Dotes: the hammock spanking


hammock spankingOn seeing this picture I was reminded of the time I spanked a girl in a hammock. If you were ever thinking of trying it then think again or else take great care.

We had taken a cottage for the summer and in a holiday spirit we strung two hammocks up in the conservatory. It was actually mostly fun and we spent days just lounging around three feet off the ground reading books.

Then she decided she wanted some attention and while I was engrossed in my book attempted to climb in with me.

What was a stable experience for one suddenly became the landlocked version of the tempest and the whole hanging bag of blue string rocked violently back and forth until it had deposited us both upon the ground.

“Whoops,” says she looking somewhat sheepish.

“Whoops,” I repeated angrily.

“I guess that wasn’t such a good idea,” she giggles.

After glaring at her for a moment, ‘that look,’ as she calls it comes over my face. I know because she tells me so.

“I thought of a way we might make it work,” I said innocently.

“Sure you have,” she smirks.

Then helping her to her feet I lead her back to the side of the hammock and tell her to spread her weight as she gets in.

“How do you mean?” She asks.

Now she had that look; the one she when she was puzzled and couldn’t work out what I was going to spring on her.

“Look just lean forward and bend across the hammock to anchor it,” I said. “Then I will get in and once I am set you can swivel around and we should be able to both fit without ending up on the floor.”

“Bend over?” She sucked in her cheeks and narrowed her eyes.

She always looked cute when she did that. To her credit I didn’t have to say any more she just clambered on.

She wasn’t surprised when I pinned her there and took down her shorts. Unlike the girl in the photo she was crosswise and bare-bottomed upwards where I could spank her.

I took my time and coupled with some teasing she must have been hanging helplessly for some 20 minutes before she has had enough. But by then her bottom is very red.

“Alright,” I say. “Now let me show you how to get in a hammock.”

Using her weight to steady the hammock, I sat next to her still prone body and swung my legs around so that I am lying fully in. With my help she was then able to pull herself up alongside.

“Sorry,” she said and we kiss.

After some more kissing and making-up, we discovered something else that is hard to do hanging from the ceiling.

5 Responses to “Dotes: the hammock spanking”

  1. 1 paul1510

    very entertaining, you’re a lucky man. 😀

  2. Congratulations! We were not able to stay connected and in the hammock.

  3. 4 Scarlet

    Ha ha! Cute story.

  4. 5 DJ

    The hammock is great for reading

    everything else is too much effort – but you have to try everything once. 🙂

    Thanks glad you all liked it.

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