Once Upon a Time in America


1950 housemotherThis is another snippet that turned up during the recent round of research. The discussion referred to in this excerpt couldn’t be found but it appears some middle aged women from both sides of the Atlantic were comparing notes about youthful experiences of corporal punishment back in 1998.

Here is all I found complete with forum speak and Net names.


Like Anne was saying, I can’t believe that we are all 60 now. Are all the ladies commenting here of our generation? I know Cats66 isn’t (curious name) but she seems to be a lone voice here.

I wonder if Miss Cats has anything to say about the subject in hand – I can’t help but doubt that. Things have gone all PC in the last 20 years. Probably no bad thing but oh well.

I was particular amused by Jeanie B’s disbelief at the antics of our English contingent back in their school days. What the hell is an Upper Sixth anyway? Sixth what?

If she think getting ‘pops’ on the bare bottom in school was just a British thing, then guess again.

Actually I think she was quite rude to Margaret_H_1940 (sorry but there are a lot of Margaret’s). I am glad her aunt spanked her bare bottom up to the age of 21. Maybe it’s an approach that should be reinstated. (Grins)

I know I said that most spankings I got at College were on the seat of the skirt or panties, but my sorority wasn’t that tame. You wouldn’t believe what we got up to during my pledge days and after. Ouch.

Seeing as I can’t say much about that, I will tell you about our house mother.

During my freshman year there was no room at the Sorority House. We just weren’t that rich. So I had to stay in college accommodation, where in those days we answered to a house mother.

Mrs G was not averse to handing out spankings and it seemed to me that she operated a system of spank first, second and third and don’t ask questions. (Unhappy face)

I saw many a girl leaving her room in tears. Mrs G packed a mean hairbrush and always applied to the bare seat. I don’t think many of us escaped at one time or another, the main cause being out past curfew.

As I said before, many of our routine spankings were with the Big Paddle on the seat of the skirt out in the hall for example’s sake, but I once felt it on the bare.

My room was on the corner so late-comers had the habit of flicking rocks at my window for me to let them in. It was never a good idea to ignore these ‘requests’ but mostly it was just past curfew and there were still girls that were up.

On this particular night it had gone passed one o’clock in the morning. I knew the girls that were shouting up at me in whispers (they were drunk) so I put on a gown over my PJs and snuck down to let them in.

Mrs G got to the lobby just as I opened the door.

I was wearing my night clothes and had obviously not been out, but I knew I was in trouble. I remember thinking whether my behavior would get a few swats with the Big Paddle or a trip over Mrs G’s knee. I am not sure which was the worse of the two, both were pretty bad. A bare-bottom spanking over her knee hurt and was embarrassing. Whereas the paddle hurt worse (think Dead Poet’s Society) but it was in some ways preferable.

Mrs G took as all into her sitting room and told the first girl to bare her bottom and bend over.

A mean paddling followed, by the end of which both the spanked girl and her friend were crying.

Then I watched the second girl get it, the first having gone to bed.

The second girl took rather badly and her bottom colored up rough. Then she went to bed too.

I guess I knew I was going to take swats and not for the first time, but I was completely shocked when Mrs G said “you might as well drop your pants as well.”

It so embarrassing bending over with my bare behind sticking out, but after the first swats I had other things to worry about. I swear I got it worse than the other two, that paddle didn’t seem to stop. My bottom was dark red and shocked into one great big stand-up welt once she was done.

It took an age to walk back to my room and I didn’t sit down for a day or two. My skin went almost black for days and it must have been near three weeks for all the marks to go.

Not my last spanking from her, but definitely the worst. I guess bare bottoms got spanked both sides of the pond. (Grins)


If you like anecdotes of this sort there are lots out there and I am glad to bring them to you. I found one or two like this, so watch this space.

23 Responses to “Once Upon a Time in America”

  1. 1 Old Tom

    “What the hell is upper sixth”…..why is it Americans can plaster their own school/college terms around and expect everyone else to understand but get exasperated at British terms? In the days before the modern number system of years (eg Year 7, Year 9) schools used forms. Form 1, 2 etc . The sixth form applied to the post 16 age group which was lumped together but divided into lower and upper sixth. Upper sixth therefore applied to kids of around 17 or 18 sometimes even 19 years. Since many colleges in the UK only take that age group the term sixth form was retained and the year system ended at Year 11. So some schools still have sixth forms and some colleges are called sixth form colleges. There is no hell in that (other than they are all teenagers!) it is just different to the American system…do try and get over that. PS We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving either if you think you can work out why.

    • 2 DJ

      Thanks Tom,

      I think most people get it- but the person who wrote this is long gone.

      But I am glad to see you are so passionate.

      Frankly I don’t always get it – I remember someone telling me (back n the day) they were in the upper fifth. She was at a private school but even so – how does that even work.

      no wonder some Americans sometimes get confused.

      • 3 Old Tom

        It’s typical of the bodge ups (please feel free to substitute stronger words) that happen when people cling to the past and try and implement a new system. I agree it is silly, Year 12 and 13 would work perfectly well with sixth form colleges simply having another name but there it is. The old form system worked fine in schools that used it. To be honest I find American terms confusing though the policy in some states of paddling teenage girls naturally meets with my approval

  2. Yes, DJ. Keep bringing them. True or not it was a wonderful, exciting account.

    • 5 DJ

      I can spin a hint into fiction – but the real gems are harder to find.

      I just happen to have uncovered half dozen or so in the last week.

      The one above is about the best – I have one more from that batch (although I did find another yesterday) but I’ll space them out.


  3. 6 susie

    That is an awfully small hairbrush for such a big bottom. My Mother’s and my Auntie’s hairbrushes are a lot bigger.

  4. 7 cindy

    My Mother’s wooden hairbrush is a lot bigger too (oval and proportioned so that it is much wider) and my bottom is not as big as the one depicted. (The picture is lovely though.) The hairbrush is so painful I think because the stroke is focused. Although my mom also punishes me with the strap (but not while I’m over her lap) and the strap is very painful, the brush imparts a pain all its own. I was wondering, Susie, approximately how many strokes of the hairbrush do you get in a session if you know?

    In his voluminous researach, DJ uncovered a description by a middle-age woman of one of her youthful punishment in which she referred to her bottom as “shocked into one great big stand-up welt” once her paddling was complete and the fact that the marks rendered on her bottom by the paddling required nearly three weeks before they fully faded.

    As a recipient of of the leather strap (rather than a paddle) from my Mom, I can understand how a thorough thrashing can impart such marks on a girl’s bottom. In fact, a through thrashing has actually caused my bottom to swell so that the panties that fit comfortably before my punishment were very snug after, not to speak of the tenderness while sitting. I have to admit that for days afterwards, I would sneak into the bathroom, bare my bottom, turn away from the mirror and turn my head to view my marked bottom in the mirror.


    • 8 susie


      The amount of strokes varies as far as I can tell. Neither my parents or my Auntie has ever sentenced me to any set number. They seem to judge by the redness of my behind, my tears and my eventual submission to their discipline.


  5. 9 DJ

    Thanks girls – I have never thought about the hairbrush size to bottom ratio.
    It looks like this could be the subject of post all by itself. 😉

    I wonder how important it is? I have heard of – but never used wooden spoons – they are much feared but much smaller surely than most hairbrushes.Then again weight must count. A big hairbrush being rather like a big paddle.

    DJ 🙂

    • 10 susie

      “Important” sounds like a word the person doing the spanking would consider not the person getting the spanking. :o) I can tell you that at school once I did have the Principal pause my spanking to get a larger paddle. It seemed he was not satisfied with the way I was reacting, or should I say not reacting, to the one used on younger girls.


  6. 13 cindy

    Susie, thank you for your reply. I always like to hear how others are punished. I don’t think that my mom uses a set number of strokes with the hairbrush but she does sometimes with the strap. I can certainly understand why your reaction is important–the color of your bottom, your tears, and how well you submit. I know when my mom’s friend is present I once heard them whisper about how my toes curl when i was punished so apparently they are monitoring that.

    Do you wish to be called susie as you sign your name or Susie? (I prefer cindy but either will work.)

    DJ, a big wooden kitchen spoon can be real painful. My Mom has used one on my bottom more than once but not typically. I’m not sure but maybe contributing factors to the pain are the long handle which gives plenty of torque to the swing and also the concave shape of the spoon which means all the force is concentrated into a very small area on the bottom.


    • 14 susie

      I usually sign susie but either is ok.

    • 15 DJ

      Toe-curling and ankle crossing are both unconscious signs young ladies make while being spanked.

      I am glad your mother didn’t neglect the spoon – although it has never appealed to me as an implement.

  7. 16 cindy

    susie, susie it is then.

    DJ, You are right, the curling of the toes when the strap bites into my bare bottom is unconscious. Had I not heard the whisper, i would not have realized my toes even curl. In a way, i am glad they are monitoring my entire body.


  8. 18 cindy

    DJ, i appreciate the fact that they care enough about me to closely observe how my body responds when my Mom’s hand, oval hairbrush, or strap comes down hard on my bottom. I know that sometimes my Mom focuses the strap on the lower part of my bottom and the crease between my bottom and thighs. Knowing my Mom is trying to help me, I want to cooperate in every way i can and in a way to be a participant in my own punishment.

    When I am over my Mom’s lap, I extend my arms way forward and touch the floor with all ten outstretched fingers and extend my legs far back, opening my legs wide–wider than the width of the chair legs for balance–and touch the floor with the inside of both large toes.

    The first few strokes usually do not evoke crying. They evoke sounds such as oooo or uuugg or sometimes the sound of air being pushed from my lungs. The pain definitely builds in my loins. Sometimes I can accept many strokes in this fashion. After a point, especially with the wooden hairbrush and the strap (strap not over her lap), I do break down and cry in earnest. But the punishment continues until my Mom believes I have properly learned my lesson. My Mom then hugs me which really makes me feel good and then takes me to the corner where I can contemplate my misdeeds with my punished bottom on display.

    • 19 DJ

      I suppose you feel clean and refreshed afterwards.

      • 20 cindy

        I really do feel clean and refreshed. When my Mom spanks my bare bottom and has me display myself, she helps wipe the slate clean and lifts the guilt from my shoulders and I love her for helping me.


        • 21 DJ

          Real life catharsis is rarely spoken about – thanks for that insight. 🙂

  9. 22 cindy

    You are welcome,DJ. The discipline my mother gives me does afford me catharsis, and it is interesting that she realizes that the way to purge the guilt from me involves pain and embarrassment.

    On another note, I had my psychology final yesterday. When I submitted my final, my prof discreetly slipped me an envelope which I took. You might recall that she is the one to whom I confided I was punished by my mom and she said she would like me to visit her after the semester is over.

    I walked as fast as I could to the library–trying not to run so as not to arouse suspicion because I was so self conscious–and opened the envelope with trembling hands and extracted the note. She gave me her cell phone number and asked me to call her and told me that she would like me to be her “guest” Saturday and Sunday. Funny that she used the word “guest.”

    I called her and accepted. I almost couldn’t speak. She in contrast was so confident in the way she spoke. When I returned home, I told my Mom I was invited out this weekend–which is technically true–and she nodded but I couldn’t quite interpret the expression on her face.



    • 23 DJ

      What your mother realises is probably both more and less than you suspect. I bet she thinks you are seeing a guy. 😉

      The use of the term guest is encouraging I think. It makes things sound balanced and as if they are on a good starting position.

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