Tip Top vintage drawings


wife OTK Melvyn Douglas as the Thin Man post spanking pose

Thanks to TipTopper for these images. The first two have been seen before, but are welcome nonetheless. the second is Melvyn Douglas and Myrna Loy and a spot of marital OTK from the 1940s.

The last one is new to me and looks like 1960s pop art.

6 Responses to “Tip Top vintage drawings”

  1. Three beautiful spanking drawings of females having their bare bottoms warmed by a gentleman. The first is a family affair, where the father spanks both is daughter, and later his ever loving wife, for over-spending household money. The second an office scene.

  2. 2 Charles

    great drawings, of bygone times. life was simpler then

  3. 3 Retired Professor


    Any father with experience paddling a teenage daughter will recognize the basic scenario in the first drawing. It’s pure family politics.

    The teen’s mother wants her daughter’s butt beat. Only she doesn’t want to it herself because she’s uncomfortable doing it. On the other hand, the mom is present because she wants to make sure her daughter knows that her mom has the power to make it happen. Meanwhile, the daughter is wishing like hell that she’d listened to her mother! The father is there because he’s caught between his wife wanting her daughter soundly paddled, but unwilling to do it, and a daughter in need of a good paddling and there is nobody else to do it.

    Also, many times, although they want to be present, moms find it difficult to watch their teenage daughter actually getting paddled. The sight sometimes reminds them of their own expenses over their husband’s knee or of being over their father’s knee when they were teenagers. For the mom, the whole experience can be a classic approach-avoidance conflict.

  4. 4 DJ

    Glad it got your imaginations working over time. 🙂

  5. 6 Phil Kemp

    Drawing #2: I think that’s William Powell rather than Melvyn Douglas. He and Loy are in their characters as Nick and Nora Charles of the ‘Thin Man’ series, and in ‘The Thin Man Goes Home’ (1944) Powell does put Loy over his knee and spank her – though with a rather ineffective rolled-up newspaper instead of his hand. And not, alas, on her panties….

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