Mirror, mirror… who is the fairest…?


nude in mirror nude in mirrorJoan Craford caught in scantiesHere a couple of vintage pictures that make the most of mirrors to enhance the shot.

The advantages of such pictures, especially in a spanking context, are obvious.

It also makes me think of a comment once made on a spanking forum.

A young lady hated being spanked in public at parties, which is to say she loved hating it. But she couldn’t decide if she minded people seeing her bottom etc most or whether it was trying to avoid people’s eyes.

The mirror can be used to ensure that this is not a dilemma, but not in a way that provides comfort to the young lady in question.

One wonders why the girl in the second picture needs so many mirrors positioned just so for looking at her bottom.

By the way, the last picture is of a very young Joan Crawford who was not unknown in spanking scandals. I hated her as a child; she always seemed so cross and superior. One of my earliest spanking memories was hoping she would get spanked I think.

She did in fact get not one, but two spankings, in the movie ‘Forsaking All Others,’ as you can catch up on in this earlier post.

One Response to “Mirror, mirror… who is the fairest…?”

  1. 1 markiee

    My wife from time to time would turn me around after a spanking and show me my hiney in our mirror saying ” mirror mirror on the wall who has the reddest most spanked hiney of us all”?

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