bondage and spankingAt a party once someone said the boundary between spankos and BDSM was marked out in chains.

I am sure it is more complicated than that, but it is a good a definition as any. Now I am not adverse to a bit of bondage, but it is not at the top of my list – unlike the girl above who seems to be rather greedy with three pairs of handcuffs.

In my book the true submissive (one might argue) will stand in the corner because she has been told to and not because she is chained. It is the inherent consent in the act of submission that has an eroticism of its own.

However, many spankos will experiment in this direction; especially the submissives in a spanking relationship. I think this is because the deep trust it requires.

Rope play can be dangerous and it should be pursued with great care.

Hand cuffs are safer, but if you use real ones, don’t lose the key. Being naked in the bath when the fire service comes to extract a toe form the tap is one thing. Locksmiths could dine out for years extracting Petra out of a pair or two of cuffs.

The real challenge, especially of one is the wrong side of 30 (let alone 40) is that the posture above is extremely hard on the back. So maybe a course of yoga is desirable first.

Now before we leave this (one might say slightly off-topic) thought for the day – there is one more option. Gentlemen what do you do with those old ties of yours. Do you send them to Neck-tie heaven (or as it is known in the trade: Oxfam)? Well they do have other uses. And ladies, if you don’t want a serious spanking for taking his favourite tie for certain play, then consider the charity shop for all your bondage needs.

Or just buy some gear online.

3 Responses to “Petra-in-chains”

  1. 1 cindy

    I definitely agree that the willingness to submit means no cuffs, et al. are necessary. The submissive should be a participant in her own humiliation and punishment. Yet at the same time, there is something inherently erotic about the pic above or someone whose wrists and ankles are secured to a whipping bench, as long as it is implicitly understood that she is in that position voluntarily. cindy

  2. I haven’t explored bondage enough to see its true charm. A lady friend who is a true connoisseur has explained to me that both the process of being tied and then untied make the whole experience. When tied and untied by a true master one shouldn’t be able to tell when one is fully tied from when the process of untying has begun. To me though, the true magic lies in being bound by his will and commanded by subtle, mostly wordless gestures.

  3. 3 Tiptopper

    For years one of the things that I find curious is the BDSM people sort of look down on spanking as being too mild but BDSM is mostly about pretense. The submissive rarely suffers any real pain, not nearly as much as a spankee. The BDSM top swings punishment instruments around but rarely are they used with any force. Or they love those lightweight floggers that can barely make the skin pink.

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