So Embarrassing


so embrassing“It was sooo embarrassing,” she drawled.

“What have you done now?” Jessica asked with a heavy sigh.

Caitlin leaned forward and adopted a conspiratorial whisper.

“You know that Jonathon has been keeping tapes of every televised Chelsea game going back to… oh forever.” As she spoke, Caitlin’s eyes were two large white discs with crystal clear blue cores, although her pupils were rapidly dilating.

A distracted Jessica was put in mind of a blue sun being eclipsed by coal-black moons. Then remembering the conversation she shook herself and said, “eh… yes, I mean no. Has he?”

“Well of course he has,” Caitlin said earnestly. “Otherwise how could I have taped over them?”

“You did what? Why?”

“Oh I didn’t do it on purpose I was…”

“Hang on. How on earth can you tape over…? I mean who uses tapes these days?”

“That’s what Jonathon said,” Caitlin said in a voice of wonder. “He said, ‘I kept the bloody video machine so I could tape it all separately and leave you the hard drive.’”

“Alright, I get it, you taped over his football. What happened next?” Jessica said impatiently.

Caitlin blushed and remembered back to the previous Tuesday.

“You did what?” Jonathon yelled.

Now she thought about it he was a lot angrier than she was telling Jessica.

“I…eh… I…”

Suddenly she couldn’t remember why she had touched them at all. It had gone clear out of her head.

Jonathon was standing there in her room with his arms folded while she randomly picked up old tapes with disjointed segments from daytime television overlaid channel hopping style on top of Chelsea’s finest moments.

“Oops,” she winced. “Shall I… I mean…”

She was pointing lamely at the door and he nodded.

Blushing, she reached for her tie-dye wrap-around-skirt, but he shook his head.

It was okay she was still wearing one of his jumpers, but it was rather short on her. She wondered idly if one of her flatmates had any boyfriends in. Not that it mattered. Not from the look on Jonathon’s face.

Caitlin returned a rueful pout and tugged at his jumper before marching to the door.

Outside she drew glances from Terri, Jane and Sandy who had all heard the shouting. Terri was smirking a little. Eyes fixed straight ahead, Caitlin ignored them and went straight into the bathroom.

The bath brush was hanging on the wall and Caitlin snatched it off its hook and hurried back before any of the girls could ask her questions. She could see out of the corner of her eye that Terri had sucked in her cheeks in amusement and Jane and Sandy were exchanging knowing looks. Caitlin hurried back into her room.

Jonathon was already sitting on the bed with a waiting lap. His broad arms were folded in a determined way and there was a look in his eyes that brokered no argument. Caitlin bit her lip and offered him the brush. She had it coming, she knew she did. She only wished there were no witnesses, albeit only by ear.

Jonathon tipped her neatly over his lap so that her prominent rear domes were rolled across his knees to present a perfect target.

“Any requests for clemency?” he asked in a firm voice.

“No Sir, I guess… well I do deserve a good sound spanking,” she squeaked, adding in a little girl voice, “I’m sorry.”

Jonathon nodded and eyed the brush. It was long and cut from dark hardwood. He had told her to buy a pine one, but either out of bravado or ignorance, she had opted for a teak-like affair. Today he felt like using it to its full extent, but it would leave too many bruises and she probably wouldn’t be able to sit down until the VCR was completely obsolete.

“I’ll take whatever you give me,” she had promised when she had returned with the brush months before and he had pointed out the issues with it.

Her pale tight bottom was an irresistible target and he drew the brush back well over his shoulder before making a couple of mock attempts to spank. She squirmed and gasped in anticipation for a spank that didn’t land.

Then it did with a crazy loud splat and she gasped.

The eventual spank had been delivered only from about shoulder height and was quite hard enough to make its point. As was the second and third that set her horizontally dancing on his lap with some very vigorous kicks.

Outside Caitlin knew her friends were taking in every spank and celebrating it with nudges and winks. For that reason she tried to be quiet but by eight spanks in she was beyond just panting and began to yell out at each impact.

“I sorry, I’m sorry,” she wailed over and over until tears spilled form her eyes. “I’ll buy you a box set HD-DVD… whatever it takes.”

“Oh you will,” Jonathon growled only now getting into his stride.

But her bottom was a deep shiny red and he could smell her arousal. It never took much spanking to make her amorous. Although today he would display a little self-control before he collected on this promise.

The spanking lasted for another five minutes before he allowed her to drop to her knees before him. He loved the way the tears rolled from her baby blues and down her scarlet cheeks onto the tip of his cock.

She giggled, although her tear-pooled eyes looked contrite enough. Then she took him in her mouth.

A long while later Caitlin hugged into his chest, not quite sated, although he is.

“We could use a drink,” he said in a thick voice.

Caitlin nodded and slipped from the bed. With his eyes he forbade her from dressing and she blushed. But she still had on his jumper and hoped it would serve; a hope that turned out to be wrong. If anything it seemed shorter now and the three witches had gathered around a pot of coffee watching her as she came out.

“Who’s been a naughty girl?” Terri drawled.

Caitlin blushed and tried to push past them. As she did so she tugged at the front of Jonathon’s jumper which exposed her a little more behind and the women circled like wolves, all jostling for the best view of her well-spanked bottom.

Looking around in desperation she saw Jonathon leaning against the door post to her room with a broad grin on his face.

“They won’t let me past,” she wailed.

“Sorry, did we disturb you?” Jonathon said ignoring her.

“Oh you didn’t,” Jane sang with a leer, “But Caitlin here made a lot of noise.”

“Yes she did,” Sandy agreed, her tongue planted in her cheek.

“Perhaps she should be punished,” Terri suggested.

“But…” Caitlin begins to protest.

“Well if one of you kind ladies will pour me some coffee, I suppose Caitlin here can go and stand in the corner instead,” Jonathon laughs.

“No problem,” Jane says in a silky voice.

“Oh but…” Caitlin protested, but she had been sent to the corner before and for far lesser offences. “Oh phooey.” She stamps her foot.

Back in the present Jessica is still waiting.

“Well? What happened?” she urges.

“Oh nothing much,” Caitlin whispers, a wry smile touching her lips.


4 Responses to “So Embarrassing”

  1. 1 paul1510

    thanks, girl friends!!! 😦

  2. 2 George

    Embarassment is an important part of sound DD…

  3. 3 Richard

    With your version of football gaining more viewers and Sporting K C Doing well It makes me wonder is Bed Bath and Beyond stocking up on hath bath brushes Will that be hard or soft wood Ma’am

  1. 1

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