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Weekly Round-up


Predictably St Valentine’s Day cropped up on many blogs last week. To avoid repetition of a theme I singled out Cherry Red’s contribution (picture top) to represent them all. Sticking with the cartoon theme instead, the other picture contributions were taken from Devlin O’Neil and the Spanking Blog. Richard Windsor had a rather good sorority […]

The Kilahara Library of Spanking Fiction has launched a new publishing venture. The Library is an online repository of over 20,000 spanking stories all offered free. Now some of the featured authors and some entirely new authors are contributing new works, as an Edwardian bookseller may have put it, to the discerning customer. To mark […]

Our story began here. In the days that followed Daphne was studiously polite whenever she met Gordon on the stairs. In fact the only sign that anything had transpired at all were the amused looks that Megan batted back and forth between Daphne and him; a sure sign that she had overheard everything. Usually a […]



At a party once someone said the boundary between spankos and BDSM was marked out in chains. I am sure it is more complicated than that, but it is a good a definition as any. Now I am not adverse to a bit of bondage, but it is not at the top of my list […]

Our story began here. Jeanie was first to breakfast the next morning and asides from a casual wince as she eased herself onto the dining room table; there was not the least hint of the previous night’s ‘discussion.’ “Good morning Mr Beauchamp,” she said brightly as Gordon entered the room. He didn’t comment on the […]

Gordon Beauchamp looked out at the clear blue sky and frowned. He hated the peaceful clean scene. He hated the myriad shades of green that formed the trees that framed the town in the valley. The pretty crafted Cotswold stone buildings where his family had lived for centuries looked deceptively permanent. He hated it because […]

OTK, if somehow you didn’t know, means over the knee, as in the pictures above. For many it is the favourite position for a spanking and it is one that separates the so-called spankos from the generality of BDSM. In movies past and present, it was harnessed for its comic impact, either serving as an […]

Weekly Round-up


This week’s round-up comes as both Old and New England once again are plunged into winter with the return of the white stuff. So hopefully this week’s offerings will bring some cheer. First-up, the top picture is from Au Fils des Jours, which is celebrating its 7th Anniversary. So congratulations to Stan. The second picture […]

Another period contribution from TipTopper. Where did he go, I wonder?