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Crimson & Black


It is with regret that I announce that demise of the companion Tumblr, Crimson & Black. I have no idea why this blog was destroyed and I can get no communication on the matter. I have no reason to believe there was any malicious intervention and it may simply have been a server crash somewhere. […]

Here are three more cartoons supplied by TipTopper. I sometimes wonder if anyone cared about the supposed humour in these back in the day. It was just any excuse to print a spanking picture.

Our story began here. Sylvia had no idea what was happening to her. Each morning she would wake up and consider how crazy her whole situation was. She tried to tell herself that she had lost control and had no choice, but it was a lie. She had made a choice the day she had […]

Weekly Round-Up


I was too busy to do much blog-wise this last week so I haven’t much time to read around. The picture above on Season and Michael last Monday caught my eye though.

It has been such a busy week and I would like to take the opportunity to thank all those people who have made inquiries about certain series and when they may be continued. It is gratifying that so many people care. No series has been abandoned and many will continue here soon.

Our story began here. Sylvia awoke the next morning desperately trying to resent all that had happened. In fact, in a long lazy life she could not recall ever quite working so hard at anything before. The truth was however, not only was she no longer bored, but recent events had left strangely excited about […]