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Weekly Round-up


Been in transit again and I haven’t had the time to dwell. Here are few highlights. The pictures this week come via All Things Spanking, Cherry Red, Poppy’s Submissions and the Chicago Spanking Review, which has other pictures on this theme. There are also some good pictures at Devlin O’Neil’s blog. For stories, Rollin has […]

I first went to the London Alternative Market (the LAM) about three years ago, shortly after launching this blog. In those days it was still held all the way across London south of the river and was bit of a trek to get there. At first glance it was rather like a flea market with […]

Our story started here. Alice was out of sorts and had left college early. The walk home had been oddly liberating, the sort of feeling one gets when good or bad, the immediate future is certain. Perhaps that’s why she wasn’t in a hurry, she thought as she reached the Baxter compound. Somewhere a gate […]

Our story started here. By lunch time in the refractory life at college had almost returned to normal. True, there were three bare-bottomed girls facing the wall, but it was hardly a rare state of affairs and whereas Chelsea herself had never actually been given a school punishment, she had spent some time with a […]

A random link from a people’s anecdote site led me to several other blogs of supposed true life accounts of corner time. Most are domestic and most are relationship-based, with one or two being from some unusual late parenting arrangements; if that is they are to be believed. These have amended and edited from various […]

Here is the latest batch from TipTopper. TipTopper has a collection of old spanking magazines and mainstream clippings that he has been kind enough to share here over recent months (or is it years now?). Some of these may have been seen elsewhere, but these are all original scans, which I can attest to because […]

Our story started here. Chelsea could feel the flare of the strap in her bottom with every step and realised that she wouldn’t be sitting down for a day or two. She couldn’t complain about that, she had had far worse spankings. Such things were part of the ebb and flow of her life. The […]

Weekly Round-up


As promised, the Weekly Round-up has moved to Monday’s and will strive as usual to be a retrospective of the previous week, including the week-end. It will also, as usual occasionally flag up and coming points of interest, such as the LAM. The top picture was taken from Poppy’s Submissions. Poppy has just finished her […]