A house of women and spanking in war time


corner time birchThe discussion forums often throw up little spanking snippets, most of them inappropriate for here or completely off topic. Unsurprisingly, the most interesting are often those with tails of yesteryear.

This short by Cally was taken from Fem First:

My grandmother spent most of the war living in an extended household of women and various strangers. At 19 she had taken up a job with the Red Cross in a major British city, but wasn’t able to get independent digs. So she ended up living with three or different families in a big house along with various single women mucking in together.

The house was run by a middle-aged woman who was something of matriarch figure, whether by acclamation, self-appointed or the householder my Granny never made clear.

But she used to take the law into her own hands when it came to the various occupants. Cat-fights, drunkenness, sneaking in men (especially GIs apparently) could all get you ‘a good hiding,’ as granny put it.

Young wives with husbands on active service and 20-something war workers were all fair game for this treatment, Granny said.

Mostly women were ‘walloped with just what came to hand’ wherever they were confronted. This would be over the knee or a handy bit of furniture and given the absence of men, often on the bare bottom.

Granny said she got into ‘all kinds of scrapes’ with this woman and was often on the receiving end. The worst thing she said was being sent to either her room or the woman’s where she had to ‘drop her kecks’ and wait for the woman to gather a birch from the yard.

Then face down on the bed she was thrashed until it ‘felt like a million beestings,’ Granny said.

This went on from 1940 until 1946 when granny was well into her 20s. Of course granny used to say, ‘it never did me any harm,’ and always laughed about it. I bet she didn’t at the time.


Obviously it was a different time and place. There will be another like this from a similar forum soon.

3 Responses to “A house of women and spanking in war time”

  1. So right, nostalgie ?

  2. It was during World War II, as a school-boy living in Engalnd, I became aware of a sexual fantasy of wishing to spank one of my teachers. A Miss Evans, who taught us History and Georgraphy. The fantasy was repeating in my mind, time and time again. Yes, I wanted to bend her over her desk, raise her skirt, or dress that she was wearing to her waist, take down her knicker’s, panties, or bloomer’s, whatever you prefer to call them, to bare her bottom, and spank her with a pliable stinging cane.

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