Real life spanking and other allegations


otk real spankingotk spankingThe only thing more irritating than the highly implausible ‘as the youngest of seven daughters I was spanked every night’ story on all of those forums; is the swamp of cynics who often ad nuseum say this has never and could never happen. There is nothing wrong with a good story and let people make up their own minds I say.

Found these on the Life Forum and Experience Project. You can make up your own mind. The second story sounds a little off maybe…

The first two were taken together.

Mrs GJK wrote:

During the war all the male apprentices like my brother went into the services and my older sisters found themselves offered factory work. They had a rough old time of it, but neither of my elder sisters would say much about it.

Then shortly after the war, despite the men coming back I had my chance.

[some factory life anecdotes edited here]

If ever we did get in to trouble we had to go into the foreman’s office and bend over for half-a-dozen or so with a priming rod. This was about three foot long and made of thin aluminium. It stung like anything, even through the seat of our overalls, but I can’t say we didn’t deserve it.

When I told my sister we sometimes got whacked on our overalls she said ‘I should be so lucky,’ as they got it bare bummed in the war. I begged her to tell more but she wouldn’t.

After a round of sympathy and doubters by turns Julie T had this to say.

I can believe what your sister told you. I got a spanking on the bare from my employer.

I went to work in a scrapyard in 1977.

My friend got me the job with her uncle and another girl. Both were younger than me and a little wild. Her uncle, who was my boss, always threatened the younger two with a good hiding when they messed about, but it was just something to say, or so I thought.

One day they started a scrap fight. That is chucking bits and bobs around and breaking old car windows. I didn’t usually get involved but on this one day I threw a bit of old spanner and it went through a windscreen just as the boss came into the yard.

He asked who had started it and they both owned up.

I was gobsmacked when he had them over his lap, knickers down for a spanking on the bare bottom. They yelled a lot and had really red bums.

Then he turned to me and said, “Come on, your turn.”

I could have died, but I just went numb and let him grab me. I was more embarrassed than hurt at first but pretty soon I didn’t care who saw or heard as I was yelling my head off.

That was the only time for me, but the younger girls got it loads more times.

This last comment is more commonplace and was included in the theme about embarrassing moments; a rich source if you want to look out for this kind of thing.

Kelly wrote:

My most embarrassing moment was when I started a play fight with my boyfriend and he got my knickers down. He was spanking away and really going for it until I didn’t know whether to giggle or cry.

Then we both realised his parents had come back with the shopping and we standing there not knowing where to look.

Had this one for some time but it was really too short to use.

So fact or fiction, you can make up your own mind. After Memories of Hong Kong I am not sure I can always tell.

12 Responses to “Real life spanking and other allegations”

  1. I love that pics. Great era when even grown-up daughters went over Dad’s knee for a bare bum spanking !

  2. I love that pics, Great era when even grown-up daughters went over dad’s knee for a bare bum spanking.

  3. Grown-up daughters in my neighborhood welcome to experience that event again 😉 .

  4. 4 George

    If so, they could write me the plain truth:

    • 5 DJ

      They are not here George – these mature ladies can be found at the forum’s mentioned although some of these comments came from the archive.

  5. DJ, I think you may be referring to my forum in part as we always have some great detective to point out some trivial flaw in their stories. True, some of the ‘true accounts’ are so outlandish that I simply delete them. Most, however could be entirely true are at least embellished. I’m not the most experienced person, but I’ve seen enough to know that fact is stranger than fiction. Unless it’s just completely obvious or that ID had multiple posts under multiple names I prefer to give them the benefit of the doubt. True or fabricated it’s still good reading and get’s the juices flowing.

    P.S.: We haven’t heard from Keri in a while and we do hope to. She has been a great contributor and we thank you for sending her our way.

    • 7 DJ

      Well yours is certainly worth a look for those who like such accounts.

      But I was actually referring to the two forums mentioned in this post.

      Sometimes a girl is more current and I have lifted material from their in the past but such borrowings are not always welcome.

      Thanks OHM 🙂

  6. Yes, during the war years, and even after, Many a naughty office or female factory worker, was corporal punished. It was either a good spanking on their bare bottoms, or being fired. The only reason you do not here of these happenings, is because the naughty females, were to embarrassed, by the shame and humiliation that they were subjected to.

  7. Can I ask for a link to the life forum? I have searched and searched on Google, but can’t seem to find it. Thank you.

    • 10 DJ


      but this link seems to be dead at the moment – I seem to remember that this happened once before when the forum changed servers.

      In any case the copy I had was from a while ago and I had just saved it.

      The other mentioned was

      and a lot of stuff comes from femFirst which is hard to access as it is password protected and all links fail for some reason.

      The only way in is via Google which somehow by passes the front door.

      That is the way with a lot of these forums the Experience Project can be tricky like this too.

      One of the reasons I don’t provide links.

      Another being that that posts seemed to expire or move relative to where they were if you follow.

      I have to say that these forums are vanilla and this stuff is buried beneath a lot of off topic posts from our point of view and often down right dross.

      I usually just stumble on these things via Google or Netscape.

      I hope that helps – good luck


  8. Yes, the World War 11 war years, saw many an office staffed with women, because the men were away fighting. If these office working females, misbehaved, they were subject by their employer to be corporally punished. So up went their dress, or skirt, down came their knicker’s and a cane was applied to their naked derriere’s. And rightly so.

  9. 12 Ryan Versaw

    These voices come from your child and never from the corner. you sound as if you still must be spanked to remind you of the best of your life. Bare your bottom for me for you are naughty. Bare your bottom and get over my knee.

    Tell me that you love me for I am man.

    I will come to you. A spanking could raise your pride and I have much to teach you

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