Spanking and Corner Time


possible candid post spankThis picture turned up on Tumblr some time ago. It is almost certainly from a standard spanking movie shoot, some of you may even know which one.

However, this print looks like it was taken with a camera phone and has an amateur feel to it. With the way in which the young lady is obscuring her face with an arm you could almost believe that mischievous friend or sibling has snapped the naughty girl in a compromising position.

I have said this before, but given the proliferation of camera phones now it is surprising that more and genuine pictures of such situations do not get seen.

It is always possible that it is genuine of course and that a boyfriend or husband has had a bit of fun. The spanking certainly looks real enough and there is a set to her body that suggests embarrassment or a flight response to sudden added exposure.

What is best about this picture is that it is mysterious and safely anonymous and one can put any story to it you want. So enjoy this bit of Friday fun and have a good weekend.

6 Responses to “Spanking and Corner Time”

  1. I would say that this is most certainly a candid snap by, as you said a mischievous sibling. Not only does the clip not look familiar (and I’ve seen most of them) the set doesn’t look familiar either. You can often recognize the production company by the set and the models attire. It also doesn’t look like a professional shoot. The way her skirt is pinned up, her stance, her hair is not perfect, not to mention her outfit doesn’t even match. Also note that in a professional shoot you would not see shadows. It appears to be natural light.
    Just to satisfy myself, I’m going to say that young miss, the junior college student misbehaved whereas mom gave her a good paddling and sent her to the corner. Little sister got home from highschool, quietly snapped the shot with her cell and humiliated her sister further on the internet.
    (When mom found out……well, that’s another story).

  2. I would say amateur and candid but not a sibling which would imply real corporal punishment by an adult. More likely she is an adult and the pic was taken by a spank buddy.

  3. 3 DJ

    Actually – that is the point OHM – you can tell any story you want.

    But looking at the outfit and the spartan (or cleared) corner which doesn’t id the room and the fact that the girl is obscuring her own face – I suspect Bryan has the truth of it.

    Actually if I had thought otherwise I probably wouldn’t have used the picture. 😉

  4. 4 Old Tom

    I agree it has an amatuer look and seems to be genuine but that room doesn’t look like anyone’s home. It has a definite school/institutional look. I was at a British secondary school last night and the room we were in was very like that one.

  5. 5 cindy

    The type of shoes she wears (similar to a pair I have) offers more support that this is a candid shot. This is an “everyday” pair of shoes for me, not a pair I would wear knowing I was to be photgraphed.


  6. It’s a Dutch girl called Monique in the Rockford School of Dance section of the excellent website (it’s film 3 of that section)

    the image is pixelated as it has been blown up from a small thumb
    see the original below

    here to help from one spanking enthusiast to another! 🙂

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