Caned on the bare


caned over chairThe evocative picture above is an old one, but it seemed to go with this snippet that has been waiting for an opportunity for an outing.

Taken from Life Forum and is by Clare1958:

Having messed up my A Levels twice I thought I was lucky to get a place at Higher Education College to have one more stab at them. I wasn’t even worried when it was made clear that smart dress and old school discipline would be enforced. I had never been in trouble much at school.

However, I was now 18 and 1976 was the year of the punk. We had parties, drugs, cigarettes and all the rest and I got caught. So it came as no great surprise that I had to go and see Mr A the Head.

Even when he said I would get the cane I giggled. But I was shocked when he said that canings were on the knickers or the bare and told me to pull up my skirts. Never let anyone tell you that six of the best doesn’t hurt.

I was determined to stay out of trouble after that but it was the summer of 1976 and I was 18… Lol.

“Do you require a female member of staff?” Mr A said at our next meeting.

I was numb and was still in shock that I was to get the cane again. So asked what for?

“Since you don’t seem to want to listen I am going to cane you on your bare bottom this time,” he said.

I felt sick and I argued, but I definitely didn’t want a witness.

It is strange experience bending over with your knickers down and if I thought six on the knickers hurt, then six on the bare was hell.

I never told anyone and I was certainly better behaved afterwards. The marks lasted days and hurt for a long time. I have to say though, that once it was over and I was on my own, I did feel a little fruity. But not enough to make me go back for more. Lol.

One Response to “Caned on the bare”

  1. You must admit you deserved the cane on your bare bottom,because you got caught smoking and taking drugs. So it should not have surprised you when the headmaster, called you into his study, and announced ‘ “Six of the best, Six of the very best, with knicker’s down on your bare bottom”.

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