Spanking in politics and art


Madonna IrlandaTo explain the picture above here is an excerpt from the Independent about Michael Farrell’s Madonna Irlanda.

“One would have to be brain dead not to be instantly in lust with Boucher’s portrait of one of Louis XV’s younger  mistresses, Mademoiselle O’Murphy.

The combination of her pose on a sofa, the expression on her face, the lushness of the fabrics which, with the reflected light of an invisible fireplace, set off her curves and skin tones, all conspire in Boucher’s virtuoso hands to produce an erotic study which makes the airbrushed flawlessness of a hundred Playmates of the Month merely boring.

She is indeed a mistress fit for a King, and Mahon has also reproduced an amusing 1997 pastiche by the Irish Michael Farrell called Madonna Irlanda.

Where Boucher painted to titillate, Farrell has subtitled his painting “The Very First Real Irish Political Picture” because he’s making a point about Ireland “whoring” herself to Britain and her oppression by the Catholic Church. Where Boucher gives her bottom a delicate pink tinge, Farrell gives it large red patches as if she’s just been spanked hard for someone else’s pleasure, puts a voyeuristic self-portrait into one corner and in another, Leonardo’s Vitruvian man, either covering his genitals with his hands or masturbating.

The anti-Catholicism is marked by O’Murphy sporting a halo. Ireland being Ireland (in 1977 at least; it’s a lot better today) the painting was bought by the Hugh Lane (Municipal) Gallery in Dublin but kept hidden for 10 years. So some jobsworth must have found it disturbingly erotic as well as politically unacceptable.”

I saw the picture and spent some time researching what it was all about. This is all I found but it is an explanation of sorts. Who would have thought spanking could be political?

5 Responses to “Spanking in politics and art”

  1. 1 paul1510

    in my opinion, many of those resting their well fed bums on both sides of the House, at our expense, could do with a damn good thrashing, especially those with sticky fingers.
    Talking about politics across the Pond, six billion dollars spent on the election, that is obscene, and not in the least erotic.

    • 2 DJ

      yes it makes you wonder if they had a really good candidate like Jesus Christ say – would he get elected on a budget of fishes?

      Anyway I was up all night watching – so congrats America

  2. 3 Kia

    Very interesting.

    Oddly enough, it was another bit of spanking-related political commentary- in Flann O’Brien’s The Pour Mouth- that lead to my my first exposure to the existence of erotic spanking. While researching for a paper on the book for an Irish politics class, I stumbled onto my first spanking site (fortunately I was in my room at the time, rather than the library). I don’t remember much from the class itself, but that was certainly a learning experience I’ll never forget!

  3. 5 Redendmaker

    Not a comment so much as to point out today’s article in the Mail Online Right Minds column concerning the painting. It also shows the original. And being from ‘the other side of the pond. I try to view the ‘obscene’ amount spent on elections as a boost to the economy for ‘seasonal employment’ provided by rich people.
    There are of course quite a few women here in the ‘colonies’ who could use, and likely enjoy, a good spanking. Fortunately for me, I live with one. Love your blog..

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