Snowed Under



Actually it is raining, but rained-under isn’t so romantic.

It’s funny how the holidays leave less time for blogging than the usual working week. Never mind there is some cool stuff coming and I don’t mean snow, although now that it is surplus to requirements I bet that arrives too.

3 Responses to “Snowed Under”

  1. 1 paul1510

    great picture. 🙂

  2. 2 George

    Guess her bottom was too hot

  3. 3 markiee

    This brings back memories. Several years ago my wife and I were home as businesses were closed do to a snowstorm. My wife and I shoveled the driveway and sidewalk then went back in and showered. When I came out my wife was in her stilettos, stockings and corset. She took me downstairs by my handle into the living room, sat on the couch and pulled me over her knee and started spanking me for missing a spot on the driveway. When she tired of that she draped me over the back of the couch picked up her paddle from end table and finished me off with a paddling till I was burning up. I danced around trying to rub the heat out of my seat then she told me to stop acting like a baby and carrying on as it was only a little spanking. Well, I continued complaining abut how miserable I was and she said fine and put on her long down coat grabbed me by my ear and marched me out the back door to our picnic table on the deck, turned a chair around and sat me down on the snow covered seat. I screamed and tried getting up but she was having non of that with all that complaining I was doing so she sat down on my lap keeping me in place until I was cold the tool me back in. Just as we came in their was a knock at the front door. We raced upstairs, my wife slid a dress on headed back down as I looked for a shirt and jim shorts to put on. My wife was entertaining Amy the retired widowed school teacher from next door. My wife asked her what the temperature was and asked her to check the thermometer just outside the kitchen window. She said it was 30 degrees. What’s that she asked? What’s what my wife responded. That!
    Just out the window you could see the seat where I just sat, melted down to the wire mesh where my cheeks rested and less so where my man parts were. She looked a little confused then it looked like a light bulb went off and she smiled. Look, someone was barefoot out there and was followed by someone with high heels, just like the one’s you are wearing dear.
    Oh, what a coincidence, lets go into the living room, shall we?
    They sat on the couch with their tea. Amy went to put her cup on the end table only to be surprised to find a paddle sitting their and started to laugh just as I came down the stairs.

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