Spanks Giving


spanksgiving 1spanksgiving 2spanksgiving 3spanksgiving 4spanksgiving 5spanksgiving 6spanksgiving 7spanksgiving 8spanksgiving 9I have heard that Thanksgiving in the US is a family affair. In the light of recent comments here I do hope that you all had a good one and that there were no mishaps with all those Freshman college girls home for holidays.

Talking about Thanksgiving, the pictures above come from a movie called The First Spanksgiving. It is an art house lesbian porn movie of some kind that I did not post yesterday as I thought that might be in poor taste.

However, since it is topical I thought I would run it. It was too long to post the whole movie here and I have no idea where it came from.

I found this movie some time ago and didn’t quite know what to do with it. Maybe you have seen before if not briefly the synopsis is that five very girly women in their late 20s and early 30s sit down to Thanksgiving dinner. Two of them squabble and are spanked in turn at the table.

Then they go off to console one another (which involves taking all their clothes off).

Meanwhile the bratty blonde gets the cute brunette into trouble at the table and she is also so spanked.

The bratty girl then goes an interrupts the first two girls, who feel the need to spank her.

Finally the dominatrix goes to console the cute girl who turns the tables on her. It’s a cracker of a plot (I had to take notes).

The final scene is cute. They all return to the table but none of them can sit down.

10 Responses to “Spanks Giving”

  1. DJ –
    Wow, nothing like that ever happened at my Thanksgiving table. LOL
    I actually love that it as in ‘poor tasted’. Who wants to hear about real life thanksgiving’s? My uncle passed out on the couch, my kids and I arguing over the (American) football game, cousins behaving like asses, and cooking for 4 hours straight only to watch everybody gorge on it for about 15 minutes. Sounds crazy… Your very silly movie sounds way more fun.

    Thanks for letting me rant. I feel much better now! Hehe


  2. 2 cindy

    DJ, I’m sure the turkey would much prefer to have been spanked on Thanksgiving than to have fallen victim to its inevitable fate. cindy.

  3. 3 DJ

    Hi Keri,

    I see you found a home over at Sometimes a Girl 🙂

    I thought you would. I am glad you liked yesterday’s light post.

    Hi Cindy

    which one was the Turkey again? 😉

    • 4 cindy

      gobble gobble

    • DJ –
      Yes, I did find a home (away from home) at Sometimes a girl…
      You know I was so scared the first time I posted, which was here, that I almost didn’t go through with it. That coupled with the fact that I had such a ‘school-girl crush’ on you had me trembling as I wrote. However, once I actually allowed myself to let go of my fear I found some new friends and a place to belong.
      I still feel your site is the best there is. Your stories are closest to my interests and meet my needs. It’s funny because now I’m a posting maniac. I think Sometimes a girl… created a monster! LOL

      Thanks again for sharing your stories and insight. I enjoy it so much.


      • 6 DJ

        Aw thanks – I’m blushing now 😉

        But I am glad you found Sometimes a Girl useful – OHM has provided a good resource there.


      • Thank you Kari and DJ for your very nice comments about our family at “Sometimes A Girl”. I am humbled by your comments.
        Kari, thank you for your always welcomed and insightful input.
        DJ, thank you for input and encouragement as well. Your contributions are always welcome.
        My favorites are your F/f disciplinary stories, real life experiences and your fabulous research.

  4. 8 Wizard Birchwand

    Until I read this post I thought I had a download of the movie, after reading this I realised I only had the first five minutes and there is a lot lot more. So that situation has been remedied and now I have the whole thing. I love the fifties styles, the dresses and the sexy retro undies, and the girls aren’t bad either, and like you say the “can’t sit down” bit at the end is really cute. Thanks for that.

  5. 10 DJ

    thanks 🙂

    no worries OHM 🙂

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