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OTK spanking OTK spanking OTK spanking

These images courtesy of TipTopper.

The first has western cowboy woodshed feel. Contrast it to the playful nature of the second and the moderate ambiguous thrid picture.

9 Responses to “More TipTop images”

  1. These beautiful spanking drawings of three females being corporally punished ‘over the knee’ style by their master’s is a delight to see. Each of these erring women, were spanked on their bare bottoms, by their master’s

  2. 2 Sammy Scott

    I imagine if I was around then…I’d be in that position often…

  3. 5 Retired Professor

    If that’s a newspaper in the second image, I’m surprised the female isn’t smiling. All a rolled up newspaper does is make a lot of noise when it comes down.

    On the other hand, the first image suggests a literal trip to the woodshed! While I have no firsthand experiences, I have been told by several sources, both on the giving and receiving end of things, that it was the best place for fathers to take older daughters for an old-fashioned wearing out because the relative privacy all but insured that even overprotective mothers were less likely to interfere with the proceedings.

    • 6 DJ

      That’s a good take RP – I wonder how much the woodshed really featured as opposed to the bedroom.

      In the UK the wash house provided much the same role.

      • 7 Retired Professor

        In the United States, moving discipline from the woodshed to the bedroom seemed to have accompanied both urbanization and electrification. In other words, a woodshed was no longer needed for heating or cooking. Yet, woodsheds are still to be found in many remote areas where firewood is the heat of choice.

        Urbanization and commercialization also seems to have influenced the choice of implements to be used in disciplining. In more rural environs, switches were common. Along with marketing of hairbrushes as convenient paddles, a lack of suitable vegetation for making switches, greater population densities, and the pressure to not leave lingering evidence of disciplining contributed to the increased use of flat high-sting objects such as thin paddles or hairbrushes on older daughters.

        Based on both personal experience, as well as conversations with both parents and daughters, the role of the parents seems to determine where the discipline is administered. If only one parent decides the time has come, the spanking is more likely to be given in a bedroom or similar private chamber. On the other hand, if both parents are involved, the disciplining is more likely to be carried out in a family room, living room, or den. That said, I am aware of instances in which both parents took a difficult daughter to a bedroom and made her bend bare bottom over a bed so her father took a belt or paddle to her bare behind as her mother watched approvingly.

        • 8 Sammy Scott

          Hi Professor, that should have happened to me. Being punished in front of my mum and siblings would have certainly taught me a lesson.

        • 9 Retired Professor

          While I firmly believe that there are times when an older daughter benefits from being spanked on her bare bottom by her father in front of her mother, I draw the line with siblings as witnesses. There is a subtle but important difference between embarrassment and humiliation. Although the former is a natural component of disciplining, the latter can prove detrimental.

          Most parents with whom I have spoken try to spank older daughters as privately as possible. In my experience this tend to promote cooperation.

          Still, sometimes family circumstances limit privacy. Because my wife’s parents had careers along with several children, disciplining was usually carried out during the evenings. According to my wife, the most embarrassing part of being spanked as an older daughter under these circumstances was knowing that, even though her parents closed door, anyone in the house not only heard every pop on her bare behind, but also the toll the cumulative effect took on her composure. There was simply no way to hide the fact that, for all her big girl pretenses going in, she could not hide the fact that she’d been spanked when she came out.

          When I was in high school, my next door neighbor grew up in similar circumstances. She said much the the same thing after discovering that girls were still getting spanked when boys the same age weren’t. According to her, just having to get spanked at her age was bad enough. Even if the spanking was administered privately, being told in front her siblings that she was going to get one only made it worse.

          Among the most effective instance where psychological distress was used to curb an older daughter’s willful behavior occurred when high school senior through she was smart enough get around being grounded.

          Realizing that her daughter had sneaked out of the house one Friday night, the mother waited with hairbrush in hand in the girl’s room. Of course, when the teen climbed back into her darken bedroom and shut the window, she was confronted by her mother. Thereafter, she was soundly spanked.

          Leaving the teen to reflect on the consequences of her misbehavior, the mother went to her own bedroom. Saturday morning, she got up and fixed breakfast for her children as usual. Afterwards, she took the older daughter into a her bedroom – which adjoined the kitchen. There, with the rest of her children on the other side of the closed bedroom door, the mother administered a second spanking to her teen’s still sore bottom.

          Even though the mother only used her hand this time, her oldest daughter begged her mother to not spank her, pleaded with her mother too not take down her pants, promised to be good, and cried like a little girl even before the spanking started. The mother said that it was one of the best things she ever did because it was months later before she had to spank any of her children.

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