Girls just want to have fun


Magazine drawing from 1960sAnother period contribution from TipTopper. Where did he go, I wonder?

4 Responses to “Girls just want to have fun”

  1. Yeah, why is he peeking through the door… Interesting?

    TipTopper, have a little story to go along with this pic from your wonderful imagination?


  2. 2 cindy

    TipTopper, a tear is falling from her eye, her bottom has been thoroughly thrashed, yet she doesn’t appear to be totally unhappy. Hmm…


  3. 3 DJ

    I agree this is an odd picture in many ways. Why is she smiling and where has he been?

    Has he popped out for a cigarette or is it just his turn? 😉

    • 4 Tiptopper

      I have no idea where he has been but I certainly would like to be him.

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