which paddling was an acceptable form of discipline, I suspect paddlings in sororities were simply an extension of what was going on in the broader society. In many ways, sorority paddlings probably mimicked typical mother-daughter relationships of the era. As with fraternity paddlings in the 1950s, some of which could be so severe that initiates had trouble walking the next day, they were also a rite of passage – a way of saying one passed the test and belonged.

  3. 4 cindy2

    I think the sorority is Pi Mu Beta, which incoming co-eds who are spankos understand to mean “Paddle My Bottom,” and do it in front of others if possible.

    • 5 Retired Professor

      That’s funny because Beta Phi Mu is for librarians.

  4. A subject near and dear to my heart as you know. I’ve written enough stories about it. A great account by the writer—could have been true but just as likely a fantasy piece. Paddling was on the way out by the mid 60’s, at least in the major institutions with national Greek organizations. That’s not to say that rough justice was not sometimes dispensed “under the radar.”

    • 7 Retired Professor

      Paddling was on it’s way out everywhere by the mid-1960s because a red behind proved incredibly effective in controlling female behavior. That was a bete noire to the concept of equality between the sexes. Thus, even female-female paddling had to go.

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