Get me a girl with an ass


Lili St CyrWhile following a lead on burlesque spanking I found this chance reference to Lili St Cyr (pictured above).

Lili was burlesque star who worked with the legendary Gypsy Rose Lee and was briefly a film star in the 1950s. She was briefly a protégé of Howard Hughes and landed a role in the movie Son of Sinbad. Unfortunately many of her scenes were cut on account of them being too risqué. It is possible that one of these scenes involved a spanking, as a quote associated with her (possibly by Hughes himself) was the one above, ‘get me a girl with an ass.’

It did prompt the stray thought the risqué scenes involved a donkey, but otherwise in the American sense, Lili St Cyr definitely qualifies.

Spanking almost certainly featured in her career as apart from a small role in Norman Mailer’s the Naked and the Dead, she worked with Irvin Klaw.

If anyone knows more let us know.

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