Something Random


otk otk woodshed otk !  Sam bundle05There was a very nice email from a reader called Sam wondering if since TipTopper contributed some very good vintage stuff would we be interested in any from his collection taken mainly from ‘party pics’ and 1970s and early 1980s magazines?

There were some very eclectic images, some purporting to be ‘real spankings’, and very few of them had I seen before. I have decided to keep a couple back and frankly for various reasons, such as unhappy candid’s with faces etc, some are probably unpublishable at this time.

Here is a random selection with thanks to Sam for your delectation and entertainment.

The top one looks like one sent by TipTopper and the other drawing is probably a variation on a Benson. But we also have a stylised and stylish magazine OTK pose, a ‘realistic’ woodshed shot and finally a movie screenshot from a film I don’t know.

Incidentally the last picture was dubbed ‘real.’ No disrespect, but I doubt it, but then who knows, the nuns look real enough.

4 Responses to “Something Random”

  1. 1 Retired Professor

    Simply photoshop the candid faces. One traditional technique is to draw a black line across the eyes. Another would be to put a translucent oval over the face.

    I suspect that, given:

    – the rather casual attitude toward spanking females that existed prior to the mid-1960s and

    – the popularity of subminiature* cameras in the post-war era,

    there were a lot domestic spankings photographed. As life moved on, these were forgotten. In time, the “family photos” wound up in boxes sold at estate auctions, etc.

    * In age when 4X5-inch cameras were the standard in professional photography, 2 1/4 X 2 1/4-inch negatives were considered miniature. 35mm and similar “amateur” film sizes fell into the subminiature category. Although technically a subminiature, still smaller formats, such as that found in the Minox, were often labeled spy cameras.

  2. The last photo is from Nu-West.
    I also encourage you to crop and post all the photos. Why should you have ALL the fun?

  3. 3 DJ

    Thanks One Hand 🙂

    As for the pictures RP and OHM – there are not so many and the faces and expressions (where that is the issue) is the only thing of interest is the face.

    One or two will appear here in another post.

    RP you are right – there must be loads of pictures that are forgotten – the ‘candid’ in the woodshed maybe one of these. It is impossible to know.

    • 4 Retired Professor

      While I suspect some of spanking photos were made by mothers to remind a certain daughter of “what can happen” if she didn’t behave herself, it is most likely that most were taken by younger brothers or relatives.

      Kids are doing much the same thing now. Only the technology has changed. In time, some of these video camera and IC recording may make it into the public domain.

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