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spanking and corner time for twoThe life project and other forums provide interesting sources of anecdotes about spanking. Many of them are off-topic and even the good ones are brief and too vague. However, occasionally you get an unusual one and I am put in mind of the case studies of Will Henry.

As I have posted here before, Will Henry wrote a series of shorts back in the 1960s about people’s spanking experiences, which he called his case studies. Now I have no idea if any of them were true, just as I don’t know if forum contributions are true, but they were great tales nonetheless.

So when I read a short forum contribution entitled ‘I am weird about spanking,’ I wondered how Will Henry would have handled it if he had conducted one of his famous interviews with Kelly.

What follows is a fictionalised expansion of what was given as a true story written in the style (or something like) of Will Henry. The salient facts of the story are as given, but names and certain details have been changed to protect the guilty.

Weird About Spanking by Kelly D, a lawyer from Kansas, about an incident she recalls from the summer of 1988.

I always got a kind of weird around spankings and the subject of spankings and I was always happy to hear about someone else’s.

Mom remarried when I was 16 and although Jack, her new husband was a spanking man, I guess he eased into family life slowly so I got out of most conflicts with him.

Okay so enough background. Roll forward a few years and I am in my last year at college.

It was a hot summer and we were home from college and real bored. I was not quite 22 and my younger sister Jan was 20 so boy hunting was our main preoccupation.

Jack’s daughter Marnie was 18 and was due to go to college in the fall, so although she was around, generally she wasn’t included in our gang. For one thing she was Daddy’s girl and much more under the cosh than us. She had a younger sister who had stayed with her mother so I think Jack was much more protective of her.

I knew she still got spanked and I always did my best to be on hand when it happened, because as I said, I was kind of weird about spanking. But it didn’t happen much and by then it was very much off the radar or so I thought.

So back to boys and being bored.

Jan and I borrowed Jack’s car without asking and went into town to hang out. I knew he would be pissed about it, but we did that sort of stuff all the time and anyway he wasn’t around to ask. It wouldn’t have been a biggie, but on that day I kind of reversed into another car and scraped the side. It wasn’t too bad and we got rescued by some boys who asked out to a party and they said that they could fix the damage.

All we had to do was tell Jack and tell him we would pay for fixing it. That’s when it got interesting.

When we got back Jack still wasn’t home but Marnie was belly-aching because she was supposed to have the car. She was so pissed that she didn’t even wait and just went off as soon as we got back.

I think if Jack had gotten home first we would have told him and everything would have been fine, but he arrives just as Marnie does and sees the damage on the car, which air-head Marnie hasn’t even seen yet.

Jack blows up at Marnie and is so shitty about it that Jan and I keep quiet until he has cooled down a bit. To make things worse Marnie denies all knowledge of the damage and Jack goes into the stratosphere.

He’s spitting mad now and forget the car, as far as he is concerned Marnie is lying and is being irresponsible. Now here is the devil’s dilemma, I am about to fess up when Jack says in a loud voice that he is going to give Marnie a spanking.

This scares Jan into shutting up, but I have more predatory thoughts. A spanking is way too much fun.

Marnie is so embarrassed as everyone in the street can hear and she gets hauled off to the house with Jan and I in tow.

Mom is inside with two neighbours and one of their daughters who is a friend of Marnie’s. But this makes no difference to Jack. He just takes her over his lap and pulls her jeans and panties down right there in front of everyone.

I can see that Jan looks sick, but everyone else except Mom is grinning and we all step back to enjoy the show.

The spanking is a pretty decent one and Marnie is soon bawling her head off with a real red bottom.

Then Marnie says something like, “I didn’t know, I didn’t see it,” and admits to the damage. She looks so cute just saying over and over how sorry she is.

That’s when I know we have gotten away with it and even Jan relaxes a little and as we exchange looks she just smiles a little and shrugs.

After the spanking and I want to extend the fun so I say, “Aren’t you going to make her stand in the corner?”

It was Jack’s usual way of doing things and if I had kept my mouth shut he might have sent her there. But I think he had some doubt about the lying part now and he could see I was way too happy about her punishment as it was. So Marnie just got sent to her room.

Okay so I was such a bitch and Jan was cowardly bitch. But the story does not end here.

About half an hour later the phone rings. One of the boys from the parking lot where we had the accident wants to know if he should come and collect the car. Mom is a bit confused at first, but this young man is very talkative and tells her what nice girls she has yadda yadda.

Have you ever had icy fingers that start at the top of the spine and work their way down until they sickeningly settle on your stomach? Well that’s what I felt as Mom presses the phone to her chest and yells out: “Jack, did you call someone about the car? It’s some friends of Kelly and Jan’s.”

I am a bit too quick to want to take the call and Jack is suspicious. So Jan and I cringe as Jack makes the boy on the phone go over his story.

Then Jacks growls down the phone, “Listen kid, I’ll make my own arrangements about the car and as for the girls, don’t bank on seeing them for a while, they are grounded.”

It didn’t seem the right time to bring up the fact that I was almost 22 so I just start to babble, “I can explain.”

Yeah, in a pig’s eye I could.

Jack marches us out to the drive to look at the car.

“Did you do that?” He says.

We just nod dumbly.

Then Jack just grabs me and sitting on the rail that marks our property he pulls me over his knee and starts spanking me right there in the street.

“Don’t you go anywhere, your next,” he tells Jan.

“You can’t do this I’m way too old,” I yell. I am absolutely dying with the cringing embarrassment of being spanked in the street.

“Quiet or I’ll take your panties down right here,” he yells back.

He is mad enough to so I keep quiet.

Then while lots of neighbours and kids look on I have to stand there clutching my burning butt while he spanks Jan in the same way.

That’s when he tells us he is not done. We are grounded he says, with chores. He has said this in a real loud voice like we were a couple of kids.

“But you can’t,” I whine. I had intended my resistance to sound like an indignant adult, but something got lost in translation.

“Can’t I?” He is real, real mad now.

That’s when I wish I had kept my mouth shut and had gone into the house.

Jack yells at us until we don’t dare complain and makes us follow him into the garage. That’s when he takes of his belt and tells us to take our jeans and panties down.

The garage door is open and the small crowd has not yet dispelled.

“Not here, please not here,” Jan begs, “I’m sorry.”

“You let your sister take your punishment,” he says in a low voice. He is real angry now. “You didn’t even have permission to take the car. I could call the cops.”

Then it hit me what a shit I had been and I started to cry for the first time. So despite the public venue I start to unbuckle my pants.

“You can bend over that,” Jack says in a calm voice.

“That,” is an old washing machine that hasn’t been disposed of yet and Jack makes us bend over it partially hidden with our bare bottoms facing inwards.

It’s merciful of him under the circumstances but now we have to face the neighbours milling around outside pretending they aren’t watching. They get to see us yelling and crying as we face them as Jack spanks us with his belt past anything he had ever given us.

Jan yells that she is sorry but Jack doesn’t stop until we both say it and admit that we did a ‘bad thing.’

‘Bad thing,’ is what we had to say when we were kids. I am so embarrassed now.

Then Jack remembers what I said about corner time and he makes us stand up and face the wall where everyone can see still. Maybe our butts were hidden by the old washing machine still, but to this day I am not sure. In any case after a minute or two he goes and shuts the door.

I was real happy to stand facing that wall and out of sight for a long time.

I paid for the car, but neither of us was allowed to drive it for the rest of the summer, which pleased Marnie. Otherwise she didn’t seem overly bothered about what had happened, well after a few days anyway and we laugh about it now, even the part about being grounded for a month, which was hell at the time.

Like I said, I am weird about spanking and these days I think of it as a fun memory, although strangely, Jan doesn’t.

6 Responses to “Weird about spanking”

  1. 2 paul1510

    I suppose that it could be true, but I’m dubious.

  2. 3 bahamagirl1996

    Awesome read

  3. 4 DJ

    Thanks OBB – I have a couple of those 🙂

    Thanks BHG 🙂

    Paul – essentially it isn’t true – I took about a 50 word forum post and expanded it into a piece of fiction in the style of a Will Henry case study.

    I can’t remember what was invented – I think the woman said she and her sister got a semi-public spanking in the garage while home from college for letting a younger step sister take the blame for damaging the car.

    There was mention of corner time and bare bottom spanking, but it was clear if she meant then or in the past. If I find it I’ll post here as a comment.

    Your acceptance of it as possible truth is compliment perhaps. 🙂

  4. DJ, it’s a great tale, realistic and very descriptive, but It’s not really Henry’s style. He had this 50’s sensibility about his stories and “case histories” (entirely made up, I assure you) which sound like the 1950’s from a cultural and language point of view. Your take sounds more modern. It has all the familiar elements, but the language is today’s. I’ve written a couple of very Henry-esque “letters” intended to mimic his style and they are in my blog archives under “Letters”. I’ve also got piece called “Who Was Will Henry?” with some quoted matter.

    • 6 DJ

      The Henry style I speak of is of course an updated one since – it is based upon a 21st century woman speaking about the 1980s so a literal copy of the style wouldn’t work. Perhaps I should have said inspired by. 😉

      I have written about Will Henry many times here now, but your articles are well worth checking out.

      Thanks Rollin

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