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She sighed and looked up from her work. The classroom was of the old type with sloping lift-up desks complete with ink well holes that were a remnant of an earlier time. The school was long overdue for an overhaul and some serious investment. Somewhere a door slammed and she fancied she heard footfalls in […]

The Road


The same familiar trees raced by closing in all around him and almost leaning into his car. Here and there the branches hung low, suggesting that they might even brush the roof of his vehicle; clearly no lorries or double-decker buses had been this way for a while. He liked this road. It was the […]

Congratulations Alex in Spankland for winning most creative blog in the Spanking Spot awards. For the second year running A Voice in the Corner was pipped at the post. Thanks Brushstrokes for all your hard work. The picture is apropos nothing in particular, but it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, which is close (sort […]

A Little Behind


Real life sometimes comes crashing in and you get a little behind. It seems like a good time for an interlude.

Spanking Art


Here are three more cartoons from TipTopper. As ever they are all incredibly dated and without a special interest each is progressively more sexist for a modern reader to find them remotely funny. The first picture, a classic Bill Ward cartoon, is well drawn, with more depth than the other two, while the final Gorman […]

Weekly Round-Up


Barely back in my stride to write and so I have not been on top of the blogosphere this week. This can’t be said for Rollin who has released a short story collection called the Scarlett Society. You can read more details over at Disciplinary Tales. He is not the only one who has been […]

Annabelle ran her long auburn hair through her fingers allowing the strands to tumble across her face. Since she had been a child she had often thought that the world looked better through this red-brown curtain, but today it didn’t seem to be working. “Oh shiny rain and blueberries,” she exploded. It was her ritual […]

Advert Break


Don’t you just hate ad breaks? The other day I was discussing how much more advertising there is on cable TV compared with old-fashioned terrestrial television. I was told that US TV is much much worse with up to 20 or even 25 minutes out of an hour. At least that explained why an hour […]

The discussion forums often throw up little spanking snippets, most of them inappropriate for here or completely off topic. Unsurprisingly, the most interesting are often those with tails of yesteryear. This short by Cally was taken from Fem First: My grandmother spent most of the war living in an extended household of women and various […]

Here are three more images from TipTopper. The first two are from a series and the last a traditional OTK scene. As ever, you can tell your own story. Thanks TT.