Weekly Round-Up


naked faeries in the snowtight tightsknickers downretro otkpolice woman otk in the streetAt the moment it is so hot in Australia that it is on fire in parts. I hope everyone is okay. I only mention this because here in London (and most of the UK) it is snowing and I didn’t want to be insensitive by being seasonal.

The tree outside my window (yes we have trees in London) is currently more snow than the tree and the sparrow hawk (I actually think it is a goshawk, but the computer says no) is hunting pigeons.

The two birds above were taken from All Things Spanking. It is an old one of Pixie and a friend, but given the weather (here) I appreciate ATS reposting them. What you really need for weather like this are tights. Hence the second picture taken from Yeowch!

The third picture was taken from Stan’s Au Fil Des Jours (I wish he would put the name somewhere it is not a graphic so I could cut and paste it). It looks like this couple are taking last Sunday’s no pants day literally. But who can blame them, if the American organisers want to make it an international event they might have chosen the name with better care. Things could go horribly wrong in London. On second thoughts…

We finish with a couple of cartoons. A domestic F/F OTK from Cranky Spanker and everyone’s fantasy from 1001 Spanking Fantasies. That is such a good name for a blog; I wish I had thought of it.

There is a new story over at Rollin’s Disciplinary Tales, The Puritan Museum. I also see that he has reissued Gwen’s Sorority Days for Kindle; now available from Amazon.

The big news of the week (this, not last week, so not strictly ripe for inclusion in Last week’s weekly round-up, but who cares?) is that Chross, followed by the long-running Spanking Blog, has won the Spanking Spot best general spanking blog for 2012.

2 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. Hi Damien. Great photos–here are the captions for a couple of them:

    “Now THAT’S a snow angel”

    “When I hear [see] a serenade in blue…”

    Love the old lady drawing, but the story escapes me. Is she angry because the young lady made that drawing? If so, I guess the caption is:

    “Is THIS where my tuition money is going for that fine arts degree?”

    • 2 DJ

      With the picture – given it is all drawing – I wondered if it wasn’t a photo and she had been caught posing nude.

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