Memories of Hong Kong


Sister Mary and lady students 1930 Hong KongThis was found on a vanilla site dealing with 20th century social history. It was included in a general section from the 1930s entitled Memories of Hong Kong. It was captioned ‘Remember Sister Mary from our seminary days.’

It was rather amateur blog with random old photographs and no provenance, so make of it what you will.

Update: This is almost certainly from a Japanese spanking site. Thanks Patron and Chross.

12 Responses to “Memories of Hong Kong”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    The halftone screening on the picture would indicate it had been printed in a book or periodical of some sort. The photo does look authentic, not like it had been mocked up to satisfy anyone’s purient interest. All of which raises some interesting questions about where whoever published it was coming from, motivationally speaking.

  2. The picture is a poor fake
    Girl to the right is wearing tights (pantyhose), not invented until 1960s. Her companion has lace top stockings (circa 1980s onwards)
    Paddles were unknown in HK and the interior furnishings are inauthentic for the period.
    Any idea of the website source?

    • 4 a.watcher

      I agree : the underwear is all wrong.

    • 5 DJ

      You could easily be correct in some regards – I meant to scrutinise other material on the site and left the browser open over night – however my PC decided to do an automatic update and rebooted itself šŸ˜¦

      But – The furnishings are consistent with Art Deco in the 1930s and in England women’s colleges have been known to use a ‘bat’ for punishment going back to at least the Edwardian era. As for the underwear – I wouldn’t know – although is it clear enough to be certain either way? That it is lace and/or could that be knickers pulled down over stocking tops.

      In any case it was provocative enough to republish and is rather fun I thought.

  3. 6 Mark

    “Paddles were unknown in HK”

    That is interesting. What was “known in HK?” Was it British, or Chinese, or both in its approach to spanking?

    • 7 DJ

      HK was British at this time and the paddle (in the form of a bat) was not unknown.

  4. I think this is a pic from cutiespankee with some filters over it.

  5. 9 DJ

    You refer to the Japanese website – maybe – do you recognise the pic?

    There were no other spanking pictures and no fuss was made of this one suggesting it was a fake that the compiler of the site was not responsible.

    If I find the website again I will see how genuine it might be. It was a rather clumsily assembled amateur site of the type an older person might do for a memoir.

  6. Patron is right.

    See here:

    Top row, second from left.
    Just compare the painting hanging on the wall to the one in the modified picture.


    • 11 DJ

      Its very small – but juxtaposition with what looks like the same lamp I have to say that it looks like it is 99% certain that it is the source.

      Thanks Chross.

      Now I am very keen to find that site again as I wonder why this crept in. Was the whole blog a fake or did some guy post it in good faith or as an illustration of what went on?

  7. 12 susie

    Sort of reminds me of a time in high school.

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