Vintage Spanking Marks


vintage marksvintage marksFound these two pictures in a vintage image folder on the hard drive. No doubt others have posted these before but they are unfamiliar to me.

It is anyone’s guess what is going on in the first picture, but a lot of business men seem to be inspecting a cane mark on the woman’s thigh. It is crying out for a caption competition.

The next picture is equally unusual as it does not look like the run-of-the-mill posed erotica of the time as both women have clear marks as they stand in the corner. The woman on the right even appears to have cane marks.

14 Responses to “Vintage Spanking Marks”

  1. 1 cindy

    The man with the best view in the first picture appears to be older and possibly the supervisor of the somewhat younger men in the office who want a better view of the cane mark. As testosterone surges through their veins, the younger men may usurp power, displacing their supervisor. My entry would be “The Cane Mutiny,” alleged mental illness in The Caine Mutiny’s plot notwithstanding.


  2. Each of the gentlemen in this financial office gets to see the cane marks that was given to this naughty woman executive, for failing to get her quota of business clients, during the past year. This painful corporal punishment experience was her bonus for the year. And rightly so.

  3. 3 Retired Professor

    Although considered abusive these days, the marks illustrated by the bottom photo would have been acceptable half a century ago.

    • 4 cindy

      Given the ebb and flow of social custom, Retired Professor, the marks illustrated in the bottom photo may again one day be considered to be acceptable discipline.

      Thank you DJ for offering these photos for us.

      • 5 Tiptopper

        I thought that they were still considered acceptable discipline. I just find the latest fads of political correctness too hard to keep up so I just don’t pay any attention to them, except of course, to provide a laugh.

      • 6 Retired Professor

        At this juncture of human history, we are most likely just emerging from a highly aberrant period in which discipline and abuse became synonymous. In any case, as the most departures from tradition, the present preoccupation with political correctness is neither sustainable nor desirable.

      • 7 Lindi

        I entirely agree. I am spanked by my partner. It’s natural. Society has gone mad. I hope spanking as an acceptable form of punishment becomes the norm again, rather than having it ‘behind closed doors’ so to speak

      • 8 Retired Professor

        In the pre-politically correct era, spanking had much in common with sex. Couples tried to not get caught doing it. At the same time, while the more prudish chose to ignore the fact, everyone knew men could and sometimes did spank women for purely disciplinary reasons.

        The stellar example of priggish behavior from my high school days occurred when a bevy of old maid English teachers sailed out of a live performance of Taming of the Shrew as Petruchio put Kate over his knee and proceeded to swat the seat of her dress. To this day I have not decided whether the several hundred students assembled in the school’s theater-like auditorium were more amused by the actors on stage or by the scurrying spinsters!

      • 9 Old Grouch

        I consider those marks quite acceptable. You simply can’t give a sound spanking, even if it’s just with the hand, without leaving some marks.
        Bruising is not acceptable, but welts and a red bottom are routine.

  4. 10 Vlad

    The first picture looks like the engineering or QA department of cane maker doing some product testing. No idea about the second. Finally, as a regular reader, please post some more story chapters.

  5. 13 cindy

    Lindi’s post got me thinking. If spanking did become the norm again, then people could admit they are bared and punished to one another far more easily even though they might be a little embarrassed to do so. I can envision a situation in which if the admission came soon after the punishment took place, the person listening might even ask the person punished if she would bare her bottom so that her red bottom could be viewed. In fact, isn’t that what we are doing when we view pictures or drawings of punishments or video clips on the same subject?


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