Weekly Round-up


al fresco corner timeassume the position1950s otkThe first picture above is of a rather public corner time and it was taken from Aunt Carla.

The comic strip was one that Stan found and finally a shameless plug for Crimson and Black in the shape of this vintage otk spanking picture.

While we are on the subject of shameless plugs, (No not that sort sort – what a mind you have), there is a review of The Russell Corner on a new blog called the Red Bottomed Harlot,

For more pictures and other finds, Bonnie had another list of new blogs last Monday over at My Bottom Smarts.

Yesterday Chross had a movie clip of a rather lengthy Chinese paddle scene. A bit brutal for some, but a good find nonetheless.

Finally it is worth mentioning that the LAM and after party on this coming Sunday.

2 Responses to “Weekly Round-up”

  1. I love the top photo of the naughty woman standing in the corner sent to stand in the corner to contemplate her naughtines, that she has just been spanked for. Notice the red bottom, and the suspender-belt and stockings that she is wearing, which makes the corporal punishment scene, more sexually erotic.

  2. 2 painful

    I like the fact that her elbows are so close to her body, possibly reflecting the fact that her hands are up and grasping her opposing upper arms. It is possible she is cold, but I’d prefer to think this is not the case. She does look like she has been naughty and being outside, realizes she is in an exposed and vulnerable position so others have the potential to see her. All around, quite a lovely picture.

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