A Crimson Tide


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This has been a bit of a traumatic week and for me (and it seems many others) the blogosphere has changed forever. As perhaps you know, fellow blogger Poppy and I ran a joint venture called Crimson and Black, which is a picture promo Tumblr that was entered into by way of a tribute to all those artists who do graphic work of some kind or another. Although this project will continue, Poppy has had to suddenly and completely withdraw.

In fact she had had to withdraw from all forms of blogging, which has resulted in the sudden and total closure of her own blog due to outside forces completely beyond her control. She is utterly distraught by this and particularly sorry that she is not in a position to give any explanation whatsoever and has been robbed even of the opportunity to say goodbye.

It is not only Poppy who has been robbed. A blood dark tide has swept in from a clear blue sky and taken a very unique project away from us all and it will be sadly missed.

Perhaps one day the truth of these events will be known, but the international investigation is on-going and it may take months to trace the tide back to its malicious source. Unfortunately it has already claimed its first victim and doubtlessly although she will still be out there reading this and other comments, as a writer we must say goodbye to Poppy.

On a final almost trivial note now. Poppy used to allow me to piggy-back onto her Twitter to make automated announcements about updates on Crimson and Black. This function will now no longer be possible; the least of my regrets.

41 Responses to “A Crimson Tide”

  1. This is sorrowful beyond words.

  2. 2 Mindy

    This is very sad. I love reading her blog. She is an excellent blogger and her words often speak to me deeply. I will miss her dearly. All the best, Poppy. Love and hugs.

  3. I will miss reading her too. I can’t figure out what happened but, from your message, I understand you are deeply affected. I hope you feel better and all is well soon. Tomorrow is always better.
    Vivre sans espoir, c’est cesser de vivre. [Fiodor Dostoïevski]

  4. 4 George

    Too bad, hope truth is going soon to be known.

  5. 5 Princess Anatasia

    Poppy’s gifts and talents will never be forgotten by those who knew her heart, as she revealed it so eloquently and generously. My thoughts and prayers are with her and those who mourn the loss of her presence. I am certain there is another avenue for her unique contributions and I can only hope, at some point, that an even wider audience will be able to delight in her work. More important, however, I pray she will be safe in body, mind and spirit and will take comfort in the expressions of loss and sorrow I am certain will flow her way.

  6. 6 Magdelene

    Dearest Poppy,

    You spoke for me.
    Gave voice to a silenced bird.
    An elegy wells in my heart,
    and with love
    I sing for you.

    Blessings sweet soul.


  7. 7 paul1510

    I missed Poppy the moment she went missing, I doubt if I will ever fully recover, she was and is a treasure, and was and is very dear to me. 😦

  8. Poppy was very special to me too. I will miss her.


  9. 11 Mark

    Please don’t be so cryptic. What happened?

  10. 12 Alice

    Poppy’s amazing talent coupled with her willingness to be honest and vulnerable touched many of us, and her writing will not be forgotten and will be sadly missed. However it is her that we most care about, my best wishes to you both as you work through this loss and the pain that it has caused.

  11. 13 uksrob

    I noticed Poppy had gone from Twitter, and am so sorry to read this, Wherever you are Poppy, whatever you are doing I wish you the best and hope that one day you will be able to get through whatever has happened and brighten our lives again. 🙂

  12. 14 Kitty

    I am devastated by the loss of Poppy’s site. I regret that I never left any comments for her to tell her how much I appreciated her site and what it meant to me and my husband. I hope she will read this and know that she is loved by so many, and we all wish her the very best. Poppy-you are so talented. You are a true artist. You shared so much of yourself with us and by doing so you made us examine our own wants and desires. I am sure I am not alone when I say that it always felt as if you were talking to me personally. I hope you can return to us one day. All the very very best to you.

  13. 15 Scarlet

    There is not a single word that can adequately express what we have lost by losing Poppy. Sadness, or regret, or bewilderment–none of these can convey our loss, and most dreadfully, hers. But I have been filled with love and laughter and light, over and over again, by reading what she wrote. There is nothing that can take that away from me, from us. She opened doors in my life and windows in my mind, and those cannot now be closed.

    Those people with exquisite gifts to share with us are almost always the earth’s most tender and gentle souls, because they fling open their own doors and windows to let in the truths that inform every word they write. That’s what Poppy did–whatever she felt, she wrote about it honestly, and movingly, and she brought us all along with her by always asking how we felt, what we thought, and responding to everyone who commented with her trademark kindness, grace and wit.

    Keep a window open for all of us, Poppy, the many, many people who love you. And thank you, DJ, for writing this.

  14. 16 Kia

    Best wishes to Poppy. She helped me to see the beauty in submission with her willingness to openly share her thoughts and experiences- both light and deeply moving. Poppy’s words will continue to live on in my mind and heart.

  15. 17 Elder Lee

    Poppy is so very talented and her writing was a constant delight. This is truly a great loss for us all.

  16. 18 quinn664

    Poppy is kind and generous and the bravest person I know. This past year has been tumultuous for her, but she has come through everything with grace and a strength that inspired awe in me and so many others. I think she is happier now than she was a year ago. I expect that will continue. Her life’s path is a winding one, but I think brilliant and creative people have twists and turns in their road that those less fortunate never face.

    I will be ever grateful that her blog is the first one I found in this amazing community. Her message was always positive, she never played the victim. She shone her light on her own frailties and did so with dignity.

    I am so proud to count her as a friend.

  17. 19 MrJ

    This is a great loss.
    Poppy’s site was a daily joy, inspiration, source of reflection.
    Poppy herself a very special, very loving, perceptive person and a strong woman. As she recently put it: too much love to hate. These things should not occur at all, least of all to someone like her.

    Poppy, you know we’re there and praying for your happiness and well-being. Thank you for everything.

  18. 20 Lictor

    Poppy – if you’re reading this, please feel my warmest wishes and heartfelt thanks for all your writing over the years, which has been a daily ritual, delight and inspiration to me. I only rarely commented, and now I feel guilty because I feel you gave so much and I so little – nevertheless, I wish you the best possible outcome from this and every joy and success in whatever direction your creativity will now take. You have a friend on the end of my email, if you ever need one.

  19. Poppy will be missed more than she can imagine. I do hope she is reading all these kind words and knowing full well how valued her presence was. 😦

  20. Thank you for posting this, DJ.
    I will miss reading Poppy, her wit, her personal stories, and fantasies, dreams and desires. Knowing her love for writing this must be killing her not to be able to share with us. It’s been a hell of a year for her, and she did a wonderful job getting through it. It shows what a strong woman she is, she will get through this and be a better person from it. She knows she has the love and support from her friends from all over the world. How many of us can say that? One life touched so many.
    Thanks for letting us share your journey.

  21. Thank you for writing this. I noticed her blog went missing a few days ago and wondered what happened. I should just follow Scarlet around and write “what she said.” Poppy, I hope all is well. Your presence will certainly be missed.

  22. I am saddened that Poppy was forced to withdraw from the blogosphere, and will miss her unique style and openness. I do not know Poppy personally, but did communicate with her on occasion and found her to be as gracious and open as she was on her blog(s). My best wishes and prayers that whatever is going on will have a positive result.

  23. Blessings on your head, sweet, sweet Poppy! I have read you, listened to you, and admired you for months now. I am so sorry that I never told you the ways you’ve touched me and become etched on my heart. You have so many people who love you and wish the best for you out in the world. Thank you for being so brave and so generous and sharing so much with all of us. You really do have the heart of a lion and I trust that it won’t fail you now. Think of all of us out here loving you and holding you in the light. Things will right themselves, I truly believe. Love will win. You are loved and what you said was so beautiful and mattered so much to so many. I hope you will be able to share your boundless gifts again soon!

  24. 26 Mikala

    I was so devastated when I could no longer get to Poppy’s site a few days ago. Her’s was the first blog that I found & reading her words helped to set me free & admit my true feelings to my husband. I will always be so thankful to her for that, and I will always feel the loss of her beautiful honest writings. My prayers are with you Poppy, I truly hope you can conquer whatever it was that took you from us.
    My love,

  25. What a shame, What a damn shame.

  26. 28 DJ

    Thank you for all your kind words of support – too many to comment on them individually.

    I know Poppy will read them. 🙂

  27. Dear Poppy, if you are reading this, please know that I wouldn’t have got where I am or had the confidence to write without your words and your approach to TTWD.

    If you can ever come back, please do. We miss you.


  28. This is so, so sad. Poppy will be greatly missed but I won’t give up hoping she comes back when she is able.

  29. I had just recently started reading Poppy’s Submissions and enjoyed her writing hopefully things will be better for her and she will blog again or maybe even write a book.


  30. I’ve only just learnt that our Poppy is no longer blogging. Poppy if your reading, please know your very special and you will be missed.


  31. I can only echo the comments already made and the tributes already paid. Not just the blogosphere but the world is a much poorer place without Poppy’s blog. Its demise is a cruel blow to Poppy herself, and a matter of huge sorrow and regret to her followers. I join her other supporters in wishing her a full and speedy recovery from this awful event.

  32. 35 Peter Grady

    Is there any more news about Poppy? is she OK?

    Pete G

    • 36 DJ

      Thanks for your interest Pete.

      She is fine. She found living in London strange at first, but now she has a new job. 🙂

  33. 38 darlingC

    Logged onto twitter today and googled Poppy’s blog in hopes she would be back. A girl can dream. Missing her big time!

    • 39 DJ

      Sorry no such luck – one day maybe. 😦

      Thanks for your kind words. 🙂

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