Sorority Dorm Room Pranks


sorority dorm spankingThis is a candid swiped off Tumblr and was labelled ‘Pledge spanking.’

The girls face has been cropped in case this has escaped into the wild. The girl who is blushingly pointing at the camera has either just been caught on camera spanking little sister and is saying ‘your next,’ or she is a fellow pledge remonstrating with her sisters out of shot because it is her turn.

25 Responses to “Sorority Dorm Room Pranks”

  1. 1 Maria White

    A mere pledge wouldn’t dare remonstrate with actives — my guess is she’s the active who is just pausing momentarily in her spanking of Little Sis.

    • 2 DJ

      I rather meant that she was next and was doing that denial thing with her arm. 😉

      It sounds like you have experience. ?

      • 3 Maria White

        Yes, I belonged to a spanking sorority in college. I received many OTK bottom warmings from my Big Sis with hand and small paddle, and of course was paddled soundly on Hell Night.

        • 4 DJ

          Hi Maria,

          Sororities are notoriously shy about talking about such things – I have often wondered if there is such thing as a sorority mafia bringing women to account for indiscretions. 😉

          You describe your sorority as a spanking sorority – was this official and is this common do you think?

          Thanks for your contribution.

          DJ 🙂

        • 5 Maria White

          I have heard rumors to that effect — whether there is any truth to them, or whether they are simply horror stories designed to prevent secrets from getting out, I’m not sure. In any event, “White” is a nom de guerre, so I don’t think I’m taking too much of a risk.

          As with most Universities, hazing was officially banned, so my sorority had to claim that spankings didn’t occur, which was a total crock. And when I was a pledge, paddling was, I think, much more common than today; young women are now much less willing to put up with gratuitous humiliation, and sororities have had to adapt. But that’s just my impression, and I have no hard evidence to back it up.

        • 6 DJ

          Hi Maria,
          A rare quick fire response from us both – I am still housekeeping here. 🙂

          Yes that’s what I don’t understand – an anonymous comment on a blog like this is untraceable and yet people are still often very coy. I choose to believe that maybe it is an honour thing.

          What was your era I wonder? The last time I mixed with sorority girls was back in the late 80s and early 1990s – I think back then the spanking paddle was still a common feature from what I could glean. Being British and educated in the UK my contact was limited to exchange students – so it may not be typical.

          Others I have spoken to are from an earlier era and tend to be coy with passing references to curfew violations and one said ‘put it this way, most of us didn’t sit much throughout our first semester,’ but these were experiences from the early 1960s.

          Maybe it has come full circle – with girls wanting to have fun and being more liberated and experimental. I certainly garner some hint of a resurgence from recent correspondence. But maybe that is wishful thinking on my part. 😉

          Thanks for your input.


        • 7 Maria White

          I was a pledge in 1978-79.

        • 8 DJ

          Was the serious use of the paddle a typical thing then or was it already a rarity?

        • 9 Maria White

          It was still very common, but underground. For example, our Hell Night was held far from campus, in an empty warehouse — very intimidating when you know awful things are going to happen to you, but you don’t know what.

        • 10 DJ

          Thanks Maria,

          That is what I thought.

          May I ask the 20 million dollar question – were spankings often on the bare or not?

    • Not to take you away from a Voice, but we would love to read about your many experiences on Sometimes A Girl Needs A Spanking

  2. 12 cindy

    I can relate from experience that during a fraternity/sorority keg party a guy will very occasionally get a girl to hold on to the back of a chair (the girl is dressed) and pop her a couple of times with a paddle, to the giggles of the other girls present. This certainly gets the attention of the other guys. Whether she is “into” this, wants to be a sport about it, or wants a little attention, I don’t know.


    • 13 Tony

      Cindy, I remember once my cousin told me that she did what was called a Keg Stand and got her ass paddled as part of a prank.

      • 14 cindy

        Who paddled her bottom, Tony? And who held her in an inverted position over the keg?


  3. 15 matt

    damn thats a good pic! what a cute bottom!!!

  4. 16 Tony

    Back in 1967 I was in college and dated a girl who pledged a sorority. She got PUT TO BED by her Big Sister every night except Friday. Being PUT TO BED means you get a hot bottom before bed time. How it worked was your big sister asked you all kinds of questions about the sorority history, rules, previous officers, all kinds of questions worded to confuse you and have you give the wrong answers. For each question missed you got 3 swats of the paddle. My girl friend averaged about 9 swats a night. On Friday all the pledges would assemble in the game room and the evening always ended with all of them getting a long, hard, paddling. This went on for 1 month.

    • 17 DJ

      I have heard of this ritual before – thanks for sharing 🙂

      I wonder if all that suppressed sexuality was easier to live with back in those more innocent days. 😉

      • 18 Tony

        DJ, we did some very heavy petting on Friday nights after my girl friend got her bottom paddled in the group meeting. What was difficult for me as a Spanko is that I wasn’t given the privilage of spanking her. She didn’t enjoy her spankings at all. She accepted them as part of joining the Sorority.

    • 19 Maria White

      Tony, were those Friday night paddlings on the bare?

      • 20 Maria White

        Yes, but until Hell Night bare bottom spankings were relatively private, with at most four people present, two actives and their Little Sisters.

  5. 21 Maria White

    My last comment was put in the wrong place; it should be under DJ’s question, “were spankings often on the bare or not?”

    • 22 cindy

      Maria, I’m interested too in whether those paddlings were on the bare. I also think–as DJ alluded to–that the paddlings, especially if they were long and hard and on the bare bottom, were manifestations of supressed sexuality.


      • 23 Tony

        My girl friends were not on the bare. They wore regular panties. Bikini and Thong hadn’t been invented yet. I’m an old fart. Back in those days the bottom was completely covered when a girl had her panties on.

  6. 24 DJ

    Thanks Tony, Maria and Cindy,

    This subject continues to fascinate – I would love to hear more – maybe some of Maria’s anecdotes could be upgraded to a post all of its own. 😉

  7. 25 Tony

    I have been a SpankO all my life but for some reason the topic of Sorority and Initiation paddling stories has always been the biggest turn on for me. Maybe it has something to do with my girl friend in college telling me about how she got PUT TO BED and her Friday night meeting paddlings. I try to find as many stories as I can to quench my desire for Sorority spankings. If anyone has Sorority stories they wish to share, please let me know.

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