Weekly Round-up


corner time OTK Spanking carla Strange Loves of AliceRichard Windsor Iowa teachersAfter last week’s pathetic effort with this feature I hope this week is more interesting.

At the time of writing this I have a busy weekend ahead and already there is plenty to find in Spankville. But maybe it is a case of getting it while it is hot.

Last week I reported on the mysterious demise of Crimson & Black only to find that the sometimes brilliant Yeowch! has decided to dramatically reduce the number of pictures it publishes and move all its graphic content over to Yeowch2 in attempt to fend off easily frit blog hosts.

Talk about not letting the bastards grind you down. In this vein My Bottom Smarts has a whole new list of spanking blogs, so dear reader, do not despair.

Talking of new blogs, last week I discovered the rather fun Very Hard Spankings, which has been added to my blogroll. Back in February it posted on music videos with spankings in them and it has one such that I have not seen depicting an unusual method of percussion.

Also added to the blogroll is Spank Bryan. In the past several candid shots and other real life images have inadvertently ended up here via Tumblr so why not go to the source.

Cherry Red has all the industry news for those who take an interest in the nuts and bolts and celebrities in Spankville and don’t forget that on Friday Chross published a more comprehensive list of the doings of the blogosphere.

Richard Windsor has been having fun and has also had a very good run of sorority and theatre pictures lately, one of which is republished above (although he doesn’t always like this) without edits or embellishments. It is the last picture of the Iowa School Teachers Sorority from 1954.

Chicago Spanking, the comic book blog, had the very unusual for its time bare-bottomed spanking from 1954. Apparently there will be more on this, it reports, so check it out.

The other pictures were taken from: Aunt Carla, About Spankings and a 1001 Spanking Fantasies.

4 Responses to “Weekly Round-up”

  1. 1 Ian.

    Thanks for your nice comment about my blog YEOWCH. I shall try to be more than sometimes brilliant now that I know the Google monster is walking abroad looking for unsuspecting bloggers to eat.

  2. nice pic (1)

  3. It’s not that I don’t like it at all. Practically anything that I have is up for grabs, which is just as well really 🙂 The only issue that I have had is the sheer amount of hard work that I have put in (and the finances involved) and all I look for is a bit of common courtesy, as you have given me here and I thank you.

    Honestly, it wouldn’t even cross my mind if there was a small amount of spank blogging etiquette around the spanking world. I think all 52 of my unique finds (that’s just the classics and the sorority pics) have been shared elsewhere and have helped to build websites, yet the acknowledgement is probably less than 5% that I supplied the material. Perhaps it is now 6% with your kind link here 🙂

    To be honest I gave up thinking that there would be some respect, but you have restored my faith a bit so I thank you. And yes, the one area that does bother me is when pics are altered to ensure that I don’t get credit, but live and let live, there are far more important things to worry about.

    It doesn’t mean that I won’t pass along important historical information on pics that have dubious descriptions, but that is for the good of us all I think.

    Thanks again for the link back, much appreciated.

  4. Hi – I hope you don’t mind me letting you know here about my new picture blog, I’ve just started so not much content yet, but I aim to post every day from now on. Everyone welcome!


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