Spanking and Embarrassment


corner time embarrassment Once at a fetish market I got talking to a young woman in her early 20s who said she was paid for her work in ‘spanks.’ As it turned out she had a completely different idea about what constituted a spank than many of us. I later saw her strapped to a cross of St Andrew collecting her wages in a room full of strangers; she appeared to be in her element. At one point during our conversation she even stood up to reach for something to show me and as she turned around and bent over I was somewhat disconcerted to see that she had a no back to her skirt and had a bare bottom.

Now there are many other women, I venture to say most in fact, whilst not be averse to a spanking or two, see it as very much a private affair. However, for others, the embarrassment factor can sometimes play an important part. This is often the case where actual punishment is involved.

Here are few comments culled from various places to illustrate this point.

Julie K says, “My boyfriend and I having spanking in our relationship and it is usually just a bit of fun. But I decided early on that sometimes I need a proper spanking as punishment. To mark a difference between the fun bits and my punishments my man incorporates a little bit of embarrassment into the proceedings. This can take the form of corner time or adding a public element to a spanking, like letting certain friends know when it is about to or has just happened.”

A public element to a spanking is a high risk venture but is more common than one might think. Several young women in their 20s have commented here that they have public corner time, some with bottoms fully bare.

In Lesbos Lives Cassie writes: “When Ellen said that she was going to spank me for real whenever I deserved it I was secretly thrilled. But I had no idea what was to follow. I was 28 back then and living with a woman 12 years my senior who was my lover, mentor and big sister all rolled into one.”

“She had absolutely no discretion at all and even the old lady in the apartment below knew I had a curfew and was subjected to routine punishment. She would insist on such remarks as, ‘oh late today dearie,’ and ‘you’ll be for it now,’ just to let me know she knew and approved.”

“Once Ellen realised our neighbour was more amused than shocked she decided that I would not only be spanked but my corner time would become more public. Sometimes I was put partially nude on the landing or in the stairwell. I could have died on such occasions, but I must admit, it all added to the thrill.”

Louise is a 22-year-old college girl still living at home as does her 20-year-old sister. She commented, “We are still subject to spanking no matter who is around. Although any guys might not actually see the spanking, they will hear it and often see us standing in the corner afterwards. We are not allowed the lower parts to clothing at such times, so I always wear long sweaters or shirts to cover myself. But sometimes we have to put our hands on our heads so I guess we oftentimes get seen from the back if not the front.”

“Strangely it is worse when there are just other women around like friends or cousins as they get to see the spanking and the fuss we make and everything really. But it is not just that. I think there is sometimes a bit of excitement in the shame when a boy knows you are spanked.”

For the most part public humiliation is usually confined to fantasy rather than reality, although I suspect that many women are thrilled at the idea of it. Sometimes it is enough just to receive a threat. How often has a man said to his girl, “If you don’t behave I’ll take down your knickers here in front of everybody and give you a good spanking,” only to see her turn into a quivering and simpering bundle of girlishness?

8 Responses to “Spanking and Embarrassment”

  1. 1 cindy


    Knowing that someone out of the family (my mom’s friend) has seen me spanked is so embarrassing yet in a way so interesting. In addition, I have revealed to a friend roughly my own age whom I have known a long time that I am spanked, and she has revealed the same thing to me. We now attend the same college but both of us live at home. I have to admit that I visualize her receiving her spankings.


    • 2 Marzi

      Cindy, I know what you mean! My mother is keen on spanking us and that includes getting it in front of extended family. Aunts/Uncles watching has always been extra embarrassing AND, like you, non-family friends have witnessed my panties-down punishments 😦
      As an older teen, there have been a few times a bit of excitement is involved when I’m bared….quickly gone once the hairbrush burns like mad!
      Wondering how old U are? I’m 19 and I also have shared such feelings with friends who were/are spanked – no shame in visualizing them getting it…after all, others DO get to see us spanked!
      Love to share more in email,

  2. 4 Old Tom

    I must have missed out considerably in my young days. It was hard to get a hand up a skirt never mind such things as spanking the girl and making her do public corner time. Oh to be young again! Fascinating article

  3. 5 Retired Professor

    In my experience, while others may know it’s coming or find out after the fact, the actual spanking of older daughters tends to be an intensely private affair. One reason is to prevent a wholesome dose of embarrassment from turning into needless humiliation. This discretion is one of the primary motivations encouraging older daughters to take a spanking and get it over with. No one else except Mom has to know!

    At the same time, with the exception of siblings, I am aware of a few instances in which a older daughters’ female peers overheard spankings. Among the more notable was the case of a father taking his legally emancipated daughter into an adjoining room and closing the door for, according to my source, a prolonged session over his knee immediately upon finding out the daughter had lied to him. In a separate incident, the paddling of a 19-year-old coed for talking back to her mom carried through a closed bedroom door at the other end of a hall.

    I am not aware that either daughter did corner time afterwards. Instead, my understanding is that the first daughter was obviously chastened by the fact that her encounters with parental displeasure had been overheard. The second daughter was apparently less effected because the two friends had grown up knowing each other got spanked by their parents.

  4. 6 George

    Whatever age has its need to be disciplined. I knew 2 sisters, and until they were 24 and 29 (then I moved) and both were often disciplined by both parents with hand and with traditional tools. Not by chance they grew up very well and never questioned their wise upbringing.
    I bet millions of serious men would be happy to found a family with such well raised young women!

  5. I am not punished for real offences. Having said that I still like hard Impact Play. Various implements are used on me:- Bare hand; Straps; Canes; Riding Crops; Paddles; Floggers; Sjambok. When I receive my beatings I am used to having people present to witness the occasion at Play Parties. I am stripped down til I am only wearing a thong. I don’t know if I find this embarrassing or not. It is just what happens at BDSM Play Parties. I enjoy watching others being beaten as well but not as much as when I am on the receiving end. I love it when others enjoy the show. Yes it does hurt. People are amazed at how much pain I can take as I have a very high pain threshold. The Dom who beats me tailor makes the beating for me so it is what I expect. She is a sadist and I am a masochist. Yes I am nervous before a session commences, very nervous.

  6. oh this story brings back many an embarrassing times. with neighbours seeing me in the corner or in the bath on a Saturday night as they used to ramble in as was the custom in the place I was born. Yes, being seen is toally embarrassing especially the older one gets even today I still blush

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