Curbing the wild life, but not as we know it


spanked by a nunNot sure where to begin with this snippet. I suppose it could be called a reverse startle. It was culled from a vanilla online magazine some time ago.

Two young women were overheard talking in the cafeteria queue in Catholic community college.

One said to the other, “God, I really hate penguins.”

“Oh tell me about it so do I,” the second girl agrees.

“No really, I wish I could line them all up against a wall and shoot every last one of them.”

Now the eavesdropper had apparently not made the Catholic connection here and was left wondering about the women’s extreme response to harmless Antarctic birds.

“I really hate Sister Marie, she is the goddamned worse,” the first girl continued.

“How many did you get?” asked her friend.

“Plenty I’d say,” the first girl winces, “I was out partying with Paula and we got back past curfew.”

“Ouch,” her friend said, adding the punctuation.

This little exchange puts me in mind of a story posted here about three years ago. (Sorry, but I can’t find it at the moment, maybe my memory plays tricks.)

A head of local Catholic women’s college run by nuns was quoted in the local press as denying that the cane was used in their college. The college handled sixth-formers through to first degree courses and Highers and the press got a little excited about all that caned totty. You know what the British press is like. This was some time ago, back in the 1980s or 70s even.

The story leaked out when it was reported that they were buying in canes.

The Sister-in-charge said it was a legacy of the old days and that they wanted them for props for the college museum or some such excuse. However, if that were the case, asked one correspondent to the newspaper, why did they need a regular order unless the canes were wearing out?

So my question is this. Has the woman in the picture above been paddled or caned? And does anyone even care?

Just a bit of nonsense to end the week.

3 Responses to “Curbing the wild life, but not as we know it”

  1. 1 bodack

    I knew a woman who got off on getting paddled by the Nuns. She said she got excited when told to “Present”, which meant putting her hands on the wall and sticking her but out. Interestingly enough she didn’t like to get it from her parents.

    Love the picture

    • 2 DJ

      I think that is a common enough scenario in every sense.

      Although for some such feelings begin in the home – more often it is with strangers as they become sexually aware.

      Also some have a thing about nuns – and good luck to them 🙂

      thanks for your comment.

      • 3 Tiptopper

        I think that DJ is correct, I have heard others express the same feelings. Although the spankings might be sexy they were too close to their parents to sexualize them but with others or after they left home they became aware of the sexual feelings.

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