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Thanks to TipTopper for these images. The first two have been seen before, but are welcome nonetheless. the second is Melvyn Douglas and Myrna Loy and a spot of marital OTK from the 1940s. The last one is new to me and looks like 1960s pop art.

Weekly Round-Up


The Spank Statement is doing some more housekeeping and has revisited the top picture above. I am sure that with the pressures of the season there will be many such tensions in restaurants around the world. The next pictures are from Cherry Red and the Beauty and the Birch, who has more in this vein. […]

Catherine sat on the end of her bed and stared at the paddle much as she had at the judge who had sent her here. It was hung on the door by a nail like a sign or a statement of intent. The paddle itself was near two feet long and leaf-shaped. It had been […]

Not sure where to begin with this snippet. I suppose it could be called a reverse startle. It was culled from a vanilla online magazine some time ago. Two young women were overheard talking in the cafeteria queue in Catholic community college. One said to the other, “God, I really hate penguins.” “Oh tell me […]

This is a candid swiped off Tumblr and was labelled ‘Pledge spanking.’ The girls face has been cropped in case this has escaped into the wild. The girl who is blushingly pointing at the camera has either just been caught on camera spanking little sister and is saying ‘your next,’ or she is a fellow […]

Once at a fetish market I got talking to a young woman in her early 20s who said she was paid for her work in ‘spanks.’ As it turned out she had a completely different idea about what constituted a spank than many of us. I later saw her strapped to a cross of St […]

Weekly Round-Up


This week’s pictures were taken from Warm Glow, Spanking Starlets, Cutie Pie and Devlin O’Neil respectively. Also on Devlin’s blog is an unusual encounter with Humphrey Bogart who reveals his own spanking secrets from the grave. For more pictures Richard Windsor continues his sorority feature with an update and if you like your images moving […]

Red Letter


Angharad sat at her keyboard and tried to concentrate. Her smooth dark locks had tumbled over her face like a curtain to hide her face. It was an old school trick and gave her the illusion of a temporary haven. It also meant that nobody could see what she was thinking for she was sure […]

Thanks TipTopper.

Spanking Awards


A Voice in the Corner has been nominated for the Spanking Spot 2012 Spanking Blog (Creative) of the Year Starts . If you want to vote for it or any of the other nominees then you can vote here. A big thanks for all those who nominated A Voice and for your consideration.