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You know how it is. You have to get out of the house for a few hours; go for a walk or to the pub for a while. You tried to be reasonable, after all she does have a point, but reason isn’t her strong point. Sometimes she is a little girl. Yes, you get […]

Weekly Round-Up


Only now are things returning to normal after the season’s holiday. I have hardly had time to catch-up on the blogosphere and it seems many of the blog-masters out there have not got up to speed either. One of the blogs not to have updated for a while is the Pink Report so let’s hope […]

Miss Andersen


He entered the room and she buried her face in the pillow. She could not see his face anyway. She had never seen his face. She felt his hand at her waist as he flipped up her petticoats and then drew down her bloomers to her ankles. Then she felt the tickle of the rod […]

Vintage OTK


Here is another contribution from TipTopper. It almost be yours truly, apart that is for the tash. Thanks TT and happy new year.

Found these two pictures in a vintage image folder on the hard drive. No doubt others have posted these before but they are unfamiliar to me. It is anyone’s guess what is going on in the first picture, but a lot of business men seem to be inspecting a cane mark on the woman’s thigh. […]

Bored with all those seasonal movies? Well I bet you didn’t see either of the ones above. Both feature Marion Davies, the first from oft reported 1931 movie Bachelor Father and the latter; posing as a boy in the movie Little Old New York, which you may not be so familiar with. I wonder if […]

A few months ago 21-year-old American college student cindy commented here on A Voice in the Corner with her own personal take on spanking and accounts of her own experience of domestic spanking and corner time. She has commented several times since then and for those who have been following her story you will know […]